By Gregory L. Williams

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PA 1 Panama-California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915. Includes buildings and gardens constructed for the Exposition in Balboa Park. Images have captions. 28 images.

PA 3 George Edward McConaughy Photograph Album, 1898. This album documents military camp life of Company ‘B’ California National Guard stationed at the Presidio in California. Other images include California scenes of forests, farms, a baseball team and San Francisco.

PA 4 Family Photograph Album, 1920-1921. This album consists of several family vacation images including some of the Hotel Del Coronado and Balboa Park. Also includes images of San Francisco, sports fishing with a huge fish strung up on a rack, and other images.

PA 5 E W. Scripps Miramar House/John Mason Family Photograph Album, 1898-1916. This album consists mostly of images of John Mason and the E.W. Scripps house in Miramar. Included are homes, the ferry ‘Coronado,’ Silvergate Bath House, construction of San Diego Brewery Co., goat ranch in Mason Valley, parade in front of San Diego Hardware, a gray whale, beaches at La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Cove, flood damage at Ocean Beach and elsewhere, horse drawn fire engine and other images.

PA 6 San Diego Historical Society Reception, 1979. Photographs of a reception celebrating the gift of the Title Insurance Photograph Collection tothe San Diego Historical Society. Photographs of Larry Booth, Jane Booth, and others.

PA 7 Unidentified ‘Views’ Photograph Album, ca. 1900-1920. This album includes a train wreck, San Diego yachting scenes, Spreckels Coal Pier, electrical workers parade float, circus parade, Mexican Insurrection, excavation for Spreckels Theater, Navy ships, back country scenes, out of San Diego area scenes, bicyclists, Seaton’s Grocery, harbor at foot of 28th street and other images.

PA 8 Mr & Mrs. Charles Marks Family Photograph Album, 1900-1915. This album consists of back country town scenes including businesses and many general stores in Julian, Descanso, Santa Ysabel, El Cajon, Helix, Lemon Grove, Ramona, Alpine, and Ballena. Includes photographs, some captioned, of families and beach outings. Some photographs of the 1905 USS Bennington ship disaster, La Jolla Cove, classic automobiles and bicycles, and other images.

PA 9 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900-1915. This album includes Navy ships, hunting, beach scenes, acrobatic swimming, Hotel Del Coronado, U.S. Border monument, La Jolla cliffs, Father Serra palms, a woman holding golf clubs, and humorous images of men’s feet.

PA 10 ‘The Rebels’ Photograph Album, 1909-1911. This album contains images of a back country horse trek and a National Guard encampment at Fort Rosecrans. Places include Dehesa, Morena Dam under construction, Pine Valley, Julian, and elsewhere. People include Austin B. Shaw, Arlan De Burn, Bessie Baldwin and others. Humorous captions.

PA 11 Lincoln School Class Photograph Album, 6/22/1918. Photographs of faculty and students divided by grades 1-8 of Lincoln School in San Diego. Photos by H.A. Varble.

PA 12 A.G. Simmer’s Vacationing in California/21 Missions Photograph Album, Ca. 1940s. Photographs of 21 Missions in California and the Serra Museum.

PA 13 America’s Exposition Photograph Album, 1936 Mostly scenes of the Hawaiian Islands. Also images of the Ford Building at the California- Pacific Exposition.

PA 14 W. W. Slass Photograph Album, 1897-1898. This album consists of images of Hotel Del Coronado bathhouse, Point Loma Lighthouse, Sweetwater Dam, Ocean Beach, Tijuana, Catalina, and many of the Los Angeles area.

PA 15 Family Outing Photograph Album, ca 1890-1895. This album consists of many well-dressed Victorian women frolicking at the beach, in the desert, in the mountains, in front of a large boulder and at the Hotel Del Coronado. Also includes men with hunting dogs, Point Loma Lighthouse, family dancing around Christmas tree, a classroom of young children, two women on a teeter-totter and two women on a double rocking chair contraption.

PA 16 Unidentified Photograph Album, n.d. Six images of people, Torrey Pines, and the San Gabriel mission.

PA 17 California-Pacific Exposition Photograph Album, 1935. Souvenir album of images of the 1935 Exposition in Balboa Park. Images of buildings and concerts mostly at night.

PA 18 Ethel’s Family Photograph Album, ca. 1899-1900. The album contains albumen, tintype, and cyanotype prints of Coronado Tent City and Boat House, the Mission Cliffs Pavilion, woman on a bicycle, troops marching past San Diego Public Market, beach scenes and other family images.

PA 19 Family Photograph Album, 1914-1918. This album contains activities at a girls summer camp in the back country (clowning around), family scenes, beach scenes, the Serra cross, 1916 flood, and other images. Related ed to Photograph Album 20.

