The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1993, Volume 39, Number 4
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

Original Articles

A Passion for Water: Hans H. Doe and the California Water Industry
By Kyle Emily Ciani
Women in Wartime: The San Diego Experience, 1941-1945
By Kimberly A. Hall

Book Reviews

The Spanish Frontier in North America.
By David J. Weber. Reviewed by Ross Frank.
Fortress California, 1910-1961: From Warfare to Welfare.
By Roger W. Lotchin. Reviewed by Gregg R. Hennessey.
To Protect and Serve: A History of the San Diego Police Department and Its Chiefs, 1889-1989.
By Pliny Castanien. Reviewed by Clare V. McKanna, Jr.
Julian City and Cuyamaca Country: A History and Guide to the Past and Present.
By Charles R. LeMenager. Reviewed by Karna Webster.
Modest Fortunes: Mining in Northern Baja California.
By Donald Chaput. Reviewed by Armando A. Arias, Jr.
The Twentieth-Century West: Historical Interpretations.
Edited by Gerald D. Nash and Richard W. Etulain. Reviewed by Cynthia J. Sturgis.
Writing Western History: Essays on Major Western Historians.
By Richard W. Etulain. Reviewed by John E. Baur.
Saving California’s Coast: Army Engineers at Oceanside and Humboldt Bay
By Susan Pritchard O’Hara and Gregory Graves. Reviewed by Richard Steele.
National City: Kimball’s Dream.
By Leslie Trook. Reviewed by Harris Monroe.
An End and a Beginning: The South Coast and Los Angeles, 1850-1887
By Joseph S. O’Flaherty. Reviewed by M. Guy Bishop.
Those Powerful Years: The South Coast and Los Angeles, 1887-1917.
By Joseph S. O’Flaherty. Reviewed by M. Guy Bishop.

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