The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 2000, Volume 46, Number 4
Gregg Hennessey, Editor

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Hillcrest cover photo


A Hillcrest Evening, 2001.
Journal cover photo by Chris Travers.
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[photo# 2000/100.17]


[Shop window]
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Hillcrest tract office
A 1904 photograph shows early development three years before William Whitson bought forty acres between First and Sixth Avenues and created Hillcrest.
[photo# 668]

Florence School
The Florence School assembles its staff and student body for a 1909 portrait.
[photo# 48]

Park and Robinson
A busy Park and Robinson intersection in the 1920s.
[photo# Sensor 8-125]

St. Joseph's Hospital
St Joseph’s Hospital at 6th and University.
[photo# 10906]

Hillcrest fire station
The Hillcrest fire station and San Diego’s first African American fire fighters.
[photo# 84-14866]

5th and University
In the 1920s the intersection of 5th and University anchored two banks.
[photo# Sensor 8-205]

San Diego Electric Railway
A San Diego Electric Railway stop at Cleveland and University in 1926.
[photo# 14017]

Fifth Avenue Auto Wash
The Fifth Avenue Auto Wash in 1928 with the State Normal School dome in the background.
[photo# 6726]

Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue loking north across Robinson in 1929.
[photo# 6853]

Aerial view of Hillcrest
Aerial view of Hillcrest with Balboa Park in the upper right on April 25, 1928.
[photo# 20253-A-31]

Castle on 5th and Juniper
The grey stone Castle on 5th and Juniper in 1918.
[photo# 4586-1]

1895 mansion
This is a ca. 1895 mansion and part of its extensive grounds.
[photo# 22314]

6th and Olive in the 1920s.
[photo# 8159]

Egyptian Court Apartments
Egyptian Court Apartments on Park Blvd in the 1920s.
[photo# Sensor 62-29]

Marston Hills
Marston Hills, near Balboa Park, in 1924.
[photo# 2089-3]

Park and University
The intersection of Park and University was busy in 1932.
[photo# 18018]

Fox Egytian Theatre
The Fox Egytian Theatre (now the closed Park Theater) on Park near University in August of 1938.
[photo# 18018-15]

Park and University
Ralph Elm’s new service station opened in 1938 at Park and University.
[photo# 18018-14]

Fifth and University
1939/40 at Fifth and University.
[photo# Sensor 11-161]

10th and University
10th and University in 1940.
[photo# Sensor 8-297]

Hillcrest in 1945
This aerial view of Hillcrest was taken in 1945.
[photo# OP 6464]

Washington and 8th Street
Washington and 8th Street in February 1957Hillcrest.
[photo# 80-7075]

8th and University in 1962
Stan’s Burger Bar and Burnett’s Furniture were anchoring the corners at 8th and University in 1962.
[photo# OP 16446-3]

Hillcrest 1990
The center of Hillcrest in 1990.
[photo# 95-19390]

Hillcrest in 2000
The center of Hillcrest in 2000.
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Uptown District
The Uptown District today, site of the old Sears store.
Copyright Anne Garrison/David Hewitt.

Uptown has the quintessential coffee emporium of late 20th century renewal projects.
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Ace Hardware Store   Flame nightclub
The Ace Hardware Store and the Flame nightclub are Hillcrest institutions.
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