The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1992, Volume 38, Number 1
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

Book Notes

Reviewed by Lucinda Eddy, San Diego Historical Society

California Museum Directory.
Edited by Jennifer Trzyna Caughman. Sacramento: California Institute of Public Affairs, 1991. Appendix. Indexes. 192 pages. $25.00 paper.

The California Museum Directory serves as an excellent reference guide to statewide museums, historic buildings, zoos, and botanic gardens open to the public. Prepared by the California Institute of Public Affairs, this descriptive and comprehensive directory is one of many informational guides published by the independent, non-profit organization. The book contains nearly 1200 entries which have been arranged alphabetically by place (i.e. city, state or national park). The majority of the listed institutions are operated by public agencies or non-profit organizations and have furnished their own descriptive material for the book. Entries include information about the site, hours of operation, whether a fee is charged, seasonal events, and publications available. Inclusion in the California Museum Directory was not based on size so many of the listed institutions are quite small and may contain specialized collections which are primarily of local interest. Three indexes which group entries by name, geographic location, and subject make the California Museum Directory easy to use and a valuable resource for both the public sector and the museum professional.