The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1997, Volume 43, Number 3
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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San Diego labor organizer Robert N. Galvan

Cover: San Diego labor organizer, Robert N. Galvan, “an alien, refuses to answer questions on Communist membership at final San Diego hearing of State Senate Committee on Un-American Activities.” —San Diego Union, 11 September 1948.

Luisa Moreno

Page 158. This much publicized photograph of Luisa Moreno was taken in 1950 by Gray Bemis in his well-equipped photo lab in the Moreno home. Courtesy Carlos Larralde.

New Year's Eve party

Page 160. Ted Smith, a plumber friend, his wife, Luisa Moreno and her husband Gray Bemis during a New Year’s Eve party in San Diego in 1949. Courtesy Carlos Larralde.

Bert Corona

Page 162. Bert Corona in the U.S. Army, 1942. Harassed by Sen. Tenney as a “subversive Communist,” Corona’s army career was tarnished by a “bad record of loyalty.” Courtesy Carlos Larralde.

Charles C. Dail

Page 165. San Diego city councilman Charles C. Dail in July 1950.

Guy Endore

Page 166. The noted screen writer Guy Endore played a major role in the Los Angeles Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee. Courtesy Special Colections, University of California, Los Angeles.

Jack B. Tenney

Page 168. Jack B. Tenney, chair of the State Senate Committtee on Un-American Activities, in October 1943

Gray Bemis

Page 169. Gray Bemis in 1947. He photographed numerous San Diego union activities and local political figures. Courtesy Carlos Larralde.