Spring-Summer 1998, Volume 44, Numbers 2 & 3

The Journal of San Diego History
Spring-Summer 1998, Volume 44, Numbers 2 & 3
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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Accidents, C2, PA52

Acheson, Dean, C37

Adams Ave., C1

Adams family, C13, C43

Adobes, C42, C55, C73, PA67, PA72, PA226

Adobe Falls, PA133

Adoption agency, C37

Adult theaters/bookstores, C41

Aerials, C1, C3, C100, C15, C26, C29, C44, C46, C58, C68, C92, C93, C97, PA63, PA127, PA272

African-Americans, C1, C11, C13, C106, PA69, PA143, PA172, PA261

Agriculture, C1, C3, C5, C31, C42, C94, C117, PA63, PA125, PA206, PA226

Agua Caliente, C46, C106

Agua Caliente Hotel, PA113, PA153

Aguirre (Jose) family, C9

Ah Quin family, C10

Aiken, Conrad, C37

Albee, Edward, C37

Alberghetti, Anna Marie, C105

Albert, Eddie, C105

Albertype Company, PA79, PA132, PA177, PA240, PA250, PA266

Albretten, C13

Alexander family, C13, C43

Allen family, C13, C43, PA184

Allied Gardens, C1, C29, C68

Allison family, C13

Alpine, C1, C4, C5, C6, C17, C42, C68, C89, C94, C102, C108, C117, C119, PA8,

PA226, PA265

Alvarado family, C34

Alvarado, Don Tomas, C55

Alvarado, F.M., C55

Ambrotypes, C34, C121

American Title Association, 119

Ames Color Publisher, C6

Ames family, C24,

Amory, Cleveland, C37

Amos family, C13

Amputee, PA193, PA193A

Anderson, Elden, C7

Anderson family, C13

Andrews family, C13

Animals, C1, C2, C4, C4, C5, C53, C65, C70, C105, C110, C117

Anka, Paul, C37

Anschuetz’ Mission Inn, PA207

Anthony family, PA244

Anza Borrego, C15, C97

Apache Indians, C36

Apartment houses, C1, C20, C42, C62, C65, C73, C94, C117

Agua Caliente Racetrack, C58

Arbuckle, Roscoe ‘Fatty,’ C54

Arcades, C20

Architecture, C1, C2, C56, C62, C95, C99, C104, C115, PA25, PA58, PA128, PA146,

PA159, PA207, PA237

Argall family, C8

Arizona, C42

Arizona, Jerome, C72

Arizona, Native Americans, C36

Arkularius family, PA231

Armstrong family, C13

Arnold, Charles, PA121

Arguello family, C24,

Art work, C1, C4, C5, C42, C63, C66, C98, C129, PA149-1

Artifacts, C5, C42, C117

Asians, C10, PA143

Atcheson, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railway, C74

Atkinson family, PA171

Auden, W.H., C37

Austin, DeGraff, C11

Austin family, C13

Auto dealers C53

Auto supply stores, C13

Autochromes, C107

Automobile, C1, C4, C5, C12, C15, C18, C42, C53, C72, C89, C105, C109, C110, C122, PA118

Averette & McFadden, PA109, PA110, PA111, PA112

Averette family, PA130

Averette, Walter, C3, C12, PA63, PA89, PA99, PA109, P110, PA111, PA112, PA130

Aviation, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C10, C12, C15, C20, C33, C42, C45, C53, C70, C65, C79, C92, C94, C102, C105, C106, C108, C109, C110, PA115, PA129, PA272, PA284

Avocado farming, C12, C40

Awards, C2

Axman family, C43

Aztec Brewing Co., C19

B Street School, PA74, PA29

Babcock, Maude W., PA51

Back country, C1, C4, C15, C20, C48, C53, C59, C69, C87, C89, C94, C103, C117, C121, C125, PA10, PA10, PA19, PA7, PA8, PA35, PA43, PA45, PA46, PA50, PA51, PA89, PA95, PA121, PA135, PA150, PA178, PA197, PA199, PA212, PA236, PA248, PA257

Bail bond advertisements, C41

Bailey family, C13, C43

Baja California/Tijuana insurrections, C5, C91, PA7, PA64, PA65, PA66, PA199, PA228

Baja California, C1, C15, C42, C65, C94, C110, C113, PA180, PA203

Baja California, Native Americans, C36

Baker family, C13, C43, PA172

Bakeries, C1

Balboa Avenue, C29

Balboa Hotel (Pacific Beach), PA77, PA118

Balboa Park, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7, C8, C12, C15, C17, C20, C22, C23, C28, C29, C31, C32 , C35, C46, C47, C52, C53 , C58, C65, C68 , C72, C73, C81, C87, C89, C94, C95, C100, C101, C102, C106, C107, C117 , C121, PA4, PA32, PA59, PA61, PA76, PA89, PA91, PA95, PA136, PA212, PA217, PA219, PA220, PA262, PA272, PA278

Balboa Park preservation, C47

Balboa Stadium, C50, C58, C65, C85, C102, C108, PA59, PA121

Baldwin, Bessie, PA10

Ballast Point, C31, C81, PA149

Ballena, C1, C42, C102, PA8

Ballrooms, C54

Bandini, Don Juan, C43, C102

Bands, C5

Banker’s Hill, C1, C119

Banks family, C13

Banks, C1, C3, C5, C50, C53, C62, C87, C122, PA123

Banner, C1, C18, C89, C102

Baptist, C13

Barbara Jean, C21

Barber shops, C1, C13, C60

Barber, Samuel, C37

Barge construction, C40, C93

Barkley, Robert J., PA238

Barlow, Lloyd, PA93

Barnes family, C13, C43

Barrett Dam, C12, PA283

Barrett family, C24,

Barron family, C13

Bars/saloons, C1, C19, C100, C111

Baseball, C2, C20, C70

Bately Jr., William, C105

Bath houses (Los Banos), C1, C5, C50, C94, PA35, PA36, PA69, PA144, PA166

Bathers/swimmers, C8

Bathing beauties, PA212

Batie family, C13

Bay Meadows (Racetrack), C58

Bay Park Village, C100

Bayfront, C112

Baynard family, C13

Baynard, Norman (Mansour Abdullah), C13

Bazaar del Mundo, C105

Beach scenes, C1, C9, C12, C15, c18, C31, C53, C65, C70, C82, C85,C102, C106, C102, C117, PA26, PA46, PA63, PA68, PA92, PA133, PA136, PA212, PA255,

PA268, PA278

Beam family, PA68

Beauty pageant, C100

Beeks family, PA183

Bell family, C13

Benbough, Henry L., C102

Benbough, Legler, C37

Benedictine Convent, C6

Bennett family, C13, C43

Bennette Studios (photographer), C9

Benson Lumber Co., C87, C112, PA106

Berlin, Irving, C37

Bernardino family, C24,

Berry family, PA173, PA244

Beuthel, W., C14

Bicycles, C1, C85, C89, PA7, PA135

Big Bear Lake, PA92

Bikel, Theodore, C37

Bikinis, C31

Bishop Day School, C56, C77

Bishop, Harry, C15

Black Oak Mine, PA138

Black, Mr. & Mrs. William, C37

Blacks Beach, C70

Blacksmith, C60

Blade-Tribune, C82

Blake family, C13

Blondell, Joan, C49

Boat builders, PA181

Boat racing, C70

Boating, C15, C53, C65, C105, PA205

Bogan family, C24

Boldrick’s Fine Shoe Store, PA216

Bond, Carrie Jacobs, PA22

Bonita, C1, C4, C42, C68, C102

Booker family, C13

Booth, Jane, PA6

Booth, Larry, C3, C16, C17, PA6, PA116

Bootlegged liquor, C91

Border monument, C48, C111, PA9, PA36, PA50, PA92, PA95, PA166, PA212,

PA224, PA247

Border Patrol, C1

Borrego Desert, C31

Borrego Valley, C102

Borrego, C1, C16, C17, C20, C94

Borthwick, Anderson, C37, PA190

Bosler, Maude, PA75

Bosserman family, C43

Bostonia, C20, C89, PA178

Bosworth, F.E. (photographer), C48

Bower, Grace, PA34, PA230

Bowers family, C43, PA230

Bowers, Lucy Horton, C34, PA230

Bowers, W.W., PA21, PA230

Bowles, Helen Tulloch, C18

Bowling alleys, C59, C72, C122

Boxing, C59

Boy Scouts, C106, PA100

Boyd family, C13

Brace, Clayton, C37

Braden (photographer), PA37

Bradford family, C13

Brass Rail Bar, PA274

Brawley family, PA104

Brennan family, C43

Breweries, C1, C3, C4, C19, C89, C110, C120, PA5

Brickyard, C111

Bricknell, Anne, C133

Bridges, C1, C3, C8, C12, C17, C65, C97, C102, C106, C110, C117, PA83

Bridges, Lloyd (and family), C105

Broadway Theater, C37, C39

Broderick, Walter, C105

Bronowski, Jacob, C37, C102

Brookins Lumber Co., PA92

Brooks family, C13

Brouwer, Tom, C132

Brown family, C13

Brown, Andreas, C20

Brst, Nellie Roberts, PA230

Bryan, William Jennings, C43

Bryant family, C13

Buckman Springs, C1, C117, PA68

Buildings and businesses, C1, C3, C73

Bullfighting, C1, C17, C31, C90, C102, C109, PA271

Bum the dog, C89

Burbank, PA125

Burgener, Claire, C105

Burlesque, C21, C59, C72

Burlingame, C117

Burnham, Esther, C37

Burton, C43

Bus drivers, C5, C123, PA105, PA163

Bus drivers, women, C18

Business, C1, C2, C3, C5, PA71, PA123

Butler family, C13

Butler, Smedley D., PA88

Butterfield stage stations, C55

Cabinet cards, C108, C116, C125, C126, C43, C48, C5, C51, C69, C8, PA169, PA170, PA173, PA174, PA175, PA182, PA183, PA184, PA185, PA186, PA194, PA230, PA231, PA232, PA244, PA246

