The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1994, Volume 40, Number 4
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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San Diego County map

Page 142.
San Diego County, California, ca. 1880.

Rufus Morgan

Page 144.
Rufus Morgan, ca. 1870.

Mary Clark Morgan

Page 145.
Mary Clark Morgan, ca. 1872.

John Stewart Harbison

Page 149.
Pioneer apiarist John Stewart Harbison (1826-1912).

simplicity hive

Page 150.
A. I. Root’s “simplicity hive.”
From Root, The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture, 1929.

Rufus Morgan's first letter to his wife

Page 153.
Rufus Morgan’s first letter written to his wife from the Glen Oak apiary.

Oak Glen apiary

Page 155.
The Oak Glen apiary in a photograph taken six years after Morgan’s death.

Ephraim W. Morse

Page 157.
Ephraim W. Morse (1823-1906).

Rufus Morgan's last letter to his wife

Page 173.
Rufus Morgan’s last letter to his wife, written the day before his death.

Letter to Mary Morgan from Ephraim Morse

Page 174.
[Letter to Mary Morgan from Ephraim Morse, April 7th, 1880]