The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1996, Volume 42, Number 1
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Frank P. Allen

Page 332: Frank P. Allen at the time of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition.

Panama-California Exposition, seen from a balloon

Page 344: The buildings and gardens of the Panama-California Exposition, seen from a balloon.

Cabrillo Bridge and Lily Pond

Page 336: Cabrillo Bridge and Lily Pond (today’s Highway 163) in 1928.

Montezuma Gardens

Page 337: Montezuma Gardens, ca. 1915.

Sacramento Building

Page 338: The decorative Sacramento Building, located on the site of today’s San Diego Museum of Art.

Canadian Building

Page 339: The Canadian Building, connecting arcade, and the Laguna de las Flores, in 1915.

Leap Year Court

Page 339: Leap Year Court, exhibiting Allen’s Doric-style columns, was located in the Jardin de las Flores, just west of the Botanical Building.

Page 340: The Botanical Building or “Lath House” in 1915.

San Joaquin Valley Building

Page 341: Allen’s San Joaquin Valley Building held a prominent position on the east side of the Esplanade.

Overview of the  Panama-California Exposition

Page 341: Overview of the Panama-California Exposition, showing the layout of the Prado and Esplanade areas.

Construction of the Panama-California Exposition along El Prado

Page 342-343: Construction of the Panama-California Exposition along El Prado, looking east, 1914.

Sketch of the proposed Maryland Hotel

Page 345: Sketch of the proposed Maryland Hotel, financed by the Sefton Investment Company, 1913.

Col. J. H. Pendleton's residence in Coronado

Page 345: Garden view of Col. J. H. Pendleton’s residence in Coronado, 1916.

Vandruff Estate

Page 346: W. S. and R. E. Vandruff Estate, ca. 1917. The residence was later incorporated into the Academy of Our Lady of Peace.

Park Manor Hotel

Page 348: The stately Park Manor Hotel, built in 1925, stands at the corner of 6th Avenue and Spruce Street. Photo taken in 1927.

First Trust and Savings Bank

Page 349: The First Trust and Savings Bank, designed by Allen in 1926, was located in East San Diego on the corner of University and Fairmount.

1927 design for the Cuyamaca Club

Page 350: Allen’s 1927 design for the Cuyamaca Club, proposed for the corner of 2nd Avenue and A Street.

The Original French Laundry

Page 351: The Original French Laundry, built in 1927, was located on the north side of University Avenue at l0th Street.


Page 351: Hamilton’s, erected in 1928, still stands (with alterations) on the corner of 7th Avenue and C Street.

Whitney and Company Building

Page 352: Allen’s Whitney and Company Building, built in 1928, was located on Fourth and Fifth Avenues between B and C Streets.

Federal Truck Building

Page 353: The Federal Truck Building, built in 1931, won an A.I.A. award in 1933 for its “good example of brilliant color on strong structural design in concrete.”