Cabinetmaking, C98

Cabrillo Civic Club, PA220

Cabrillo Club, PA118

Cabrillo Heights, C29

Cabrillo National Monument, C31, C102

Cahuilla Reservation, C36

Cahuilla Indians, C36

Calexico, PA104

Caliente Racetrack, C70, PA153

California Governor’s race (1962), C40

California Electric Works, PA160, PA161, PA162

California Gold Rush, C67

California Highway Commission, PA165

California National Guard, PA2

California Pacific Exposition (Balboa Park, 1935) C1, C14, C22, C23, C47, C53, C65, C78, C79 C94, C95, C102, C108, C110, PA13, PA17, PA37, PA114, PA153, PA201, PA221, PA263, PA258, PA259, PA287

California Southern Railway, C74, PA118

California State Building, PA221

Calvary Cemetery, C24, C81

Camp Callan, C20, C25, PA225

Camp Dexter, PA68

Camp Elliott, C29

Camp Kearny, C5, C20, C32, C58, C85, C109, PA133

Camp Lewis, Washington, PA56

Camp Marston (Julian), PA271

Camp Pendleton, C17, C102

Camp San Diego (Descanso), PA72

Camp Tapawingo, PA282

Campbell family, C13

Campbell, Josephine Norma, PA93

Camping, C5, C88, PA43, PA92, PA99, PA121, PA130, PA133, PA196, PA212, PA236, PA282

Campo, C1, C4, C5, C11, C20, C36, C42, C65, C102, C117, PA68

Campo Park, C11

Campo Indians, C36

Campo Valley, C55

Camps, C94

Camulos, PA24

Canneries, C1

Canons, C1

Capobianco, Tito, C37

Capote, Truman, C37

Captain Jose Manual Hatam, C120

Carbrillo family, C24,

Cardiff, C1, C20, C94, C117, PA83, PA207

Cargo, C92

Carlsbad, C1, C17, C20, C46, C68, C94, C118, PA206

Carlsbad 5000, C132

Carmelite Monastery, C62

Carmell, Fred, PA56

Carnegie Free Public Library, PA79

Carr, Vicki, C37

Carriage houses, C1

Carrillo family, C24,

Carriso Gorge, C31

Carroll Dam, C51

Carte de Visites, C5, C8, C43, C48, C51, C108, C116, PA100, PA126, PA142, PA169, PA170, PA171, PA172, PA173, PA174, PA175, PA184, PA185, PA186, PA194, PA241, PA243, PA244, PA246

Carter family, C13, PA172

Carter, Armistead, C37, C105

Cartwright family, C26

Carver, George Washington, PA149-1

Cassen family, C24,

Castanian, Pliny, C27

Catalina, PA14, PA224

Cedros Island, Baja California, C71

Celebrities, C1

Cemeteries, C1, C42, C89, C97, C110

Central America, PA76

Chamber of Commerce trip to Mexico (1930), C95

Chandler, Otis, C37

Chapel of Sweethearts, C6

Chappell, Judy, C105

Chase family, PA182, PA183, PA184, PA186

Chase, Herbert A., PA170, PA182

Chernoff, Howard, C37

Chiang Kai-Shek, PA208

Chicken in the Rough, C60

Chief Yellow Sky, C36

China, PA34

Chinatown (Los Angeles), PA251

Chinatown (San Francisco), PA251

Chinese, C1, C10, C69, C93, PA135, PA164, PA178

Chinese Community Organizations, C10, C81, C110, PA220

Chollas, C68, C117

Chollas Radio Towers, PA100

Chollas Reservoir, C29

Christman, Florence, C28

Christmas scenes, PA278

Christmas, C1, PA15, PA207

Chula Vista, C6, C16, C17, C20, C42, C46, C65, C68, C73, C89, C94, C100, C110, C117, C118 C130, PA209

Chula Vista Hospital, C16

Chula Vista Road, PA145

Chula Vista Salt Works, C60

Churches, C1, C3, C5, C13 C15, C16, C20, C62, C65, C73, C85, C89, C90, C94,

C102, C106, C110, C117, C120, C122, PA59, PA149

Churchill, Gen. Medal, C43, C113

Churchman, Isabelle, PA 149-1

Circuit prints, C85

City and County government, C1, C78

City Hall, C1

City Heights, C118

City Officials, C1

City Park, PA207

City Planning Commission, C29

Civil War soldiers, PA171

Civilian Conservation Corps, C20

Clairemont, C1, C17, C29, C46, C68, C100

Clark family, C24,

Clarke, Henry Camp, C102

Clausen photographs, C8

Cleveland National Forest, PA72

Cliff Gardens, C117

Clothing, C1

Coast Guard Air Station, C53

Coca Cola, C5

Cocopah Indians, C36

Coffer, Ed, PA128

Coffer, H.E., PA252

Coghlan residence, PA80

Cohen, C43

Coldwell Banker, C105

Cole family, PA182

Cole, Nat King, C105

Cole, Natalie, C105

College Grove, C68

Colleges & universities, C1, C5, C65, C102

Collins, Joan, C105

Colonia Progresso, PA127

Colorado, PA210

Colorado (Mexico), PA127

Colton family, C24,

Comey Indians, C36

Comic books, C86

Compton, C43

Concrete ships, C30, PA167

Congress, C127

Connors family, C24,

Conroe, Grace Cherbourg, C102

Consolidated Aircraft Corp. (Convair), C20, C29, C46, C33, C53, C59, PA115, PA195

Convair airplanes, C100

Convair camouflage netting, C33, C59

Construction, C1, C16, C41, C105, C106, C110, C130, PA274, PA280

Cook family, C13

Cooke, Alistair C37

Cooper family, C13

Copeland, Eliza Jane Forster, C34

Copley, Helen, C37, C105

Copley, James, C37

Corona, Douglas O., C102

Coronado (Hotel Del Coronado, Tent City, Japanese Tea Garden, other), C1, C3, C4, C5, C6, C14, C16, C17, C20, C29, C31, C32, C34, C42, C58, C65, C68, C69, C72, C73, C74, C77, C79, C85, C87, C89, C94, C100, C102, C103, C106, C110, C111, C117, C118, C119, C120, C130, PA4, PA5, PA9, PA14, PA15, PA18, PA20, PA36, PA45, PA46, PA49, PA 60, PA61, PA68, PA69, PA77, PA79, PA089, PA091, PA92, PA93, PA101, PA119, PA121, PA123, PA124, PA133, PA134, PA135, PA139, PA141, PA145, PA158, PA165, PA166, PA207, PA209, PA211, PA224, PA245, PA247, PA250, PA260, PA265, PA266, PA278

Coronado Bridge, PA165

Coronado Ferry, C31, C130

Coronado Islands-Baja California, C20

Coronado/North Island, C46

Cossitt, Mary (house), C56

Costumes, C42

Cotton fields, C43, PA127

County Dairy Princess, C11

County offices, C3

Courthouse, C3, C17, C48, C89, C102, PA69, PA92, PA134, PA141, PA166, PA224

Cousins, Norman, C37

Couts family, C24, C43

Couts, Cave Johnson, C55

Cowboys, C1, C121

Cowles Mountain, C29

Coyotes, C65

Cramer, C43

Crane family, C54

Crawford family, C13, PA182

Crawford, Broderick, C105

Crawford, Jack, C32

Crescent Wharf Warehouse Co., C53

Crime, C1, C2, C15, C91

Crosby, Bing, C58

Crosby, Mary, C105

Crown Point, C100

Crumley, Jack, C37

Crystal Pier (Pacific Beach), PA87

Curry family, C13

Curtiss (Glenn)Aviation School/Camp, C45, PA93

Curtiss aircraft, PA121. Also see Aviation.

Cuyamaca, C1, C5, C17, C18, C42,C68, C79, C102, C110, C117, C119, PA178

Cuyamaca & San Diego Railway, C74

Cuyamaca Hotel, PA199

Cuyamaca Lake, C8, C25, C92, C125, PA212, PA282

Cuyamaca Peak, PA 92, PA196

Cuyamaca Railway, C125

Cuyamaca State Park, C31

Cuyamaca water system, C51

Cyanotype C5, PA18, PA50, PA24, PA141, PA178

Daguerreotypes, C34, C121

Dairies, C1, C16, C53

Damone, Vic, C105

Dams, C1, C3, C4, C5, C15, C20, C42, C46,C52, C50, C65, C69, C89, C94, C102 C110, C117, PA69, PA83 PA156, PA157 PA236, PA254, PA283

