San Diego’s Panama-California Exposition (1915-1916)


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GM700 Anonymous real photos (with white border)

Titles in tiny artistic upper and lower case letters
GM700 and GM720 are probably all by Fitch Photo, 1242 5th St, San Diego; dozens of SDHC negatives acquired together include the various styles of subtitles included in these two categories, some of which have the Fitch logo or the word Fitch. GM735 appears to be the same without borders.

Cards below have larger caps with more flourish:

Cards below hand colored with printing in similar style:

The Facade of the California Building is identical (except for the lack of border) to Facade of the California Building in GM735, so this would appear to place GM735 in this same group by Fitch.

# One of the above views is included in a booklet of photos in the collection of the San Diego History Center, entitled “San Diego City and Expo. Views” published by Southern California View Company. Some views in this booklet are listed under GM680 and GM670 and GM810. Views from this booklet included above are marked # if only the photo and not the postcard has been seen. GM670 , GM680, GM700 and GM810 were probably published by the Southern California View Company. Style is also similar to GM710 and GM735.