The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1994, Volume 40, Numbers 1 & 2
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Page 52. Cannon near intersection of Market St. and Pacific Highway, looking west.

Artilleryman firing a Napoleon

Page 54. Artilleryman firing a Napoleon at Fort Rosecrans.

Firing sunset salute

Page 57. Firing sunset salute from Market St. and Pacific Highway, ca. 1890s.

San Diego's Napoleons

Page 58. San Diego’s Napoleons at the Army Reserve Center.

Napoleons at Baker Field

Page 60. The Napoleons on the floor of the Army garage at Baker Field in Mission Valley.

El Justin

Page 62. “El Justin” in 1981, “polished, cherished and fired” by Navy Sub Base cannon team. Sign in rear donated by San Diego Historical Society describes the gun and its history.

El Justin and Big John

Page 63. Fully restored “El Justin” and “Big John” in July 1989.

Ron Callings

Page 64. Gun Engraver Ron Callings cutting in “U.S ” on top of “Big John.”

Belt buckle

Page 66. Belt buckle presented to cannoners by Sub Base C.O. John Hinkle for “El Justin” restoration.