Dana, Homer, C63

Dance, C54, C58, C102,C105

Daniels family, C13

Daniels, Josephus, PA88

Dannals family, C43

Danst, Annie B. (house), C56

Danto, Jules & Ainie, C37

Dauchy family, C35

Daugherty, Sally, C37

Davidson family, C43

Davidson, Hannah P., C102

Davidson, John and Winifred, C102

Davis family, C13, C43

Davis, Edward H., C36, PA226

Dawson family, C43

De Burn, Arlan, PA10

De Villiers, Elsie (early female airplane pilot), PA87

Dear, Charles, C37

Deaton, Linda, C41

DeCarlo, Yvonne, C105

Dedications & ceremonies, C1

Dee, Sandra, C105

Deer Park, C102

Dehesa, C117, PA10

DeKooning, Wilam, C37

Del Cerro family, C68

Del Mar, C1, C4, C5, C12, C16, C17, C20, C29, C42, C46, C53, C65, C68, C70, C94, C100, C102, C110, C117, PA265

Del Mar Fair, C114

Del Mar Race Track, C20, C58, C105, C114

Demolition, C41

Demonstrations, C1

Dempsey, Jack, C54, PA203

Dent, Mary, PA270

Denton family, PA172

Depression, C1

Derby family, C43

Des Granges, Pauline, C37

Desai, Morarz, C37

Descanso, C1, C8, C18, C20, C36, C42, C65, C94, C117, PA8, PA68, PA72, PA92, PA196, PA203

Desert, C36, C48, C106, C121, PA15, PA26, PA120, PA152, PA153, PA154, PA155, PA226

Destroyer Repair Base, PA88

Detoy, Henrietta, C37

Development, C117

Dewein, L.S., PA280

Di Gesu family, C37

Di Gesu, Alice, C37

Di Gesu, Antony, C37, C38

Diamond Carriage & Livery Co., PA124, PA209

Davis, Diana, (ballerina), C105

Diegueno Indians, C36

Dillon, James E., C39

Diners, C100

Dirigibles, C1, C3, C106, C110, PA272, PA278

Disabled citizens, PA193, PA193A

Disasters, C15

Dixon family, C13, C43

Dodge, C43

Doe, Hans, C40

Doe, Margaret, C40

Domestic life, C1

Donnelly family, C43

Douglas, Charles B.(house), C56

Douglas, Kirk, C105

Douglas, Melvyn, C37

Downtown San Diego, C4, C17, C29, C41,C46, C48, C52, C68, C69, C87, C94 C100, C106, C111, C120, C121, PA49, PA120, PA124, PA207, PA254

Drawnwork, PA69

Driscoll Brothers Boat Works, C16

Drive-in restaurants, C122

Drug stores, C60

Dry goods shops, C111

Duchy-Thieme family, PA139, PA140, PA141, PA142

Dulzura, C1, C20, C117

Dune buggies, C70

Dunham family, PA182

Dunnells family, C43

DuPont, Samuel Francis, PA75

Dutch Flats, C1, C46

Dysart, Helen, PA61, PA91

Dysart, Martha, PA60, PA61, PA91

Eagles Lodge, C13

Earp, Wyatt, C43

Earthquakes, C1

East San Diego, C17, C100

Eberhardt, Robert, C44

Eclipses, (sun), PA136, (moon) C106

Eddie’s Bar, C60

Edis, Levi, PA254

Edmonds, Warner, PA21

Edwards family, C13, C43

Eigenmann family, PA244

Eisenhower, Dwight D., C17, C102

El Cajon, C1, C4, C5, C6, C16, C17, C20, C31 , C42, C46, C48, C65, C68, C89, C94, C100, C102, C118, PA8, PA135

El Cajon Boulevard, C100

El Cajon Valley, C117, PA89

El Capitan Dam, PA156, PA157

El Cortez Hotel, C1, C16, C59, C110

El Rio, PA205

Elite Studios (photography) C69, PA174, PA175, PA183, PA184, PA186

Elks Club, C13, PA79

Elliott family, PA133

Ellis family, C43

Ellis, James, C37

Ellyson, Theodore, C45

Elser, William P., C37

Elsinore, C1, C20, C94

Emerald Hills, C46, C68

Encanto, C1, C100, C117

Encinitas, C1, C16, C17, C18, C20, C36, C42, C46, C60, C94, C10, C117 PA226

Ensenada, (Mexico), PA180, PA203

Erickson, Harry (Jimmy), C46, PA107, PA115, PA120, PA127, PA129, PA202, PA203

Eros, Peter, C37

Escondido, C1, C4, C5, C16, C17, C20, C4, C42, C46, C50, C58, C65, C68, C73, C89, C94, C100, C102, C110, C117, PA68, PA121

Estudillo House, C55, PA28, PA41, PA211

Eucalyptus Grove, C121

Eureka, C18

Europe, C78, C95, PA60

Evangelical tent services, PA261

Evans family, C43

Evans, J.R., PA152, PA153, PA154, PA155

Evenson, Bea, C47

Ewing family, PA171

Fabert, Wayne, C48

Fairs, C1, C3, C5, C42, C114

Faivre family, C43

Fallbrook, C1, C17, C20, C32, C42, C46, C65, C68, C94, C102, C117, PA226

Fallon, Thomas, PA75

Farm equipment sales, C111

Fashion modeling, C13

Fashions, C105

Federal Building, C41

Feiffer, Jules, C37

Feigel family, PA231

Ferries, C5, C20, C58, C65, C94, C102, PA273

Ferris family, C43

Fiesta del Pacifica, C15, C31

Fillmore, Millard, C43

Fire Department, C1, C3, C4, C5, C15, C42, C50, C58, C65, C70, C85, C89, C94, C103

Firing squad, PA228

First Baptist Church, PA36

First National Bank Building, PA274

Fish canneries, C110, PA253

Fishery research vessels, C44

Fishing boats, C1, C5, C31, C53, C92, C102, C108, PA4, PA211

Fitch & Taylor, PA94

Fitch, Herbert R., C3, C43, C50, C85, C94, C115, PA108, PA123, PA123, PA200, PA207

Five Points, C1

Flags, C65

Flamenco dancing, PA153

Fleet, Reuben H., C37

Fleming, Rhonda, C105

Fletcher family, C51, C52

Fletcher Hills, C1, C46, C68, C100

Fletcher, Charles, C51

Fletcher, Edward, C51, PA150

Fletcher, Kim, C37

Flinn Springs, C1

Flinn family, C43

Floods and flooding C1, C3, C4, C5, C42, C50, C52, C54, C74, C87, C100, C102, C106, C109, C117, PA5, PA83, PA103, PA236, PA252, PA257, PA262, PA68, PA278

Floyd family, C43

Flowers & Florists, C42, C65, C102, C110, C107, PA85, PA89

Flu masks, PA255

Flumes, C5, C42, C52, C65, C67, C117, PA254

Flynn Springs, C89, PA196

Food, C105

Football, C2, C72

Ford family, C13

Forster, Marcos, C55

Fort Bragg, Ca., C72

Fort Rosecrans, C1, C5, C20, C65, C76, C81, C87, C102, PA10, PA118, PA255

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, PA88

Fort Stockton, C81, PA57

Forward, Frank, C17

Forward Jr., John, C102

Forward Sr., John, C102

Foster family, C1, C13

Foto Mena, Elizondo (photographer), C9

Fowler family, C13

Fox Samuel (family), C57

Fox family, C43

Francis Parker School, PA158

Franklin family, C13, C43

Fraser (W.H.) & Co., PA52

Fraser family, PA32, PA206

Frazee Paints, C105

Frazee family, C43

Frazer Adobe, PA67

Freighters, C101

Fremont, Charles C. & Jessie Benton, C34

Fremont, John C. C43

Frisbee family, PA142, PA140

Frye & Smith Printers, C53

Frye, F.A, C53

Fryman family PA231

Fuchs family, PA231

Fulkerson family, C54

Fulkerson, Walter F., C54

Fuller, Buckminster, C37

Fuller family, C43

Fuller, Robert, C105

Funerals, C13

Furniture, C1

Furniture stores, C13, C16

Gabor, Zsa Zsa, C105

Gage family, C43

Gagnon family, C64

Gagoshian, Earl C105

Gainsborrough (photographer), C9

Garcia family, C13

Garfield School, PA278

Gaslamp Quarter, C1

Gas stations, C1, C100, C110, C122

Gaskill family, PA178

Gaskill, Catherine, PA178

Gassen family, C24,

Gaston family, C43

Geddes, John Lewis, C55

Geisel, Theodore (Dr. Seuss), C1, C2, C3, C37

General Dynamics, C29, C100

General Electronics, C105

Geography, C1

George, Joe, C105

Germans, C1

Gielgud, John, C37

Gilbert (Sherman) House, C81

Gilbert family, C43

Gildred, Philip, C37

Gildred, Stewart, C37

Giles family, C43

Gill House, C81

Gill, Irving, C56

Gillespie Dam, PA25

Gillespie Field, C68

Gilman Hot Springs, C20

Gilmore, Myron T., C102

Girl Scouts, C13, PA282

Glass bottom boat, C69

Glass lantern slides, C52, C65

Globe Theater, C16

Golden Hill, C1, C20, C29, C89, PA149, PA260

Golden Hill Park, PA68

Golden Lotus Temple, PA226

Golden, Agnes, C37

Golden, Morley, C37

Golden, Robert, C37

Golding, Dr. Brage, C37

Golf courses, C29, C31, C70

Goodwin family, C43

Gorton, MacArthur, PA204, PA204A, PA208

Gotschalls family, PA231

Gould family, C43

Graham family, PA68

Grand Canyon, PA271

Grant Julia, D., PA190

Grant family, C43

Grant, U.S. Jr., C43

Grantville, C1, C29, C68

Grape pickers, PA178

Gray, family PA244

Green Dragon Colony , C77, C102, PA36, PA181

Green family, C13

Green, Fred E., PA235

Greenhouses, C120

Greenwood Cemetery, C118

Greenwood Crematorium, PA95, PA100

Gregg family, C43

Griest family,PA135

Griffin family, C13, C57

Grocery stores C1, C13, C60, C61, C100, C122, PA97

Grossmont, C1, C5, C12, C20, C42, C66, C94, C100, C117, PA22, PA73, PA106, PA150

Groundbreaking ceremonies, PA116

Groups, C5

Guajome Ranch, C119

Guido family, PA231

Gunn family, PA170

Guy residence (Grossmont), PA100

Guyserville, Ca., C69

Haase family, C58

Haase, Joseph Malta Frederick, C58

Hahn, Ernest & Jean, C37, C105

Hairstyles, C13

Hale, Robert, C37

Hall family, C13, C43

Hall of China (1935 Balboa Park) C10

Hamilton family, C13 , C43, PA170

Hamilton Grocery Co., PA97

Hammer, Dr. Armand, C37

Hammond’s T.C., PA57

Hammondsport, NY, C45

Hang gliding, C60, C70

Hanks family, PA172

Hanson family, PA173

Harbison Canyon, C68

Harbison family, C43

Harbor Island, C94

Harbor/piers, C1, C3, C4, C5, C12, C17 C20, C29, C36, C44, C53, C60, C76, C85, C89, C92, C101, C102, C110, C117, PA23, PA79, PA107, PA123, PA140, PA153, PA207 , PA224, PA226

