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Biological Station

Page 71. Biological Station – Scripps Institute – La Jolla. ca. 1920’s. 6734-1

Ellen Browning Scripps

Page 72. Ellen Browning Scripps. 84:15263:191

E. W. Scripps

Page 73. E. W. Scripps. 87:16168

Scripps Biological Station

Page 74. Scripps Biological Station. ca. 1910. 16609

Mr. and Mrs. William Ritter

Page 75. Mr. and Mrs. William Ritter. ca. 1910. 99-19949

Fred and Charlotte Baker

Page 76. Phy. Fred and Charlotte Baker were instrumental in bringing Pro. Ritter and the U.C. Bio Lab to San Diego. ca. 1910. 84:15210


Page 77. Scripps, ca. 1912. 20086-4

Formal dedication of Scripps Institution, 1916

Page 78. Formal dedication of Scripps Institution, 1916. Attending the ceremony, from left to right were Dr. E. W. Ritter, D. T. MacDougal, David Starr Jordon, Bishop Joseph H. Johnson, Prof. G. H. Packer and Benjamin Ide Wheeler. 246-1

Scripps in 1916

Page 79. Scripps in 1916. 246

SIO Library

Page 80. SIO Library. ca 1920’s. 21-26

Research vessel, E. W. Scripps

Page 81. Research vessel, E. W. Scripps. ca. 1938. UT8241-1116

E. W. Scripps crew

Page 82. Crew of E. W. Scripps. ca. 1938. UT8241-1112

Scripps Institute

Page 83. Scripps Institute. ca. 1953. LB5769-1

La Jolla Shores

Page 84. La Jolla Shores. ca 1929. 5269