The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1994, Volume 40, Numbers 1 & 2
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Ramona Lubo

Cover image: Ramona Lubo, widow of Juan Diego, recording the story of his murder on a graphaphone record, ca. 1900. Courtesy of the Southwest Museum, Los Angeles.

Page iv. The death of Alessandro, as depicted by artist Henry Sandham, who traveled with Helen Hunt Jackson in 1882.


Page 2. Map

Sam Temple

Page 3. Sam Temple, ca.1900.

Sam Temple

Page 4. Sam Temple (standing) recreates his appearance before Justice S.V. Tripp after the killing of Juan Diego.

Sam Temple and Frank Wellman

Page 8. Sam Temple (seated) and his friend Frank Wellman who served on the coroner’s jury that investigated the Juan Diego killing.

Helen Hunt Jackson

Page 10. The author of Ramona, Helen Hunt Jackson.

Ramona's Marriage Place

Page 13. The mythical “Ramona’s Marriage Place,” Casa de Estudillo, was a popular tourist attraction in Old Town San Diego for many years.

George Wharton James

Page 14. George Wharton James at a Cahuilla village, ca. 1900.

Ramona Lubo

Page 15. Ramona Lubo “on display” at the Southern California Fair in October 1921. Standing is Rose Costo as “Ramona in her girlhood.”

Ramona Lubo at the Cahuilla reservation

Page 16. Ramona Lubo at the Cahuilla reservation, ca. 1895.

Ramona's Marriage Place

Back cover image: Visit Ramona’s Marriage Place / The most beautiful and romantic spot in California / Old Town – San Diego / Where California Began /Open Daily 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.