Harelson, Judge, C37

Harness shop, C111

Harney, family, PA231

Harris family, C13

Harris, Helen Plummer, C66

Harris, Iverson, C66

Hartke, Sen.Vance, C37

Hartsook (photographer), C9

Hartunian family, C105

Hatch, Ruby, PA131

Hawaii, PA13, PA96

Hawkins family, C13

Hayes family, C13

Hayman, Grace, PA45

Hazelip, Mike, C59

Hazzard family, C43

Hazzard, Steven, C105

Health Care’Children, C96

Hebbard, W.S., PA146

Hedrick family, PA183

Hee, Jim (ladies underwear business), C35, PA140

Heger, Vernon, C60

Held (Anna) Cottage, PA36

Held, Anna, C102

Helix, PA8

Heller Grocery Stores, C61

Henderson family, C13, C43

Hendrix family, C13

Henking, Frances C., PA279

Henry family, C13

Hepner family, C43

Herman family, PA231

Hester & Smith (photographers), C93

Highland Park, C68

Highways, C15, C17, C110

Highway 101, C29

Hill family, C13 C43, PA170, PA182, PA183, PA184, PA186, PA243

Hill, Sydney and Vyne, PA21

Hill, Vyne Bowers, PA230

Hillcrest, C1, C29, C68, C118

Hinton family, C43

Hirshhorn, Joseph H., C37

Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), C80

Historic sites, PA281

Hockey, C59

Hodges, C68

Hole in the Wall Saloon, C111

Hollenbeck family, C24,

Hollywood Theater, C21, C59 , C72

Holman family, PA169, PA285, PA286

Holtville, C72, PA104

Hom family, C10

Home Tower Building, C105

Hope Architecture, C62

Hord, Donal, C77, C63

Horowitz, Vladimir, C37

Horses, C1, C2

Horticulture, C1

Horton House, C3, C81, C111, C120, PA134

Horton Plaza, C1, C4, C5, C42, C89, C102 , C106, C132, PA69, PA145, PA207

Horton, Alonzo, C34, C102

Horton, Lydia Knapp, C34

Hospitals/health care, C1, C2, C3, C5, C16, C20, C53, C62, C89, C100, C103, C110, C117

Hotel Del Coronado, 50th anniversary, PA77

Hotel Del Coronado, under construction, C111

Hotel Florence, C12, PA36, PA166, PA209

Hotel Robinson, PA134

Hotel Schneider, C106, C108

Hotels, C1, C4, C5, C13 C31, C41, C50, C53, C62, C65, C73, C89, C94, C102, C105, C110, C117, C122, PA 123, PA63

House on stilts, C112

Howard family, C13

Hualapai Indians, C36,

Hubbell family, C43

Huchting, Carl H., PA59

Hughs, Dr. Arthur E., C37

Hulburd’s Grove, PA32

Human Fly, C106

Hunter, Jeffrey, C105

Hunting, C8, PA99, PA124

Imperial Beach, C1, C20, C29, C65, C117

Imperial County, C20, C42 , C89, PA104

Imperial Valley, C4 C6, C117

India, C78

Industry, C1, C106, C112

Interior design, C105

International travel, PA143

Iowa, C57

Ipsen, Walter, PA 258, PA259

Irrigation districts, C40

Isherwood, Christopher, C37

Italian Syphon Spillway, PA100

Italian-Americans, C24

Italians, C4

IWW riot (labor), C1, C4, C5, C52

Jaccard, Ada Hudson, PA25

Jackson family, C13

Jackson, Bob, C37

Jackson, Eileen, C37

Jackson, Everett, C37

Jackson, Helen Hunt, PA24

Jackson, Sidney, C37

Jacumba, C1, C20, C42, C66, C94, C117, PA278

Jaffe, Sam, C37

Jail construction, C1, C62, C91

Jamul, C1, C20, C36, C42, C65

Janz family, C64

Japanese ships/sailors, C103, PA69, PA101

Japanese, C1, C42, PA143

Jasper, C43

Jefferson family, C13

Jenkins family, C13

Jennings family, C43

Jerome, Gerald, C105

Jesmond Dene, PA25

Jessop & Son, C4

Jessop, Joseph, Sr., C37

Jessop, C.J. (photographer), PA188

Jet skiing, C70

Jewelry stores, C110

JFK Democratic Club, C13

Johnson family, C13, C43, PA243

Johnson, William Templeton, PA159

Johnson-Taylor Adobe, C81

Jones family, C13, PA172

Jordan, M., C41

Joshua Tree, C97

Judd (photographer), C48

Juffa family, PA170

Julian, C1, C4, C5, C16, C20, C31, C36, C42, C65, C66, C70, C89, C94, C102, C110, C117, C120, C121, PA8, PA10, PA79, PA178, PA257

Julian Park, C11

Justice family, C43

Kashfi, Anna, C105

Kazan, Elia, C37

Kazikowski, Gene, C68

Kearney family, C43

Kearny Mesa, C1, C29, C46, C100

Keaton, Buster, C105

Keller, John, C37

Kellogg, Keith, Jean & Janet, C37

Kelsey family, C69

Kelsey, Frederick, C69

Kemp, Mary Lucia Griffith, C57

Kennedy, John F., C100

Kensington, C1, C46, C85, C100, PA68

Kent family, PA169

Kerr, Deborah, C105

Kerren family, C24,

Keystone Views Company , C120

Kiliwa Indians, C36,

King, Martin Luther, C11

Klauber house, C81

Klauber family, C43, PA196

Klauber, Laurence M., C102 , PA121

Klauber, Melville (house), C56

Klauber, Philip, C37

Klicka family, C43

Klindt & Walters (photographer), PA174, PA175

Klindt’s (Charles) Chicago Art Gallery (photographer), PA232

Knapp family, C43

Knapp, W. Buell, C102

Knife sharpener, PA166

Knopf, Alfred, C37

Knox family, C43

Kosloff Ballet dancers, C72

Kroc, Joan, C37

Kroc, Ray, C37

Ku Klux Klan, C5

Kunzel, Herbert, C105

Kyle’s Plunge Tank, C112

La Costa, C1

La Cresta, C68

La Jolla, C1, C2, C4, C5, C8, C12, C16, C17, C20, C25, C29, C31, C37, C42, C46, C48, C53, C56, C57, C58, C60, C65, C69, C73, C77, C85, C89, C94, C102, C103, C104, C106, C110, C117, C118, C119 C120, C130, PA5, PA8, PA9, PA25, PA36, PA39, PA41, PA42, PA49, PA50, PA59, PA60, PA61, PA68, PA69, PA79, PA80, PA92, PA93, PA124, PA144, PA145, PA189, PA207, PA209, PA211, PA224, PA226, PA245, PA251, PA260, PA265, PA265, PA267

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, C6, C16, C53

La Jolla Canyon Tile Plant, C75

La Jolla’A Historical Inventory, C104

La Mesa, C1, C5, C16, C17, C18, C20, C29, C42, C46, C65, C68, C85, C86, C89, C94, C100, C102, C110, C117, C121, PA59, PA226

La Monte, C43

La Pointe, C43

La Presa, C68, C121

Labor parade, C108

Labor unions, C2, C5

Ladd, Alan, C105

Laguna Mountains, C1, C12, C15, C18, C65, C66, PA212

Laguna Salada, PA127

Laguna, C20

Lake Henshaw, C20

Lake Hodges, C68

Lake Hodges Dam, C51, PA25, PA236

Lake Lindo, PA178

Lake Murray, C100

Lake Murray Dam, C72

Lake Poway, C20

Lake Wohlford, C20

Lakes, C5, C12, C15, C42, C52, PA63

Lakeside, C1, C5, C6, C17, C20, C42, C52, C57, C65, C89, C94 C102, C117, C118, PA68, PA103, PA178, PA268

Lane Field, PA59

Lassator family, C43

Lawrence, Larry, C37

Ledford, Joy, C37

Lee family, C13

Lee, Alice (house), C56

Lemon Grove, C1, C4 C16, C17, C20, C29, C42, C65, C68, C78, C89, C94, C100, C113, C117, C118, PA8

Leng family, C43

Lenya, Lotte, C37

Lenz’s (photographer) PA174, PA175, PA232

Lerner, Max, C37

Les Corpis Club, C13

Lester family, C66

Lester, Marion Plummer, C66

Leucadia, C1, C16, C20, C94, C121

Levi, Richard, PA174, PA175

Lewis family, C13, C43

Liberty Bell, C1

Libraries, C89, C98, C102, PA59, PA139, PA134, PA224

Lighthouses, C69, C76, C81, C120, PA14, PA15, PA36, PA57, PA60, PA69, PA124, PA145, PA166