PA 20 Family Photograph Album, 1906-1916. This album contains several family images including Straw Hat Day parade with a large hat float (1915), swimming, Coronado Boat House, trains, kids on a motorcycle, and women in the dress of the day.

PA 21 Sydney Hill Family Photograph Album, 1907-1908. This album contains photographs of Ocean Beach picnics and scenery, fleet celebration/parade in San Diego (4/15/1915), and houses of W.W. Bowers, and others. Other people mentioned include Warner Edmonds, Martha Ward, and Sydney and Vyne Hill.

PA 22 Sydney Hill Family Photograph Album, 1913-1916. This album contains images of the Sidney Hill residence, picnics, Carrie Jacobs Bond’s house near Grossmont, a cottage at Ocean Beach, Ocean Beach scenes, a water wagon, and images of ocean cliffs.

PA 23 Naval Affairs Committee/Seaplane Photograph Souvenir Album, 1919. A souvenir booklet of the visit of the Naval Affairs Committee to San Diego harbor on March 14, 1919. Included are aerials of North Island, seaplanes, small flying boat, training sea planes and the inspectors.

PA 24 Charles F. Lummis’ the Home of Ramona, 1888. Printed album with cyanotype photographs of Camulos, ‘the fine old Spanish Estate’ described by Mrs. Helen Hunt Jackson as the home of ‘Ramona.’ Also poetry and other text regarding Ramona.

PA 25 Thurston (?) Family Photograph Album (Memory Book), 1914-1921. Photograph album apparently of the C.G. Thurston family. Included are images of Jesmond Dene, San Diego residences, Gillespie Dam, Cuyamaca Lake, La Jolla, Lake Hodges, an old prospector, exteriors and interiors of several bungalows, the Scripps Lath House, and Ada Hudson Jaccard in the wilderness.

PA 26 Family Photograph Album, 1914-1921. Numerous photographs of people document women’s dress of the day. Included are women dressed as men, and clowns. Also a slide in the ocean, automobiles, and many people in the desert.

PA 28 Estudillo House and Garden Photograph Album, ca. 1914. Photographs of the exterior of the house and gardens of the Estudillo house apparently after the 1914 reconstruction. Also photographs of the ruins of the Old Town jail, the Old Mission Bells and the cemetery in Old Town San Diego.

PA 29c B Street School Photograph Album, 1908. This album contains class photographs of the students at the B Street School. Also included are images of sports teams, crowd at sporting event, classroom work, flag drill on field, and other subjects.

PA 29b Lincoln School Photograph Album, 1912-1916. This album contains class photographs of Lincoln school students (all grades teens to toddlers). Also includes images of teachers, wood shop and one of a small amusement park ride.

PA 29c Lincoln School Photograph Album, 1916-1917. Photographs include several grades of students by class and some faculty images.

PA 30 Old Missions of California Lithograph Album, 1902. This published album contains 28 images of missions throughout California with short text.

PA 32 Fraser Family Photograph Album, 1920-1935. This album consists of family photographs of the W.H Fraser, Grace Fraser, and Stuart Fraser family. Mostly the photographs show a young boy growing up in the 1920s and 1930s. Also includes photographs of Stratford Hotel in Del Mar, Balboa Park, Mission Beach and Hulburd’s Grove.

PA 34 Grace Bower China Trip Photograph Album, 1925. Documents a trip to China by San Diego painist Grace Bower. Includes photographs and news clippings describing the trip.

PA 35 California Photograph Album, ca. 1900. This album documents San Diego, the back country and other areas of California. Included are photographs of Los Banos Bath House, Mission Cliffs Pavilion, the Normal School, Serra palms, San Diego Mission, Mission Cliffs Ostrich Farm, Union Stables ‘Tally Ho’ stage, and the mission bells and other subjects.

PA 36 San Diego Scenes/Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900. This album contains many photographs of the San Diego area. Included are La Jolla Park, Coronado, ruins of jail, Point Loma beach picnic, Ark Cottage in La Jolla, La Jolla beach and caves, Spreckels Wharf, ferryboat Ramona, ocean steamer, Point Loma lighthouse, First Baptist Church, Mission Cliff Gardens Pavilion, Florence Hotel, Los Banos Bath House, Green Dragon Colony, Anna Held cottage, Hotel Del Coronado, Ramona house in Old Town, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, the palms of Old Town, ruins of Spanish Governor’s house, San Diego Mission, border monument, Sweetwater Dam, double deck street car, music store, Estudillo house, and a California lobster.

