Spring 2003

Rear Admiral Roger Welles—San Diego's First "Navy Mayor"; Character, Vision and Creativity: The Extraordinary Confluence of Forces that Gave Rise to The Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Winter 2003

Reclamation and Preservation: The San Diego Chinese Mission, 1927-1996; The U.S.-Mexican War in San Diego, 1846-1847

Fall 2002

San Diego's Health 1888-1889; First Annual Report of the Board of Health of the City of San Diego for the Year Ending December 31st, 1888.; An ordinance establishing a...

Summer 2002

"'I Like the Cut of Your Jib': Cultures of Accommodation; Between the U.S. Navy and Citizens of San Diego California, 1900-1951"; Humanist Sentiment, Modern Spanish Heritage, and California Mission...

Spring 2002

The Journal of San Diego History SAN DIEGO HISTORICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY Spring 2002, Volume 48, Number 2 Gregg Hennessey, Editor   Director’s Statement   By Bob Witty Introduction: San...

Winter 2002

Civil Engineering for Buildings; Mission Bay: An Engineer's Vision; Mission Bay Aquatic Park: The History of Planning and Land Acquisitions; Dry Rivers, Dammed Rivers and Floods: An Early History...

Fall 2001

Growing Up Together: The University of California's One Hundred-Year Partnership with the San Diego Region; The Challenge Saloon Murder in San Diego, 1872: Augustin Castro's Fight for Clemency

Summer 2001

Special Issue: Capturing the Light, Visions of the Land; San Diego Landscape Painters; Director's Statement; Curator's Statement; An Overview of San Diego Artists; "Memories I have Heard, Seen, Suffered...

Winter/Spring 2001

Local Public Records and San Diego History; Local Public Records and San Diego History: An Examination of Additional Uses; Guide to the Public Records Collection of the San Diego...

Fall 2000

Hillcrest: From Haven to Home; Photographic Essay of Hillcrest; The Persian Water Rug Fountain: Balboa Park's Lost Treasure; Historical Society Accessions ~ 2000; Annual Journal Index ~ 2000

Spring/Summer 2000

San Diego's Ku Klux Klan 1920-1980; Photograph Essay From "All in a Day's Work" an Exhibition held at the San Diego History Center July 1998-September 1999; The Pantoja Map...

Winter 2000

From Spanish Romance to Neon Confidence and Demolition Fear: The Twentieth Century Life of the El Cortez Hotel; Captain Edward William Funcke: Hunting in Baja California for a Living

Fall 1999

Mission Masonry at Rancho Guajome Adobe; The History of the California China Products Company of National City, California, 1911-1917

Summer 1999

Creating a Monument, Re-Creating History: Junipero Serra Museum and Presidio Park; A Civic Architect for San Diego: The Work of William Templeton Johnson; The Use of Presidio Hill; Historians...

Spring 1999

Inventing Agriculture in Southern California; Marketing a Booming City in 1887: San Diego in the Chicago Press; The Outposts of Mission San Luis Rey

Winter 1999

The Magonista Revolt in Baja California: Capitalist Conspiracy or Rebelion de los Pobres?; The Marine Mammal Protection Act and its Role in the Decline of San Diego's Tuna Fishing...
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