Lincoln Park, PA145

Lincoln School, PA11, PA29B, PA29C , PA74

Linda Vista, C1, C29, C46, C68

Lindbergh Field Airport, C20, C29, C46, C62, C92 C93, C100, C110

Lindbergh, Charles, C1, C3, C78, C102

Lindbergh, (Charles) reception (1927), C58, C106

Linkletter, Art, C37

Lithographs, PA132, PA177

Little Landers, C1, C117

Littlepage family, C43

Livery stables, C1

Lloyd, Dr. Stan, C105

Lloyd, Harold, C49

Logan family, C13

Logan Heights, C68

Logging, C1

Lollabridgada, Gina, C105

Loma Portal, C117

Lomita Village, C68

Long family, C13

Lopez family, C13, C43

Lord, Bozo, C21

Loren, Sophia, C105

Los Angeles, C70, PA14, PA68, PA70, PA80

Los Angeles County, C42

Los Angeles, San Diego & Pacific Beach Railway, C74

Los Coches Dam, PA178

Los Flores School, PA197

Los Penasquitos, C29

Lost Valley, C36

Louisiana, PA80

Lounsberry family, C43

Lowe family, C43

Lower Lake Otay, C20

Lower Otay Reservoir, PA187

Lucas, Virginia, C67

Luce, Gordon, C37

Luiseno Indians, C36

Lumber, C1

Lummis, Charles F., PA24

Lusardi family, C43

Lusk, John & William, C37

Lyceum Theater, C81

Lynch Shipyard, C16

Lynch, George (Pat), C113

Lyons family, C43

Macabees Club, PA141

Machado family, C24

Machinery, C1

Mack family, C13

MacLaine, Shirley, C105

MacLeish, Archibald, C37

MacNamara, Bill, C105

Madigan, Paul, C72

Magnolia Downs, C17

Maher, Bishop Leo T., C37

Mailer, Norman, C37

Malamud, Bernard, C37

Mallorca (Spain), C42, PA82

Manatt family, C57

Mansfield, Jayne, C105

Maps, C1, C118

Marceau, Marcel,C105

Mariachi band, C114

Maricopa Indians, C36,

Maritime heraldry, C44

Maritime history, C44

Marks, Charles, PA8

Marquette Hotel, PA95

Marron, Juan Maria, C55

Marrs, S.A.PA220

Marsh family, PA244

Marsh, Chris, C73

Marston Building, C81

Marston family, C43, C105

Marston House, C81, C90

Marston, Edgar, C37

Marston, George W., C102

Marston, Jean, C37

Martin family, C13, C43

Martinet, Bob, C37

Mason Valley, PA5

Mason family, C43

Mason, John, PA5

Masonic/Eastern Star organizations, C13

Masons, C13

Masterson, Bat, C43

Matheson, Tim, C37

Mausoleums, C20

Maxwell (photographer), C9

Mayors, C1

Mays family, PA139, PA141, PA142

McAlmond, Alice, PA138

McCarroll, Steve, C70

McConaughy, George, Edward, PA2

McConville family, C24,

McCormick Lumber Company, PA95

McDonalds Massacre, C27

McElroy, Dr. William, C37

McGuire, Dorothy, C105

McKenzie family, C43

McKenzie, George, C113

McLeod, Mary Howe, PA287

McLure family, C71

McNamara family, C24,

McVeigh family, C126

Mead, Margaret, C37

Mefren family, PA183

Melones Camp, Ca., C32

Mesa Grande Indians (Native Americans), PA277, PA188, PA189

Mesa Grande, C1, C4, C20, C36, C42, C94, C117, PA212

Mexicali, PA127

Mexican Americans, C1, C9

Mexican insurrections, C91, PA64, PA65, PA66, PA199, PA228

Mexican War, C67

Mexicans, PA178

Mexico, C1, C2, C16, C31, C42, C67, C78, C95, PA64, PA65, PA66, PA98, PA127,

PA180, PA203

Michigan, PA43, PA80

Middlebrook, Philip, C74

Middletown, C1

Midget Village, C110

Midway area, C1, C29, C68

Midway Drive, C100

Military, C1, C3, C5, C12, C15, C42, C53, C58, C94, C102, PA88, PA98, PA117, PA137

Miller family, C13, C43

Miller, David, C37

Miller, J.M., C75

Miller, Thomas L., PA113

Miller, Tom, PA156, PA157

Mills family, C13, C43

Mills, Irene Gardner, PA260

Mines & mining, C1, C3, C5, C17, C39, C42, C65, C89, C110, C117 ,PA143, PA147, PA154

Miramar Lake, C68

Miramar, C1, C20, C46 , PA5

Mission Bay development, C97

Mission Bay, C1, C4, C5, C31, C44, C46, C53, C68, C94, C100, PA265

Mission Beach, C1, C4, C5, C14, C17, C20, C29, C32, C58, C94, C97, C100, C102 , C106, C117, C130, PA262

Mission Brewery, C19

Mission Cliff Gardens, C1, C94, C89, C106, C102, PA36, PA60, PA223, PA260, PA266, PA278

Mission Cliffs Pavilion, PA18, PA35

Mission Gardens PA68

Mission Gorge, C68

Mission Hills, C1, C29, C108, C117

Mission Pala, C89

Mission San Diego De Alcala, C12, C20, C59, C60, C65, C67, C74, C75, C81, C89, C102,C103, C106, C111, C119, C120, PA35, PA36, PA49, PA57, PA69, PA118, PA123, PA126, PA134, PA135, PA139, PA144, PA166, PA187, PA207, PA209, PA211, PA212, PA248

Mission San Juan Capistrano, C66

Mission San Luis Rey, C6, C20, C89, C102, C119, PA51, PA226

Mission Valley, C1, C4, C5, C20, C29, C42, C46, PA49, PA59, PA69, C50, C65, C85, C87, C89, C100, C102, C103, C117, PA100, PA103, PA149, PA181, PA207, PA252, PA278

Mission Village, C68

Missions (California), C1, C3, C5, C15, C31, C42, C67, C75, C87 C94, C97, C110, C121 PA12 , PA30, PA47, PA51, PA67, PA53, PA95, PA251

Mitchell family, C13, C43

Mittimore, Paul, (house), C56

Mizony, Paul T., C76

Modeling, C105

Mohammed’s Mosque, C13

Monterey Peninsula Coast, C95

Montezuma Mt. Boys School, C95

Montgomery family, C13

Montgomery Field, C29

Montgomery Memorial, C81

Montgomery, John B., PA75

Monuments, C1

Moore family, C13

Moore, Archie, C102

Moore, Marianne, C37

Moosa Canyon, C1

Morena area, C1, C29, C46, C68

Morena Dam, PA10

Mormons, C42

Morris family, C13

Morrison, Clarence James, PA212

Morrow, Floyd, C37

Mortuaries, C13

Mosher, Robert, C77

Mosto family, C24

Mothballed fleet, C93

Motion pictures, C44, C78, C95

Motor Corps, PA54

Motorcycle police officers, C27

Motorcycle trip, C72, PA92

Motorcycles, C1, PA118, PA211, PA278

Mountain men, C67

Mountain Springs, C1, C109, C117

Mountains, C1, C3

Mt Helix, C1, C5, C8, C53, C94, C100, C117, PA59, PA73

Mt. Lowe, PA149

Mt. Soledad, C100

Mt. Springs, C5

Mt. Wilson, PA92

Movie theaters, C1, C49

Muehlheisen family, C79

Muirlands, C16

Mulenbach, family PA231

Mulgrew family, PA183

Mullet Island, C66

Murphy Canyon, C68

Murphy, Franklin, C37

Murray Dam, C87, PA100

Museums, C1, C17

Music Stores/Band C1,C16, C5

Muslim organization/group, C13

National City, C1, C4, C5, C16, C17, C20, C42, C46, C65, C73, C89, C94, C100, C102, C117, C118, C121, C126, PA144

National City & Otay Railway, C74

Native Americans, C1, C4, C5, C20, C36, C42, C65, C69, C89, C94, C102, C106, C117, PA42, PA72, PA144, PA166, PA178, PA188, PA189, PA226, PA228, PA277

Native American baskets, cemeteries, ceremonies, C36

Native Americans, education, PA144, PA178

Native Americans, Mexico, C36

Natural History Museum, C98

Navarro, Ramon, C105

Navy. See U.S. Navy.

