The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1995, Volume 41, Number 4
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Luisa Moreno Bemis

Page 284. Luisa Moreno Bemis in 1943. Courtesy Carlos Larralde.

San Diego cannery

Page 287. Cohn Hopkins Inc. at the foot of Crosby in 1931. Conditions at this plant typified the working environment of San Diego canneries in the 1930s.

Carey McWilliams

Page 290. California author and attorney, Carey McWilliams. Courtesy Special Collections, University of California, Los Angeles.

State Senate Committee on Un-American Activities

Page 293. The State Senate Committee on Un-American Activities, chaired by Senator Jack B. Tenny (center). Courtesy Hearst Newspaper Collection, University of Southern California.

Luisa Moreno with daughter Mytyl

Page 298. Luisa Moreno with her daughter, Mytyl, in 1945. Courtesy Carlos Larralde.

Luisa Moreno and Diego Rivera

Page 301. In the 1920s, Luisa Moreno was interested in archaeology, poetry, politics, fashion, and contemporary art. In 1927 she met her friend, the famed artist Diego Rivera in Mexico City. Their visit is documented by this rare unpublished photograph. Courtesy Carlos Larralde.

Luisa Moreno in 1939

Page 302. Luisa Moreno in 1939, mailing membership records to a union office in Los Angeles. Courtesy Carlos Larralde.