PA 37 Braden’s California Pacific Exposition Photograph Album, 1935. Well captioned photographs of the 1935 Exposition in Balboa Park. Photographs by Braden. Included are Botanical Building, Food & Beverage Building, Cabrillo Bridge, California Tower, Standard Oil Tower, El Cid statue, House of Hospitality, Palace of Fine Arts, Caf‚ of the World, California State Building, Water Palace, Ford Building, Spreckels Organ, nude Sally Rand holding globe, and other images.

PA 39 L. Winn Photograph Album, ca 1900. This album contains many images of Northern California mining towns and mining processes. Also includes images of La Jolla Caves, Alligator Head Rock, San Diego looking NW to Point Loma, U.S.S. Charleston, and other views.

PA 40 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900. Scenic photographs of California wilderness and water.

PA 41 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910. This album includes images of La Jolla and other areas. Included are Torrey Pines Golf course, street scenes in La Jolla, La Jolla residences, ‘Badger’ cottage, Witch Creek, church bells, Indian basket weavers, Low Tide cottage, Estudillo House garden, and many others images.

PA 42 Native American Education Photograph Album, 1902-1903. Documents the schools and education of Native Americans in San Diego County. Included are schools and people in La Jolla, Mesa Grande, Pala, and Warner’s Ranch. Some names of students and teachers are included.

PA 43 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1940s. This album contains family photographs of picnics, camping, residences, and other subjects in Michigan, San Diego, the back country and elsewhere in California.

PA 45 Grace Hayman (?) Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900. Family photographs of activities, the Hotel Del Coronado, Tent City beach patrol, San Francisco earthquake, vintage automobiles (1915 Buick) and many images of the back country.

PA 46 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900s. Photographs of the Hotel Del Coronado, the back country, and beaches. Includes many ‘properly’ dressed women with umbrellas.

PA 47 California Mission Photograph Album, ca. 1910s? Photographs of California missions before restoration. Includes one image of a group of clergy.

PA 49 Ira Shafer’s ‘San Diego Pictures’ Photograph Album, 1905-1907. This album includes images of the Hotel Del Coronado, the S.D. Normal School, the USS Charleston, torpedo boats, downtown street scenes, USS Washington, double deck electric car, La Jolla caves, Mission Valley, fishing on Spreckel’s Wharf, San Diego Mission, other ships of the Great White Fleet and other images.

PA 50 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900. Images of travels throughout the country, but also includes a view from Mt. Soledad looking south to Mission Bay and Point Loma, adobe ruins in Old Town, U.S. Grant Hotel, border monument, women at the beach, back country, and La Jolla rocks. Some cyanotype images.

PA 51 Maude W. Babcock Photograph Album, ca. 1902-1903. This album contains views of San Diego, the back country and missions. Included are images of a wagon trip on road between Descanso and Cuyamaca, Charlie Nelson on a burro, Pala, San Luis Rey Mission, rural mail carrier wagon, San Diego Public Library, lemons at Highland Farm, Ballast Point, San Diego Normal School, and other areas of California.

PA 52 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910. This album contains images of San Diego, the back country, promotion of Winnetka Terrace by W.H. Fraser & Co., Oak Grove Store, horse and buggy wagons, and early automobiles.

PA 53 ’24 Beautiful Views of California Missions,’ ca. 1900. This printed album contains views of various California Missions.

PA 54 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1940s. Photographs include family and children and some images of women in uniform of the San Diego chapter of the Motor Corps next to vehicle.

PA 55 Panama-California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915. This album contains images of the 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park including towers, buildings, and people feeding pigeons.

PA 56 Fred Carmell Photograph Album, 1914-1915. Photographs of camp life in the military. Includes dogs, boxing, and formations. One note states this is Camp Lewis, Washington. Fred Carmell was a fireman at the 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park.

PA 57 Historical San Diego Report and Album, ca. 1945. This album consists of several writings about the history of San Diego by class 5B of the San Diego State Teachers College. Includes a few snapshots of Lt. T.C. Hammond’s grave, a Spanish Lighthouse, Father Serra cross, Albert Smith’s grave, Fort Stockton, San Diego Mission, and other images.

PA 58 Rancho Santa Fe Photograph Album, 1920s. This photograph album consists of images of Rancho Santa Fe taken for or by the Padilla Company. Includes buildings, roads lined with eucalyptus trees, the village, stores, orchards, guest houses and other subjects.

PA 59 Carl H. Huchting Post Card Album, ca. 1940s. This album contains over 100 post cards of San Diego area scenes printed by Huchting. Images include churches, Santa Fe Depot, Mission Valley, Lane Field, Balboa Park, library, San Diego Zoo animals, Mt. Helix, La Jolla, Sunset Cliffs, KFSD broadcasting station, tidal pools in La Jolla, La Jolla Art Center, entrance to cave in La Jolla, San Diego Civic Center, businesses in La Mesa, Balboa Stadium football game, and many other images. Also a typescript about a pioneer San Marcos family reunion in 1937.

