The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1999, Volume 45, Number 1
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

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tuna seiner

Page 32. Built by San Diego’s Campbell Industries, the tuna seiner American Eagle is launched in February 1975.

Page 35. [1976 political cartoon, San Diego Union]

tuna clipper

Page 37. The tuna clipper Elizabeth C. J. had a featured role in a oune hour documentary on tuna fishing in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

mesh netting

Page 38. In 1970, tunaboat captain Henry Medina introduced smaller mesh netting, designed to reduce porpoise mortality.


Page 42. Large purse-seiners tended to capture porpoise and yellowfin tuna together. Fishermen would attempt to “spill” the porpoise over the net as it was gathered in.

Net set trials

Page 44-45. Net set trials on Elizabeth C. J., June, 1975.

tuna fleet on the embarcadero

Page 48. The tuna fleet on the embarcadero at the foot of Grape Street, June 29, 1959.