The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1992, Volume 38, Number 3
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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El Cajon Boulevard  
Page 176. El Cajon Boulevard, 1992.

The study area

Page 176. Figure 1: The study area.

30th Street and University Avenue

Page 181. Figure 2: 30th Street and University Avenue.

Markets and small stores

Page 183. Figure 3: Markets and small stores have located on University Avenue.

Oscar's Drive-In Restaurant

Page 185. Figure 4: Oscar’s Drive-In Restaurant, 3820 University Avenue.

Tea Garden Auto Camp

Page 186. Figure 5: The Tea Garden Auto Camp (1937), 4660 El Cajon Boulevard.

Tea Garden Motel

Page 186. Figure 6: The Tea Garden Motel, 4660 El Cajon Boulevard.

The Bargain Barn

Page 187. Figure 7: The Bargain Barn, 3002 University Avenue.

Hoffman Foam Building

Page 187. Figure 8: The Hoffman Foam Building, 4292 El Cajon Boulevard.

Mike Smith's Honda

Page 188. Figure 9: Mike Smith’s Honda 3400 El Cajon Boulevard.

Indo-Chinese businesses

Page 189. Figures 10 and 11: Indo-Chinese businesses have added colorful vibrance to University Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard.

Indo-Chinese businesses

Page 189. Figure 11.