PA 60 Martha ‘Mattay’ Dysart Family Photograph Album, 1900-1915. This album contains images of a European trip, Hotel del Coronado, Mission Cliff Gardens, 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park, exterior and interior of Dysart house in Coronado, Point Loma Lighthouse, cactus garden at Ramona’s wedding place, Japanese Tea Garden, La Jolla, children, families groups, San Francisco Exposition, 1915, and other images. See PA 61 & 91

PA 61 Helen Dysart Photograph Album, 1944-1948. Photograph album of early color photographs consists of images of Helen and Martha ‘Mattay’ Dysart at home in Coronado, Old Town, Balboa Park, Rancho Santa Fe, Pine Hills, La Jolla, San Juan Capistrano Mission, Presidio Park, and elsewhere. Also Hotel Del Coronado in fading color. See PA 60 & 91.

PA 63 Walter Averette Photograph Album, 1920s. A collection of photographic prints by Walter Averette. SDHS has his negative collection and all the negatives to the prints in this album. Subjects include sailing on San Diego Bay, lakes, aerials, agriculture, Army/Navy, beaches, buildings, historical buildings, hotels, schools, sports, and the San Diego Zoo. Also see PA 89, 99, 109-112, 130 and the Averette Collection.

PA 64,65,66 Mexican President Alvaro Obregon’s Visit to Troops Suppressing Insurrection Photograph Albums, 1920s. 300 images.These images document Mexican President Alvaro Obregon’s visit to troops suppressing an insurrection in Mexico during the 1920s. Also images of military action and rebels. Captions in Spanish.

PA 67 Adobes Photograph Album, 1930s. Album of San Diego County adobe buildings. Included are Rancho Santa. Margarita (later Commandant’s headquarters at Camp Pendleton), Rancho San Juan, Rancho Santa Teresa, Frazer Adobe, and many other identified and unidentified adobe buildings.

PA 68 Beam and Graham Families Photograph Album, 1911-1914. This album consists of photographs of the Beam and Graham families in San Diego, Ellis Ranch in Descanso and elsewhere. Subjects include Dr. Beam at home, Decoration Day at Camp Dexter, Carnival Week parades (1911), Ocean Beach scenes including housing (1912), Escondido Grape Day, Seattle Washington view, Los Angeles, Mission Gardens chrysanthemum season, ship embarking to Alaska, Ellis Ranch in Descanso, Buckman Springs, woman milking cows, La Jolla, women on motorcycles, Columbia rowing crew house (all women), One Score Club hike to Old Mission and headquarters (sign says ‘No Fishing in This Stream’Kensington Park),’ One Score Club ‘High Jinks’ episode in which woman dressed as man pursues woman, snow and ice at Wilde Fountain in San Diego (1913), woman pointing pistol, load of alfalfa hay in Descanso, Lakeside, camping at Campo, Coronado Tent City, men on motorcycles, Standard Oil Company fire (1913), co-ed tennis in Descanso, July 4th celebration and parade (1914), Coronado Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Hill Park, men and women swimming, Exposition grounds in Balboa Park including construction of Indian Village (1914), and other subjects.

PA 69 San Diego Views Photograph Album, ca. 1899. This album consists of views of the San Diego area. It is in an album that advertises the Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Furniture Company. Subjects include the San Diego Railway Co. cars on downtown streets, an African-American man, firing a salute for President Harrison’s funeral, Ramona’s Wedding Place, border marker, three images of a dam, lighthouse, Navy ships, Hotel Del Coronado, ostriches, horsemen riding through town, ‘Mexican girls making drawnwork,’ La Jolla rocks and beaches, Mission Valley, Horton Plaza, San Diego Mission, Old Town, Point Loma, Spreckels coal bunkers, ships at San Diego Wharf and Bay, Los Banos, San Diego Courthouse, various tree fruits, palm trees, Japanese sailors, troops in formation, Ocean Beach, band in grandstand at Tent City, and other images.

PA 70 San Diego Cal. Travel Photograph Album,1915. Consists of images of Los Angeles, the 1915 Exposition in San Francisco, Canada, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and Colorado. One picture of a San Diego bungalow.

PA 71 Early San Diego Leaders Photograph Album. Consists of photographs of nineteenth and early twentieth century leaders in San Diego. Includes U.S. Presidents, sheriffs, businessmen, and politicians.

PA 72 Camp San Diego (Descanso) Photograph Album, ca. 1916. This album documents the activities of Camp San Diego in the Cleveland National Forest near Descanso. Contains photographs and news clippings relating to the camp for San Diego youth. Includes images of horseback riding, camping, swimming and skinny dipping, Native Americans, adobes, and many other subjects.

