The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1996, Volume 42, Number 2
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

Original Articles

The History of Hedges and the Cargo Muchacho Mining District Part I:
A Case Study of the Lives of Mexican Miners in a Company Town of the Southern California Desert
By Stephen R. Van Wormer and James D. Newland
A Talk with Bert Ritchey: An interview by Leonard Knight
By Robert Carlton

San Diego Documents

Helen Hunt Jackson to Ephraim W. Morse, November 3, 1883
Edited by Valerie Sherer Mathes

Book Reviews

Cowboys of the Americas.
By Richard W. Slatta. Reviewed by Clare V. McKanna, Jr.
The Campo Indian Landfill War: The Fight for Gold in California’s Garbage.
By Dan McGovern. Reviewed by Richard L. Carrico.
A History of Alta California: A Memoir of Mexican California.
By Antonio Maria Osio. Reviewed by Richard Griswold del Castillo.
Mission Culture on the Upper Amazon:
Native Tradition, Jesuit Enterprise, & Secular Policy in Moxos, 1660-1880.
By David Block. Reviewed by Roger L. Cunniff.

Book Notes

A Harbor Worth Defending: A Military History of Point Loma.
By Barry Alan Joyce.
California in 1792: A Spanish Naval Visit.
Translated and edited by Donald C. Cutter.
Sonora: An Intimate Geography.
By David Yetman.
Lola Montez: The California Adventures of Europe’s Notorious Courtesan.
By James F. Varley.
Water in the Hispanic Southwest: A Social and Legal History, 1550- 1850.
By Michael C. Meyer.
Citadel on the Channel: The Royal Presidio of Santa Barbara, Its Founding and Construction, 1782-1798.
By Richard S. Whitehead.