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San Diego, c. 1846

Page 21. San Diego, c. 1846.   1596-A

Miguel de Pedrorena

Page 22. Miguel de Pedrorena, c. 1845-50.   7467

Elena Burton Pedrorena

Page 23. Elena Burton Pedrorena.   12838

Pedro C. Carrillo

Page 24. Pedro C. Carrillo.   16700-3

Henry Delano Fitch

Page 25. Henry Delano Fitch. c. 1840s.   20194-3

Commodore Robert F. Stockton

Page 26. Commodore Robert F. Stockton. c. 1856. 13880

Andres Pico

Page 27. Andres Pico. c. 1846.   8538

Mission San Luis Rey

Page 28. Mission San Luis Rey. c. 1849.   2582

Maj. Gen. Philip Kearny

Page 29. Maj. Gen. Philip Kearny. c. 1860s.   4365 People-K

Gen. John C. Fremont

Page 30. Gen. John C. Fremont. c. 1850.   80:8104-8

Santiago E. Arguello

Page 31. Don Santiago E. Arguello.   2788

Don Juan Bandini and daughter Ysidora

Page 32. Don Juan Bandini and daughter Ysidora. c. 1856. 8534

George Pendleton and wife Concepcion Estudillo

Page 33. George Pendleton and wife Concepcion Estudillo. c 1860s. 12214-1

Kit Carson

Page 34. Kit Carson. 12527

Map of Battle of San Pasqual

Page 36. Map of Battle of San Pasqual. c. 1846. 1235 Large image [150 kb]

Kit Carson

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San Pasqual Monument. OP 16423