PA 73 A. C. Platt Grossmont and Helix Photograph Album, Ca. 1910s. This album consists mostly of landscape views from Grossmont and Mt. Helix to the El Cajon Valley. Included are Old Park Ranch Reservoir, Madame Schumann-Heink and her house, orchards and other images.

PA 74 Lincoln School & B Street Schools Photograph Album, 1906-1927. This album contains images of faculty, staff, and class pictures, students of Lincoln and B Street Schools in San Diego. Also included are track races, playground activity and equipment, school building, science labs, sewing rooms, wood shop, co-ed calisthenics, gardening, class work, auditorium, cheerleaders, football teams, baseball teams, track teams, Balboa Park Arbor Day, and many other images.

PA 75 Maude Bosler’s California History Photograph Album. This group of images consists of important people and sites involved in California history. Images of William P. Toler, John B. Montgomery, Joseph Warren Revere, John A. Sutter, Thomas Fallon, Samuel Francis DuPont, Stephen Clegg Rowan, and many others.

PA 76 Raymond G. Shirley Photograph Album, 1917-1918. This album documents the cruise of a San Diego Navy man to Central America and the Caribbean on the battleship the USS Wisconsin. The photographs show the crew, ship, ocean and civilians at ports. Some photographs at the back of the album may relate to the San Diego Company and Balboa Park. Also see PA 118 and the W.W. Stewart Photograph Collection.

PA 77 Family/Hotel Del Coronado 50th Anniversary Photograph Album, 1905-1938. This album may include the contents of three separate albums. Includes photographs of events and people in period dress during the 50th anniversary celebration of the Hotel Del Coronado in 1938. Also included are photographs of the Balboa Hotel in Pacific Beach (1904-1905), oil derricks, group snapshots, a parade in which John D. Spreckels may be in a car and other photographs.

PA 79 San Diego Scenes Photograph Album, ca. 1915 This album of ink prints published by the Albertype Company consists of scenes of the San Diego area. Subjects include the U.S. Grant Hotel, Elks Club, Carnegie Free Public Library, San Diego Harbor, San Diego State Teachers Normal College, Hotel Del Coronado and Tent City, La Jolla caves, Alligator Head Rock, Sweetwater Dam, and several downtown and panoramic views.

PA 81 Family Postcard & Photograph Album, ca. 1914. This album contains images from San Diego, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Mt. Lowe, San Francisco, Michigan, Louisiana, and elsewhere. San Diego scenes include Frank Stafford residence, T. Coghlan residence, Methodist Church, a hotel or boarding house, La Jolla, and Ramona’s Wedding Place.

PA 82 Fiesta Mallorca-California, Celebration of 240th Birthday of Junipero Serra Photograph Album, 1953. This album consists of photographs of a reception possibly in Spain celebrating Junipero Serra’s 204th birthday. Also photographs of the Inauguration of the California Corner in Mallorca, Spain.

PA 83 Road & Bridges Flooded & Destroyed Photograph Album, 1916. This segment of nine images from an album consists of washed out bridges, destroyed roads, and damage to a dam. Some images near Cardiff. Damage from the Santa Marguerita River.

PA 85 Alice Rainford Photograph Album, 1903-1960. This album contains images of Alice Rainford’s Florist Shop at 1110 4th St. that she took over from Kate Sessions. Images include florist shop, window displays, floral spreads, weddings, portrait of Ellen B. Scripps in 1930 and other images. Also a group portrait of prominent San Diegans (1911).

PA 87 Neil Nettleship/Crystal Pier Construction Photograph Album, 1926. This album consists of photographs documenting the construction and opening ceremonies of the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. Also scenes of early Pacific Beach, early tour busses (‘Free Parlor Car Tours’), beach scenes, Elsie De Villiers (early female airplane pilot), and other images.

PA 88 San Diego U.S Government Military Bases Photograph Album, 1908-1930s. This album was used to show examples of military activities in the San Diego area. Includes Destroyer Repair Base, U.S. Naval Supply Depot, U.S. Navy Training Center, U.S. Naval Coal Depot, Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, U.S. Marine Base in San Diego Harbor, and the U.S. Naval Hospital. People include Josephus Daniels, Joseph H Pendleton, John J. Pershing, Curtis D. Wilbur, Smedley D. Butler, and other officers.

PA 89 Walter Averette Photograph Album, ca. 1920. This album contains images of flowers and trees in bloom, Balboa Park, Hotel Del Coronado, Tent City, back country, El Cajon Valley and other images. Some colorized. Originals in Averette Collection. See also PA 63, 99, 109-112, 130 and the Averette Collection.

