The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 1996, Volume 42, Number 4
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

Original Articles

The Ranch House at Warner’s
by Kathleen Flanigan
Radio and Real Estate: The U.S. Navy’s First Land Purchase in San Diego
by Abraham Shragge

Book Reviews

To Die on Your Feet: The life, Times, and Writings of Praxedis Guerrero.
By Ward S. Albro. Reviewed by Paul B. Hart.
Beautiful Swift Fox: Erna Fergusson and the Modern Southwest.
Zeese Papanikolas. Reviewed by Alan Kilpatrick.
Quest for Empire: Spanish Settlement in the Southwest.
By Donald Cutter and Iris Engstrand. Reviewed by Maria Gisela Butler.
Women in the Life of Southern California: An Anthology Compiled from Southern California Quarterly.
Edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. Reviewed by Nancy J. Taniguchi.
Trickster in the Land of Dreams.
Zeese Papanikolas. Reviewed by Alan Kilpatrick.