The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1991, Volume 37, Number 1
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Figure 2.
San Diego State University North Wing Project Site Plan 1987-90.

Figure 3.
The area of trash deposit in Unit IV. The north-south adobe wall is in the foreground. Arrow points north.

Figure 4.
The east-west adobe wall in Unit V with curved roofing tiles distributed within the eastern half of the unit.

Figure 5.
The rectangular placement of tiles and stones below the foundation level in Unit V and south of the east-west adobe wall.

Figure 6.
The square feature composed of tiles adacent to the north-south adobe wall in Unit VI. Function of tiles area is unknown.

Figure 7.
Close-up view of tile feature in Unit VI. Note cobblestone foundation for tiles and adjacent stone distribution.

Figure 8.
Unit VII architectural features. Wide north-south adobe wall and narrow east-west adobe perpendicular wall. Light rectangle of plaster on the right. Tile stack on wall in center of photograph. Roofing tiles on the left.

Figure 9.
Proportions of major artifacts, excluding bone and shell.

Figure 10.
Proportions of artifacts for each excavated unit.

Figure 11.
Proportions of major ceramic manufacturers by unit.

Figure 12.
Proportions of ceramics by country of origin.

Figure 13.
Major ceramic classes

Figure 14.
Examples of fine wares. Top right: blue and white Chinese Canton ware. Bottom right: Tin-glazed majolica ware. Left: British blue and white transfer ware. Largest fragment shown is approximately six centimeters across.

Figure 15.
Functional categories of metal, excluding modern fragments.

Figure 16.
Probable rosary charm of Saint Demetrius,, view showing his profile. Other side shows the Virgin Mary and the Christ child. Brass 1.5 centimeters in iameter.

Figure 17.
Glass analysis

Figure 18.
Stone artifact analysis

Figure 19.
Utensil handle of animal bone with incised cross-hatch decoration. Eight centimeters in length.

Figure 20.
Animal age determination.

Figure 21.
Animal species identification.

Table 1. San Diego Royal Presidio North Wing Project Final Artifact Counts.

Table 2. San Diego Royal Presidio North Wing Project. Ceramics by Unit and country of manufacture.

Table 3. San Diego Royal Presidio North Wing Project metal types

Table 4. Taxon by bone part (One pig bone not included in sample).

Table 5. San Diego Royal Presidio North Wing Project. Animal bone by body part.