PA 91 Helen Dysart Photograph Album, 1950-1951. Photographs of Helen Dysart and Martha ‘Mattay’ Dysart visiting the sites in San Diego, Coronado, and Pine Valley. Included are La Avenida Restaurant, Coronado scenes, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Ernie’s Rancho, San Diego Public Library, Old Town, Cabrillo Monument on Point Loma, and elsewhere. See also PA 60 & 61.

PA 92 Motorcycle/Camping/Tourist Trips Photograph Album, 1910s-1930s. Documents motorcycle and camping trips around California. Includes images of Descanso, looking north from Viejas Grade, Cuyamaca Lake, Cuyamaca Peak, Pine Valley, Union Oil Barge in San Diego Bay, Salton Sea, Mt. Wilson, Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino Mountains, Brookins Lumber Co. hauling logs, and ruins of Ocean Park fire (1912). Second portion of album includes beach scenes probably La Jolla, Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego County Courthouse, and the border monument.

PA 93 Josephine Norma Campbell Family Photograph Album, 1911-1912. Includes photographs of Curtiss Aviation Camp on North Island. Includes men and women at the wheel of planes, Victor Smith and Lloyd Barlow (1912). Humorous door sign for Smith & Barlow Headquarters. Also images of children’s pool at Coronado, girls on donkey, yacht races and La Jolla scenes. Most of the album concerns Josephine Campbell’s school in San Francisco and travel throughout California, Utah, and Idaho.

PA 94 Panama-California Exposition of 1915 Groundbreaking Ceremonies Photograph Album, July 19-23, 1911. This album consists of photographs taken by Fitch & Taylor. Groundbreaking activities include priests & choirboys, parade, military in parade, floats, Navy Drum Corps, speeches and podium in field, shovel ceremony, original rapid transit trolley car first driven in 1888 with original driver, parade route includes downtown scenes.

PA 95 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, ca. 1918. This album contains photographs by Lee Passmore. Included are the Naval Training Center at Balboa Park, railway bridge, California missions, rock tunnel at the international boundary site, construction of San Diego & Eastern Arizona Railroad, McCormick Lumber Company, Greenwood Crematorium, border monument, back country roads, and the lobby of the Marquette Hotel. See Passmore Collection and PA 102, 103, 106, and 257.

PA 96 Automobile Trips & Other People Photograph Album, 1912-1930. Photographs of an automobile trip to a mountainous area. Scenes of cars, picnics, women and men in hats, snow scenes, a parade of men at a baseball park in straw hats and men dressed in playing cards, a 1912 baseball team, Hawaiians, and other images. Most images out of the area.

PA 97 Hamilton Grocery Co. Photograph Album, ca. 1868-1930s. Includes nineteenth century images of downtown San Diego, various Hamilton stores, interiors, workers, food preparation, food displays, and other images.

PA 98 San Diego Naval Militia on Mexican Border Photograph Album, 1914. Documents activities of the Third Division of Naval Militia encamped at San Ysidro. Includes images of personnel training and pointing guns.

PA 99 Walter Averette’s Northern California Wilderness & Hunting Photograph Album, ca. 1920s. This album of images by Walter Averette includes nature photographs of mountains, streams, campsites, and canoes. See also PA 63, PA 89, PA 109-112, 130 and the Averette Collection.

PA 100 Carte De Visit E Photograph Album, ca. 1880s. Unidentified carte de visite portraits mostly taken in Minneapolis, MN.

PA 101 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, ca. 1917-1918. This album contains prints of this San Diego photographer. Images include: Murray Dam, Italian Syphon Spillway, view from Mt. Helix to Point Loma, old mission bell, St. Joseph Church, Guy residence Grossmont, Spreckels Union Law Library, Army wagon train from Camp Kearny, truck filled with potatoes, Secretary of the Treasury and Boy Scouts, electric company cables & poles in Mission Valley, smashed and burned automobile, Greenwood Crematory, Torrey Pines, U.S. Grant Hotel banquet, Chollas radio towers and buildings, military parade at Horton Plaza, and other images. See Passmore Collection, and PA 95, 102, 103, 106, and 257.

PA 102 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, 1909-1917. This album contains Passmore’s photographs of U.S. Naval ships, a Japanese ship taking on coal, parade down Broadway, ferry boat ‘Ramona,’ San Diego Yacht Club yacht and rowers, Ocean Beach, Hotel Del Coronado, an orange or fruit orchard, and a picnic in Balboa Park. See Passmore Collection and PA 95, 101, 103, 106, and 257.

PA 103 Lee Passmore Flood Photograph Album, 1916. This album includes many photographs of the damage from the 1916 flood. Included are damage to the San Diego & Southeastern Railroad, Lakeside, Otay, Mission Valley, San Diego Bay, Old Town, Sweetwater Dam and elsewhere. Images labeled. See Passmore Collection and PA 95, 101, 102, 106 and 257.

