The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1992, Volume 38, Number 1
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Star of India

The Star of India, ex-Euterpe, on her arrival in San Diego Bay—rusted and worn from sixty years of deepwater service. The date was July 9, 1927.


Gerald F. (“Jerry”) MacMullen—author, raconteur, lover of the sea-poses with his last book, They Came by Sea, on the decks of the Star of India in 1969.

This was the skeleton crew that steered Star of India into our port. Jerry MacMullen, thirty years old, is the third man from the left.

Over the years, Star of India weathered many gales-both the natural and the financial varieties. This c. 1940 view shows her pounded by high winds and waves on the bayfront. The Maritime Museum’s first library was in her aftercabin, just forward of the name on her stern.


A memorandum to the Registrar General of Seamen, concerning two deaths on the Euterpe’s voyage of 1875-76 to New Zealand.

crew list for the voyage of 1884

Euterpe’s crew list for the voyage of 1884.

The late Captain Gregg L. Chandler labors at setting up the current library on board the Berkeley, about 1980.

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