Neiman, LeRoy, C37

Nelson family, C13, C43

Nelson, Charlie, PA51

Nestor, C1, C42, C117, PA164

Nettleship, Neil, PA87

Nevada, C42

New York, NY, C37

Newell family, PA182

Newkirk, Florence Chambers, PA169

Newpapers, C2

Newport, CA, C97

Newspaper vendors, C86, PA193, PA193A

Newspapers, C1

Nexus Science Center, C62

Niagara Falls, NY, PA121

Nichols family, C43, PA169

Nina Cottage, PA207

Nixon, Patrica, C40

Nixon, Richard, C40, C17

Nixonettes, C40

Noel, Craig, C37

Normal Heights, C29, C118

Norris, F.B., C81

North Island, C1, C45, C58, C89 C100, C110, PA23, PA93, PA272

North Park, C1, C29, C68, C100, C117

Northern California, C121

Novak, Kim, C105

Nudists, C1, PA258, PA259

O’Brien, George, C49

O’Connor, Maureen, C37

Oak Grove Store, PA52, PA178

Obregon, Alvaro, PA64, PA65, PA66

Ocean Beach, C1, C5, C20, C42, C46, C57, C65, C85, C89, C94, C97, C100, C102, C106, C106, C109, C117, C118, C121, PA5, PA14, PA21, PA22, PA141, PA68, PA69, PA101, PA133, PA135

Ocean Park fire, PA92

Oceanside, C1, C5, C16, C17, C20, C31, C42, C46, C65, C68, C82, C94, C97, C110, C117, C118, PA206, PA209, PA251, PA268

Oil, C1,PA77

Ojai, C95

Old Globe Theater, C20, C37, C105

Old Mission Bell, PA100

Old Mission Dam, PA135, PA226

Old Park Ranch Reservoir, PA73

Old Town, C1, C4, C5, C8, C17, C20, C31, C46, C55, C65, C67, C68, C73, C81, C89, C90, C94, C102, C103, C110, C117, C120, PA28, PA103, PA50, PA61, PA69, PA91, PA124, PA134, PA141, PA144, PA145, PA153, PA181, PA226, PA247, PA250, PA260, PA266, PA278, PA281

Orange County, C42, PA226

Orcutt family, PA244

Organizations, C1, C2, C3, C5

Orozco’s, Juan Maria, C55

Orpheum Theater, PA274

Ortland family, PA231

Oscar’s Drive-In, C16, C105

Ostrich farm, C1, C20, C48, C103, PA35, PA69, PA260

Osuna, Leandro C55

Otay Lake, C68

Otay, C1, C4, C5, C16, C42, C65, C102, C117, PA103

Owens, Mrs. Cornelius W., C37

Pacific Beach, C1, C4, C5, C16, C20, C29, C42, C46, C50, C53, C68, C69, C85, C89, C94, C97, C100, C117, C118, C122, PA77, PA87, PA118, PA245

Pacific Coast Steamship Line, C74

Padilla Company, PA58

Padre Dam area, C81

Paige, Geraldine, C37

Pala Mission, C8

Pala, C20, C46, C68, PA42, PA51, PA189

Palm City, C102, C117

Palmer Bros., C54

Palmer family, C54, PA284

Palomar, C1, C20, C28, C36, C42, C46, C94, C97, C119, PA245

Palomar Mountain, C4, C31, C36, C53, C60, C82, C102

Pamo Dam site, C51

Panama California Exposition, 1915 (Balboa Park) C1, C3, C47, C54, C65, C72, C83, C89, C94, C109, C117, C120, PA1, PA55, PA60, PA68, PA94, PA108, PA109, PA110, PA111, PA112, PA131, PA133, PA198, PA213, PA214, PA217, PA229, PA239, PA240, PA249, PA257, PA264, PA271

Panoramic views, C85

Pantages Theater, PA106

Papago Indians, C36

Parachutes, C14, PA202

Parades & celebrations, C1, C4, C5, C8, C14, C15, C27, C42, C59, C89, C94, C102, C103, C106, C109, C110, C111, C117, PA7, PA 68, PA20, PA21, PA94, PA100, PA101, PA121, PA134, PA135, PA149, PA220, PA227, PA262, PA265

Paradise Hills, C68

Paradise Valley, C46

Pardee, George, C37

Parent Teacher’s Association, C86

Park Boulevard, C1,

Parker (photographer), C3, C48, C116, C120, C125, PA170, PA184, PA232,

Pasadena Rose Parade, C106

Pasadena, PA209

Passmore, Lee (photographer), C3, C48, C87, PA95, PA102, PA103, PA106, PA257

Passports, PA143

Pastime Gun Club C88

Patterson family, C24,

Patterson, F. E., (photographer), C3, C89, C133

Patterson’s Photo Shop, C89

Pauma Valley, C1

Pearl Harbor, C64

Pechanga Reservation, C36

Peck, Gregory, C11

Pei, I.M., C37

Pell, Clay, PA255

Penacates Craters, PA127

Pendleton, Joseph H, PA88

Penner, Gloria, C37

Penrayer family, PA183

People, C1, C2, C4, C5

Perkins, Don, C90

Pershing, John J., PA88

Picnics, C1

Piers, C46, C93, C101, C112, PA106, PA107, PA166

Piggly Wiggly, C16, C85

Pima Indians, C36,

Pine Hills, C1, C65 , PA61, PA187

Pine Valley, C1, C12, C20, C42, C68, C78, PA10, PA91, PA92, PA226, PA254

Pinkham family, PA184

Pinter, Harold, C37

Pisani, Dr. Vincent, C37

Pitts family, C13

Platt, A.C., PA73

Playa del Rey, C97

Plaza de Pantoja, C81

Plummer family, C66

Plummer, Fred G., C66

Plummer, Lafayette Gordon, C66

Podesta family, C24,

Point Arguello, C42

Point Loma, C1, C4, C16, C17, C20, C12, C42, C46, C58, C65, C68, C94, C100, C102, C103, C109, C110, C117, C120, PA36, PA69, PA91, PA168, PA181, PA224, PA257

Point Loma Lighthouse, C69, C76, PA14, PA15, PA124, PA145, PA166, PA36, PA60, PA166

Point Loma Road Race, C74, PA121

Point Loma Theosophical Institute, C5, C66, C73, C81, C94, C102, PA124, PA149, PA266

Police department, C1, C5, C42, C53, C70, C78, C85, C91, C110

Politicians, C11, C127, PA71

Port Authority, C92

Port of San Diego, C14, C93

Portersfield family, C43

Portrait album, PA100, PA169, PA170, PA171, PA172, PA173, PA174, PA175, PA17,

PA182, PA183, PA184, PA185, PA186, PA194, PA230, PA231, PA232, PA233,

PA234, PA241, PA243, PA244, PA246

Portraits, C37

Portuguese, C1, C31

Post offices, C1, C5

Postcards, C8, C77, C94, PA59, PA126

Potrero, C1, C8

Pottery Canyon Park, C81

Poway, C1, C5, C20, C42, C68, C102

Powell, William, C105

Powers, Diane, C105

Pratt family, PA182

Presidio, C1, C42, C60, C81, C94, C100, C102, PA61

Preston family, PA182, PA183, PA184, PA186, PA243

Price family, C13

Professional wrestling, C72

Prudden All-Metal Airplane, PA129

Public Market, PA18

Pueblos of the Southwest, C95

Puterbaugh family, C43

Quan family, C10

Quinn, Anthony, C105

Race tracks, C105

Radio Station antenna, PA212

Radio, C1

Railroads, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C14, C42, C50, C65, C74, C89, C94, C102, C106, C112, C117, C130, PA7, PA95, PA104, PA166

Rainford, Alice, PA85

Rainford, Joeseph C., C34

Ramona, C1, C42, C46, C65, C68, C94, C97, C102, C117, PA8, PA24, PA178, PA248

Ramona’s Marriage Place, C1, C12, C87, PA69, PA80

Ramsdell family, PA183

Ranches, C1, C3, C4, C5, C42, C55, C65, C85, C102, C117, PA226

Rancho Bernardo, C1, C20, C105

Rancho De Los Penasquitos, C1

Rancho Guajome, C55

Rancho Las Encinitas con San Elijo C55

Rancho Margarita (Camp Pendleton), PA67

Rancho Monserate, C55

Rancho San Dieguito, C55

Rancho San Francisco de Agua Hedionda, C55

Rancho San Juan, PA67

Rancho Santa Fe, C1, C4, C16, C20, C46, C66, C95, C102, PA58, PA61

Rancho Santa Margarita y Las Flores, C55

Rancho Santa Maria, C55

Rancho Santa Teresa, PA67

Rancho Santa, PA67

Rand, Sally, C1, PA37

Rawson family, PA267

Raymond family, PA244

Reagan, Ronald, C105, PA165

Real estate, C1, C117, C122, PA116

Recreation, C70, C106

Red Cross, C42

Reed family, C13, C43

Reed, A.M., PA251

Rees family, PA182

Regattas/boat races, C109

Renachio, Andre, C37

Requa, Richard, C95, C131

Residences, C1, C3, C4, C5

Restaurants, C1, C5, C13, C20, C60, C70, C105, C110

Resthaven Preventorium, C96, PA200

Restoration, C75

Retsloff (Carl) house, C66

Revelle, Dr. Roger, C37

Revere, Joseph Warren, PA75

Reynard Way, C1

Reynolds family, C13

Rhea Brothers (photographer), C48

Ribicoff, Sen. Abraham, C37

Richardson family, C13

Rick, Glenn, C97

Ricon Reservation, C36

Ridgeview Acres, C68

Riggstein family, PA231

Rivers, C1

Riverside County, C42, C62, C121, PA224, PA226

Riverside County, Native Americans, C36

Roads and highways, C1, C65

Robert, Betty, K., PA263

Roberts family, C13

Roberts, Bowers Churchill, PA230

Robertson, Cliff, C43

Robinson family, C13, PA173, C43

Robyn, family PA231

Rock tunnel at border, PA95

Rockefeller, Mrs. Stephan, C37

Rodeo, C8, C109

Rodriquez family, C13

Rogers, Dr. Carl, C37

Rogers, F.E., C98

Rogers, Ginger, C33

Rogers, Will, C58

Rolando, C46

Rolling Stones, C2, C70

Romero family, C24,

Roosevelt Dam, C52

Roosevelt Junior High, C86

Roosevelt, Eleanor, C43

Roosevelt, Franklin R., C4, C12, C85

Rosarito Beach, PA203

Rose Canyon, C1, C68

Rosecrans National Cemetery, C81

Roseman, Anne, C37

Ross family C13, PA181

Ross, Catherine Santer, PA262

Ross, Dorothy Chase, PA170, PA182, PA184, PA186

Roth, Philip, C37

Rowan, Stephen Clegg, PA75

Rowing & S.D. Rowing Club, C3, C5, C8, C44, C65, C81, C85, C108, PA68, PA121, PA147, PA245, PA257

Royal Palms Inn (Carlsbad), C53

Rozelle, Howard, W., C100

Rumarosa, PA127

Ruocco, Lloyd, C99

Russ Lumber Co., C50

Russell family, C13, C43,

Russell Parachute Company, PA202

Ryan Field, PA129

Ryan, T. Claude, C102

S.D.C. & E. Railway Co., PA134

Sailing, C78, PA63

Salazar family, C13

Salinger, J.D., C37

Salk, Dr. & Mrs. Jonas, C37

Salt Lake City trip, C95

Salt works, PA147

Salton Sea, PA92, PA152, PA155

Sampson family, C13

San Bernardino, C68, PA133

San Bernardino County, PA226

San Bernardino Mountains, PA92

San Carlos, C68

San Clemente, C68

San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railroad, C74, PA95

San Diego & Southeastern Railroad, PA103

San Diego (chronologically), C1

San Diego and Arizona Railroad, C50

San Diego Bay, C8, C46, C60, C65, C69. See also Harbor.