PA 104 Imperial County Photograph Album, ca. 1904. This album consists of thorough and extensive images of early Imperial County. Included are street scenes, buildings, railroads, agriculture, auctions, men’s party with beds outside, and many other images. Towns shown include Calexico, Brawley, Holtville and Imperial. Includes labels.

PA 105 San Diego Electric Railway Photograph Album, 1886-ca. 1946. This album contains images documenting the history of the San Diego Electric Railway. Included are early trolleys, double deck cars, crashed busses, and the scrapped cars.

PA 106 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, ca. 1910-1917. This album contains images relating to Benson Lumber Company floating logs in San Diego Bay, merchant ships alongside piers, Madame Schumann-Heink’s Grossmont home, Pantages Theater, Yelloway bus, and fruit orchards. See Passmore Collection and PA 95, 101, 102,103, and 257.

PA 107 Harry A .(Jimmy) Erickson Waterfront Photograph Album, 1935-1937. Photographs of the San Diego Bayfront, Navy and merchant ships, harbor scenes, water taxi sign, stadium, views across to Point Loma, piers, and other images.

PA 108 Herbert R. Fitch Balboa Park Photograph Album, 1915. Photographs of Herbert R. Fitch taken for the Panama-California Exposition in 1915. Includes buildings, natural surroundings, art in the Art Museum and Spreckels Organ Pavilion.

PA 109, 110, 111, 112 Walter Averette Photograph Albums, 1915. These albums contain pictures of the Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park, 1915. Included are buildings, activities, natural scenes, the Indian Village and other images. Some images marked ‘Averette & McFadden.’ See also PA 63, 89, 99, 130 and Averette Collection.

PA 113 Herbert Fitch Agua Caliente Hotel Photograph Album, ca 1930. This album consists of interior and exterior images of the Agua Caliente Hotel by Herbert R. Fitch and Thomas L. Miller.

PA 114 O. A. Tunnell California-Pacific Exposition Photograph Album, 1935. Images include California Tower, Water Palace, Federal Building, Gold Gulch, Houses of Nations, Ford Building, Hollywood Motion Picture Hall of Fame, Standard Oil Building, and many other buildings. Other images of Tunnell’s are scattered throughout the Photograph Collection.

PA 115 Harry A. Erickson Consolidated Aircraft Plant Construction Photograph Album, 1935. Photographs documenting the construction of the Consolidated Aircraft or Convair Plant in 1935. Includes aerials, ground shots, and interior views.

PA 116 Larry Booth Union Title & Trust Shovel Ceremonies Photograph Album, 1959- 1963. This album contains images of insurance and real estate executives using a shovel for groundbreaking ceremonies at a construction site. Sites identified.

PA 117 Union Title & Trust Company World War II Service Photograph Album, 1942- 1943. Photographs of employees in offices and in the military.

PA 118 Raymond G. Shirley Photograph Album, Ca. 1904-1917. This album contains images of Pacific Beach, Fort Rosecrans, and antique cars. Also photographs of the San Diego Mission, California Southern Railroad in Temecula, Pacific Beach Band, Shirley on a motorcycle, Cabrillo Club horsemen, Balboa Hotel, Fort Rosecrans company quarters and gun battery, and some images of a Navy cruise. See also PA 76 and the W.W. Stewart Photograph Collection.

PA 119 American Title Association at Hotel Del Coronado Photograph Album, 1946. This album contains photographs of people and activities at the Hotel Del Coronado during the American Title Association meeting which was sponsored by Union Title. Includes images of Forward family members.

PA 120 Harry A. Erickson Desert Photograph Album, 1935. This album contains images of the desert, Naval ships, and downtown San Diego.

PA 121 Charles Arnold Photograph Album, 1911-1916. This album includes images of Coronado, military formations and parades, family camping in back country, San Diego Rowing Club activities, naval ships, early Glenn Curtiss aircraft, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C. Point Loma Road Race (1915), flood (1916), Laurence Klauber (1911), snakes, Al’s Bar, opening of Balboa Stadium, Escondido, Balboa Park and many other images.

PA 123 Herbert R. Fitch Commercial Buildings Photograph Album, 1905-1909. This album contains images of San Diego buildings including banks, businesses, institutions, hotels, college, library, apartments, and other buildings. Also includes Bay scenes, Hotel Del Coronado, Japanese Tea Garden in Coronado, industrial scenes, San Diego Mission, horse drawn carriages at the beach, and other images. Documents growth of downtown and settlement patterns to some extent in San Diego.

