The Journal of San Diego History
Spring/Summer 2000, Volume 46, Numbers 2 & 3
Gregg Hennessey, Editor

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Pantoja Map

This copy of the 1782 Pantoja Map shows San Diego Bay and the international boundary line south of the bay agreed to by Mexico and the United States in 1849.

Andrew B. Gray

Andrew B. Gray was the surveyor for the U.S. side of the Boundary Joint Commission in 1849.

Andrew B. Gray's map

Andrew B. Gray’s map of San Diego also shows the U.S./Mexico boundary one marine league south of San Diego Bay.

boundary marker

The boundary marker at the line separating the U.S. and Mexico was erected in the 1880s.

boundary marker shows initial point

At the base of the U.S./Mexico boundary marker the important “initial point” of the survey was inscribed in both English and Spanish.