The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1992, Volume 38, Number 4
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Roger M. Coffin

Page 202. Roger M. Coffin, chairman of the local office of the Retirement Life Payments Association and Ham & Eggs campaign director in San Diego.

Coffin and his wife, Wilma

Page 204. Coffin and his wife, Wilma, were married the year before their arrival in San Diego. Wilma was an experienced bookkeeper and looked after the San Diego RLPA’s financial records.

Page 205. Speakers at the 1938 publicity reburial of Archie Price included: (left to right), Sherman Bainbridge (on crutches), Hams & Eggs advocate; Culbert Olson, candidate for governor; Roger Coffin, and Sheridan Downey, candidate for U.S. Senate.

The Ham and Eggs initiative

Page 206. The Ham & Eggs initiative as it appeared on the 1939 California State ballot as Proposition 1.

Page 208.

Page 209.

Theodore C. Macaulay

Page 211. Theodore C. Macaulay, Secretary-manager of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and organizer of the Committee Against 30-Thursday.

list of enemies

Page 214. The “list” of enemies as it appeared in the San Diego California.

C. Leon DeAryan

Page 215. C. Leon DeAryan (left), publisher of The Broom and an important Ham and Eggs antagonist, campaigned against the initiative on the streets of San Diego.

Walter L. Thornton   Walter L. Thornton

Page 217. “Speaker ‘poses’ for portraits.” Mug shots of Walter L. Thornton appeared on the front page of the San Diego Union two days before the election.

Page 220. Coffin was stunned by early returns showing Proposition 1 headed for defeat.