The Journal of San Diego History
Spring/Summer 2000, Volume 46, Numbers 2 & 3
Gregg Hennessey, Editor

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Klan Youth Corps ad


The Klan Youth Corps. [Photo courtesy of San Diego Public Library, California Room]

Wayne Kenaston, Sr.

Wayne Kenaston, Sr.

Under the leadership of Wayne Kenaston, Sr., from 1930 to 1931, the San Diego K.K.K. expanded.

Election Notice

Election Notice sent to San Diego Klan members by Wayne Kenaston, Sr.

Mercedes Acasan Garcia and husband

Mercedes Acasan Garcia with her husband [photo courtesy of the author]
“… any Mexican worker who challenged authority or appeared suspicious of one thing or another would forfeit his life.”

Bert Corona

Bert Corona [photo courtesy of the author]
Chicano leaders like Chole Alatorre, Roberto Martinez, Bert Corona and others were active in the Hermandad Mexicana Nacional during the 1980s to protect minorities from Klan abuses.

Luisa Moreno

Luisa Moreno [photo courtesy of the author]

Companies like California Packing Corporation, Marine Products Company, Van Camp Seafood Company … financed the Klan to battle against union leaders like Moreno.

Letter from Exalted Cyclops

Wayne Kenaston, Sr sent this letter to Klan members in 1933 as he stepped down from his post as Exalted Cyclops.

Mother with child in Klan outfit

Wayne Kenaston, Jr. recalled that his mother made him a Klan outfit similar perhaps to this one.

Klan initiation ceremonies

Klan initiation ceremonies such as this one took place all over Southern California, probably inluding San Diego.

Klan Giant certificate

For his hard work in San Diego, Kenaston, Sr. was elevated to the rank of Klan Giant by the national Ku Klux Klan.