The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1992, Volume 38, Number 1
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Enraged woman wields a knife  
“As the result of a little misunderstanding…” Mrs. Catherine McKinley stabbed a neighbor, S. A. Wyllis, in the back. San Diego Union,28 January, 1903.

Prof. Caesar Lombroso claimed that “primitive” physical features of Native American and African American women correlated with the “born criminal.” Lombroso, The Female Offender.

Looking west down I Street  
Looking west down I Street (Island) in New Town San Diego, c. 1888.

Stingaree prostitute robs newspaper boy  
In 1900, a twelve-year old newspaper boy was “robbed” of one dollar from a Stingaree prostitute.

Pilar was accused of assaulting Maria Diablo  
A Native American named Pilar was accused of assaulting Maria Diablo in 1882.

San Diego County courthouse  
San Diego County courthouse, c.1874.

Bertha Johnson's courtroom shooting of William Mayne  
In 1890, San Diegans eagerly read the front page account of Bertha Johnson’s courtroom shooting of William Mayne. San Diego Union, 13 February, 1890.

Dan Casey, a “mild and inoffensive man,” was attacked one night by a woman in men’s clothing, according to the story in the San Diego Union of October 12, 1895.