The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1991, Volume 37, Number 3
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Page 194. Subpoena for Samuel M. McNutt, 1870.

Pierce Bevington and Jennie McFatridge

Page 203. Pierce Bevington, taken January 15, 1880.

Pierce Bevington and Jennie McFatridge

Page 203. Jennie McFatridge, taken January 15, 1880.

San Diego News article

Page 204. San Diego News, 31 October 1879.

City of San Diego

Page 207. The City of San Diego in 1873, with the courthouse prominent at center.

San Diego Courthouse

Page 207. San Diego Courthouse, c. 1874.

Catherine McNutt

Page 208. Catherine McNutt remarried after her divorce from Samuel McNutt. She is shown here in 1890 as the wife of Charles M. Fenn, who once served as the County Coroner.