The Journal of San Diego History
Fall 2000, Volume 46, Number 4
Gregg Hennessey, Editor

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William W. Whitson


William W. Whitson, developer of Hillcrest

Hillcrest tract office
Hillcrest tract office at 5th and University, c. 1908. [photo# 3723-1]

Hillcrest circa 1928.

University and 6th, c. 1928.
[photo# S 585-3]

Security Commercial and Savings Bank .

Security Commercial and Savings Bank at 5th and University.
[photo# Sensor 5-175A]

Sears Department store.

In 1953 the Sears Department store stood in what is now the Uptown District.
[photo# LB5765]

A landscaped courtyard

A landscaped courtyard among retail and residential buildings in the new Uptown District, on the site where Sears once stood.
Copyright Anne Garrison/David Hewitt.

Hillcrest 1969.

1969, on the eve of the gay influx.
[photo# UT85.h9820]

Hillcrest 1990.

Hillcrest in 1990.
[photo# 95.19390-1]

Hillcrest wedding.

A Hillcrest wedding.
[photo# 95.19345-4]

My Moms are Gay, Hip Hip Hooray.

A Hillcrest family.
[photo# 95.19345-4]

Appendix B1.

Appendix B1.

Appendix B2.

Appendix B2.