San Diego’s Panama-California Exposition (1915-1916)


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GM680 Anonymous real photos – (wide white border)

Published by the Southern California View Company (see below)
All have in common a wide white border; sepia real photos; Azo paper

Fisrt section has titles in upper case, sans-serif upright block letters:

Titles slant right in upper and lower case letters (in faint light box, most with “P.C.E. 1915”):

Titles slant right in faint light box as above but all in upper case letters:

No title or subtitle:

Note: Cards above marked * are from the John R. and Jane Adams Postcard Collection, courtesy of San Diego State University’s Special Collections, Malcolm A. Love Library.
Note: Many of the above views are included in a booklet of photos in the collection of the San Diego Historical Society, entitled “San Diego City and Expo. Views” published by Southern California View Company. Some views in this booklet are listed under GM680 and GM700 and GM810. Views from this booklet included above are marked # if the postcard has not been seen. It seems clear from study of this booklet that all above variations and GM670 and GM700 were published by the Southern California View Company. Style is also similar to GM710 and GM735.