San Diego Bay dredger, C60

San Diego Brewing Co., C19

San Diego Chargers, C2, C78

San Diego City College, C62

San Diego Administration Center, C53, C95, C99, PA59

San Diego Civic Theater, C99, C129

San Diego Commercial College, C69, PA140

San Diego Consolidated Gas & Electric Company, C85

San Diego Convention and Tourist Bureau, C31

San Diego Electric Railroad, C5

San Diego Electric Railway, C74, C130, PA105, PA219

San Diego Flume, C48, C102, C125

San Diego Gas & Electric, C53, C105

San Diego Harbor Commission, PA190

San Diego High School, C20, C79, C108, PA238

San Diego History Center, C1, C42, C90, PA6

San Diego neighborhoods, C2

San Diego Normal School, PA49

San Diego Police Pistol Range, C72

San Diego Public Library, C8, C102, PA51, PA91, PA254

San Diego River, C102

San Diego Stadium, C62

San Diego State College, C12, C20

San Diego State Normal School, PA51, PA149

San Diego State University, C62, C68, C87

San Diego State University buildings, C62

San Diego Transit System, C123, PA163

San Diego Tribune, C2, C48

San Diego Union, C2, C15

San Diego Union-Tribune photographers, C2, C3

San Diego Union-Tribune, C2

San Diego Urban League, C11

San Diego Zoo, C1, C,C8, C12 , C14, C15, C17, C20, C31, C42, C70, C72, C78, C94, C102, C106, PA59, PA63, PA91, PA262

San Diego, Cuyamaca, & Eastern Railway, C112

San Diego, Pacific Beach, & La Jolla Railway, C74

San Dieguito Dam, C51

San Francisco, C42, C69, C70, C72, C95, PA4, PA80, PA93, PA181

San Francisco earthquake, PA212, PA45, C133

San Francisco Exposition (1915), PA60, PA70, PA131, PA271

San Gabriel Mission, PA16, PA149

San Isadore, C113

San Jacinto, C118

San Juan Capistrano Mission, C20, PA61, PA181, PA187, PA226

San Luis Rey Mission, C36, PA145

San Marcos, C1, C17, C68, C62

San Mateo, PA212

San Miguel Mountain, C89

San Pasqual Valley, C1, C46, C65, C81, C89, C117

San Quintin (Baja California), PA151, PA203

San Vicente Dam, C53

San Ysabel, C1, C8, C20, C89, C65, C94

San Ysidro, C1, C5, C20, C29, C42, C46, C100, PA98

Sanford, Sanford E., C103

Santa Barbara, C42

Santa Cruz, C95

Santa Fe Depot, C20, C41, C50, C74, C77, C112, C89, PA59, PA255

Santa Marguerita River, PA83

Santa Rosa, Ca., C32

Santee, C1, C6, C20, C29, C65, C117

Santer family, PA262

Saturday Review, C37

Savoy (relatives of Chief Iodine), C43

Scally family, C24,

Scandal Sheet, C86

Schiller family, C43

Schneider, Charles, C105

Schneider family, C108

Schneider, Florence Kemmler, C106

Schneider, Roland, C106, C107

Schnooner Rosoria, C116

Schools and colleges, C1, C2, C3, C5, C12, C17, C20, C42, C102, C110, C117, C120, C121, C122, C53, C62, C65, C70, C73, C89, C94, PA42, PA63

Schumann-Heink, Mme. Ernestine, C20, PA73, PA106, PA150

Sciots, C100

Scott family, C13, C43, PA268, PA269

Scott, George, PA269

Scribner, Georgia M., C102

Scripps, E.W, PA5

Scripps Clinic, C105

Scripps family, C43, PA245

Scripps Home (La Jolla), PA266

Scripps Hospital, C6

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, C1, C31, C102

Scripps Lath House, PA25

Scripps Ranch, C94

Scripps residence, PA251

Scripps, Charles, C37

Scripps, Ed, C37

Scripps, Ellen B. (house), C37, C56, C102, PA85

Scripps, James & Marian, C37

Scripps, Robert, C37

Scripps, Sam, C37

Sculpture, C63, C77, PA149-1

Sea World, C31, C70, C94

Seaport Village, C62

Sears Roebuck, C17

Sefton Block, PA134

Sefton family, C109

Sefton, J. W., C109

Sefton, Thomas, C109

Self-Realization Fellowship, C110

Self, Ed, C37

Sensenbrenner & Co. Cigar Factory, PA232

Sensor, Guy, C3, C19, C110

Seri Indians, C36

Serra Museum, C4, C90, C102, C108, PA12, PA136, PA159

Serra, Junipero, PA82

Serra Cross, PA57

Service stations, C53, C89

Session family, C13

Session, Kate, C102, PA85

Seuss, Doctor (Theodore Geisel), C1, C2, C3, C37

Seventh Day Adventists, C13

Sewage disposal, PA195

Sewell, Marsha, C105

Shain family, C72

Shaner, Dr. B., C105

Shaver’s Well, PA152, PA155

Shaw, Austin B, PA10

Sheep farm, PA250

Shelter Island, C1, C6, C31, C46, C68

Sherriff, J. A. (photographer), C3, C108, C111, C116, PA170, PA182, PA186

Sherman Heights, C1

Sherman family, C43

Ship terminal, C129

Shipbuilders, C116

Shipping, C2, C106, C109

Ships, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 C12, C14, C20, C42, C44, C65, C69, C76, C87, C89, C90, C92, C93, C94, , C102, C103, C110, C111, C117, PA76, PA106, PA107, PA134, PA136, PA166, PA207, PA224, PA257, PA269, PA280, PA286

Shirely, Raymond, G., PA118

Shirer, William L., C37

Shirley, Kate Stewart, C116

Shirley, Raymond G., C116, PA76

Shoes, C60, C110, PA216

Shopping centers, C1, C29

Shriners, PA208

Signs, C1, C5

Silver Strand, C62, C68

Simmer, A.G., PA12

Single Parent Household, C64

Skeet shooting, C88

Skinny dipping, PA72

Skyline views, C1, C5

Skyscrapers, C41

Slass, W.W., PA14

Sloane family, C43

Slocum, J.E. (photographer) C4, J.E., C112

Smith & Barlow Headquarters, PA93

Smith, Alice Whitney (photographer), C9

Smith, Charles, A., C53

Smith family, C13, C43, PA139, PA141, PA142, PA244

Smith, Victor, PA93

Smith, Virginia McKenzie, C113

Snakes, PA121, PA282

Snook, Maria Antonia Dorothea, C34

Snow, C1, C8 , PA68

Solana Beach, C1, C46

Solar Aviation Co., C110

Sorrento Valley, C1, C29, C68, C100

Southeast Health Center, C11

Southern California Exposition, C114

Southwest Onyx, C5, C115

Spain, PA82

Spanish dancers, C12

Spanish Governor’s house, PA36

Spas (Golden Door), C105

Sports, C1, C2, C5, C10, C13, C15, C31, C42, C53, C59, C70, C89, C92, C105, C110, PA4, PA29a, PA63

Sprague, Elizabeth, PA224

Spreckels Theater, PA7, PA257

Spreckels Wharf, PA49

Spreckels Brothers wharf, C69, PA36, PA280

Spreckels Coal bunkers, PA7, PA69

Spreckels Lumber Company, PA280

Spreckels Union Law Library, PA100

Spreckels family, C43

Spreckels, John D., C20, PA77, PA207 (residence)

Spring Valley, C1, C5, C6, C29, C55, C68, C87, C89, C117, C121,

Squires family, C43

St. James Chapel, C56

St. Joseph Church, PA100

Stadiums, C20, C50, C58, C62, C65, C85, C102, C106, C108, PA59, PA107, PA121

Stafford (Frank) residence, PA80

Stagecoaches and stations, C1, C42, C55, C89, C121

Standard Iron Works, PA253

Standard Oil Fire (1913), C87, PA68

Stapleton, Maureen, C37

State and local government, C2

Stedman family, C43

Stedman, Charles, PA134

Steele, Robert, V., PA193, PA193A

Steinmetz, Maurice, C37

Stereoviews, C14, C48, C120, C48

Stevenson, Adlai (1952), C17

Stevenson family, C43

Stewart & Babcock, C116

Stewart & Co. Merchants, C116

Stewart family, C24, C43, C116

Stewart, Belle, C116

Stewart, Harry B., C116

Stewart, Jose Manuel, C34

Stewart, Roy (actor), C116

Stewart, W.W., C116, PA230

Stineman, Ralph P. (photographer), C117, PA217

Stingaree “Bordello,” C81

Stokes (Rodney) Company, C118

Stone family, C43

Stonewall Mine (Cuyamaca), C102, c111, C125, PA199

Stoppard, Tom, C37

Stork family, PA231

Stough Farms (Burbank) PA125

Strahlman family, C121

Strahlman Louis, C121

Strahlman, Delores, C121

Stratford Hotel, PA32

Streetcars. See Trolleys.

Strikes, C1, C2

Striptease, C21

Stroud family, PA169

Student health, C86

Submarines, C12

Sullivan family, C43

Sullivan, John L., C88

Summer camp, PA19

Summers family, C24

Summers, Julius, C37

Sun Harbor (fish) Packing, C53

Suncrest, C68

Sunset Cliffs, C1, C18, C20, C31, C94, , C102, C117, PA59, PA224, PA262, PA278

Surfing, C53

Surveyors, C1

Susskind, David, C37

Sutherland Dam, C17

Sutherland family, C102, C117, C43

Sutherland’s Tijuana stages, C12

Sutter, John A., PA75

Swat teams, C27

Sweet family, C119

Sweet, Elaine, C119

Sweetwater/Sweetwater Valley, C1, C29, C46, C68, C108, C117, C120, PA147

Sweetwater Dam, C20, C48, C52, C71, C89, C103, C102, C117, PA14, PA36, PA79, PA103, PA144, PA166, PA224, PA247, PA254, PA257

Switzerland, C108

Swycaffer family, C43

Sykes (Melvin H., photographer), C9, C124

Talmadge, C46

Tanforan (Racetrack), C58

Tattoo parlors, C41

Taylor family, C13, C43, PA173.

Taylor, Harold A., C20

Taylor, Verne, C122

Tecate, PA192

Tecate Indians, C120

Temecula, C1, C20, C42

Tent City. See Coronado.

Theater/Theaters, C1, C3, C4, C5, C16, C37, C39, C42, C49, C54, C66, C82, C89, C102, C110, C122, PA238

Theosophical Institute. See Point Loma

Thieme family, C35, PA139, PA140, PA141, PA142

Thing family, PA192

Thomas family, C13, C43

Thomas, Jesse W., PA278

Thompson family, C13, C43, PA172

Thorne, Mrs. Arthur, C105

Thurston family, PA25

Tibbits family, C71

Tidal Flats, C112

Tidelands, C3

Tijuana horse racing, C85

Tijuana Insurrection (1911). See Baja California or Mexico.

Tijuana, C3, C4, C5, C15, C20, C29, C46, C50, C58, C72 C110, PA14, PA209, PA227, PA276

Tintypes, C34, C48, C69, C108, C121, C126, PA18, PA142, PA169, PA170, PA171, PA172, PA173, PA174, PA175, PA186, PA241, PA243, PA244, PA246

Title Insurance and Trust, C3

Titus family, C43

Toler, William P., PA75

Tolle Company, C16

Topliff, Hanna Whitney, C34

Torres family, C13

Torrey Pines, C1, C5, C8, C18, C20, C29, C31, C46, C57, C58, C68, C81, C89, C94, C109, C117, PA16, PA100, PA181, PA225, PA257

Townsend family, PA244

Toys, C1

Tracey family, PA244

Tracy, Spencer, C49

Trailer parks, C1

Transportation, C2, C4, C20, C31, C117

Trek to the Cross, C67

Trolleys, C1, C3, C5, C41, C42, C69, C74, C89, C111, C112, C130, PA94, PA105, PA147, PA166, PA227, PA247

Truman, Harry, C102

Tuberculosis, C96, PA200

Tuchman, Barbara, C37

Tugboats, C93

Tuna boats/industry/pole fishing, C14, C17, C31, C42, C60, C78, C93, C110

Tunnell, O.A. (photographer), PA114

Turner family, C13, C43

Turner’s Elite Studio (photography), PA232

Turo Reservation, C36

Tutt, Charles, L.(house), C56

Tweed family, C43

U Thant, C37

U.S. Army, C25, C50, C117, PA192

U.S. Coast Guard Station, C46, C100

U.S. Consulate’s office, PA143

U.S. Destroyer Base, PA195

U.S. Forestry Service. C66

U.S. Grant Hotel, C3, C4 c116, PA50, PA79, PA100, PA207, PA257, PA266

U.S. Marines, C17, C20, PA88, PA195, PA209, PA212

U.S. Military, C2, C4

U.S. National Bank, C105

U.S. Naval Affairs Committee, PA23

U.S. Naval Air Station, C85, PA272

U.S. Naval Training Center, C20, C29, PA88, PA95, PA195, PA240

U.S. Navy Drum Corps, PA94

U.S. Navy ships, C16, C20, C46, C72, C93, PA7, PA9, PA69, PA101, PA106, PA107, PA120, PA121, PA147

U.S. Naval Coal Depot, PA88

U.S. Naval Fuel Depot, PA195

U.S. Naval Hospital, C20, C29, C58, C80, C106, PA88, PA195

U.S. Naval Supply Depot, PA88, PA195

U.S. Navy aviation, C45

U.S. Navy Electronics Laboratory, PA168

U.S. Navy, C5, C116, PA98, PA167, PA168

USS Bennington, C20, C94, C116, PA8, PA211, PA275

USS Bennington Monument, C12, PA260

USS Charleston, PA39, PA49

USS Constitution, C12, C106, PA153

USS Corona, C69

USS Harpathian, C116

USS Metropolis, C69

USS President Wilson, PA190

USS Washington, PA49

USS Wisconsin, PA76

Undertakers shop, C111

Underwater diver, PA280

Union Ice Company, C85

Union Oil Barge, PA92

Union Parade, PA134

Union Title & Trust, C3, C17, PA116, PA117

Union Title Trust Topics, C17

United Airlines, C110

United Nations, C37

University Ave., C1, C100

University Club, C124

University of San Diego, C20

Unruh, Mrs. Ken, C37

Untermeyer, Louis, C37

Upholstery shops, C13

USO Club groups, C13

Ustinov, Peter, C37

Valencia Park, C46

Vallecito Stage Station, PA226

Vallecitos, C94

Valley Center, C1

Van de Camp Seafood Co., PA253

Varble, H.A. (photographer), PA11

Vaudeville, C54

Vaughn, Harry, PA146

VE Day celebrations, C59

Venice, Ca, PA224

Veterans Group, C13

Viejas Grade, PA92

Vietnam War demonstration, C27

Villa Montezuma, C81, C90, C94

Vista, C1, C20, C40, C46, C57, C68, C102

VJ Day, C4, C100

Volkswagon Beetle, C93

W.C. Kimball, C126

Waldin family, PA172

Walker family, C13, C126

Walsh Famly, C43

Walter family, PA169

Ward, Martha, PA21

Warner Hot Springs, C66, C85

Warner Ranch, C36, C89

Warner Springs, C113

Warner’s Dam, C51, C52

Warner’s Hot Spring, C1, C4, C20, C35, C42, C51, C57, C94, C102, C110, C116, C121, PA140, PA181, PA212

Warnock family, C24,

Wartime San Diego, C1

Washington D.C., PA121

Washington family, C13

Washington School, C86

Water, C1, C2, C4, C40, C51, C52, C120, PA235

Water sports, C31, C102, C53

Water taxis, C92

Waterman family, C125

Watson family, C13

Watts, Andre, C37

Weaving, C98

Webber, C43

Webster residence, PA145

Weddings, C9, C13, C105, PA85, PA286

Wee-Bee one-man airplane, C33

Welk, (Lawrence) Resort, C20

Wells family, C13

Welch, Raquel, C2, C105

Western expeditions (1871-1873), C120

Western Salt Co., C58

Western Union Telegraph office, C120

Westhaver family, C108

Westhaver, John L., C107, 108

Whales, C1, C58, C102, PA5, PA224

Whaling station, C81

Whatmore family, C119

Wheat family, C24

Wheeler, Richard George, C105

White family, C13

White, Ed, C105

White, Theodore, C37

Whitehill family, PA169

Whiting Mead Co., C16, C110, C128

Whitmeyer, Jack, PA219

Whitney family, C43

Wilbur, Curtis D., PA88

Wilde, Louis J., PA137

Wilde, Richard E., PA137

Williams family, C13, C43

Williamson, Nicol, C37

Wilson family, C13, PA243

Wilson, Pete, C37, C41, C105

Wilson, Rep. Robert, C37, C127

Wilson, Woodrow, C85

Windmills, C1

Winn, L., PA39

Winnetka Terrace, PA52

Winsby family, C43

Winter family, C24,

Witch Creek, C1, C42

Withers, Jane, C100

Women defense workers, C33

Women dressed as men, C126

Women, C2, C5. C18

Women’s Club, PA226

Wood family, C43

Wooden family, PA261

Woodmen of the World, PA135

Wooley, Ella Marie, C 129

Wooley, Jackson, C129

Works Progress Administration, C1, C98

World Series (1984), C132

World War I, C1, PA137, PA269

World War II, C1, C25, C42

World War II, homefront, C5, C59

World War II, San Diego camouflage, C33

Worth, Irene, C37

Wrestling (‘Professional’), C72

Wright family, C13, C43

Yacht Club/yachting, PA7, PA93, C100, PA101

Yaqui Indians, C36,

Ybarra, Andres y Ignacio, C55

YMCA, C1, C17

Yosemite National Park, C32, C95, PA136, PA212

Young Caves, C1

Young family C13, C43

Yuma Indians, C36

Yuma, C42

Zolezzi, Julius, C37