PA 124 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900. This album consists of many small images of family activities, La Jolla, Old Town, Diamond Carriage & Livery Co., school children lined up in black dress, a group in front of dinosaur bones??, Point Loma lighthouse and Theosophical Society, downtown scenes, Tent City in Coronado, hunting party, and people in the clothing styles of the time. One set of women dressed as men.

PA 125 Stough Farms (Burbank) Photograph Album, ca. 1920s. Documents agriculture, farms, farm houses, and mountain roads in Southern California, specifically Burbank. Includes names of owners of 20-30 farm houses including O.J. Stough’s farm. Has panorama view of Stough farms.

PA 126 San Diego Mission Photograph Album, 1880s-1940s. Consists of carte de visites, view cards albumen prints, postcards, hand colored images, news clippings, and other photographs documenting the San Diego Mission.

PA 127 Harry A. (Jimmy) Erickson Photograph Album, 1930-1935. These photographs consist of Erickson’s aerials of Mexico. Included are Penacates Craters, Mexicali, cotton fields, Colonia Progresso, Rumarosa, Laguna Salada, Colorado, and elsewhere.

PA 128 Ed Coffer/San Diego Landmarks Photograph Album, 1940s-1980s. This album consists of images of local buildings, historical markers, brass plaques, monuments, and descriptive signs. Consists of prints and negatives.

PA 129 Harry A. (Jimmy) Erickson/ Prudden All-metal Aircraft Photograph Album, ca. 1930. Photographs of the Prudden all-metal airplane. Includes parts, instructions, and aerials of Ryan Field at Dutch Flats.

PA 130 Walter E. Averette Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910. This album consists of photographs of family activities and camping. See also Averette Collection and PA 63, 89, 99, and 109-112.

PA 131 Ruby Hatch Panama-California Exposition & San Francisco Exposition Photograph Album, 1915. Photographs of the Expositions in San Francisco and San Diego in 1915.

PA 132 Albertype Company ‘San Diego Cal.’ Lithograph Album, 1901 Lithograph album of sites in and around San Diego published by a national postcard company.

PA 133 Elliott Family Photograph Album, 1902-1918. This album consists of images of the Elliott family at home, on vacation and in the army. Activities and hikes of military at Camp Kearny and at North Island (7th Inf. Calif). Other images include Coronado, girls on a teeter-totter, Cabrillo bridge and Exposition, trip to Adobe Falls, five girls on bikes, girl campers frolicking, San Bernardino, Kennys Bath House Ocean Beach, beach scenes, men in swimwear, and many other images.

PA 134 Charles Stedman Family Photograph Album, ca. 1902. Consists of images of the Charles Stedman family. Included are the San Diego Mission, San Diego Bay, San Diego Courthouse, library, Horton House, Sefton block, Coronado Hotel, mules at work at Tent City, S.D.C. & E. Railway Co., interior of tent at Tent City, bathing at Jorres Wharf, Old Town, ships, Hotel Robinson, house on barge in bay?, Union parade (Longshoremen’s Union, Fisherman’s Protective Union, Heavy Team Drivers Union, Grocery Clerk Union), surveyor at work in field, early steam fire engine, large fish caught and other images.

PA 135 Grandma Griest’s Family Photograph Album, 1902-1904. This album consists of family photographs including a trip by buggy and a picnic to the back country, El Cajon, Old Mission Dam, a day on the Bay with women rowing and boat house, Tent City in Coronado, San Diego and other missions, steam dredger in bay, various San Diego views, the Jerkwater train, bicyclists in front of a house, the wave motor, Ocean Beach cliffs, picnics on the beach, double deck trolley, July 4th 1903 parade with marines and Chinese marchers, Woodmen of the World float, Women of Woodcraft float, California 7th regiment marching in a parade, bagpipers and bicyclists, boy taking bath in a bucket and other camping scenes.

PA 136 Eclipse of the Sun Family Photograph Album, 1920s. This album includes images of the eclipse of the sun in San Diego in 1923, Serra Museum, beach scenes, ships, Balboa Park, and many out of the area including the Yosemite Valley.

PA 137 Richard E. Wilde Family Photograph Album, 1918. This album contains photographs, tickets, military orders, and other materials. Documents career of a musician in the Army Band and his military career during World War I from Waco, Texas to Hoboken, NJ. One magazine image of San Diego Mayor Louis J. Wilde.

PA 138 Black Oak Mine Photograph Album, ca. 1902. Photographs of buildings, work, and processes at the Black Oak Mine. Also portrait of Alice McAlmond and man.

PA 139 Duchy-Thieme Family Photograph Album, 1890s-1900. This album consists of images of members of the Duchy, Thieme, Smith and Mays family in San Diego. Images also include ceremony of laying cornerstone of Carnegie Library, San Diego Mission, old palms, trolley, camping, ocean scenes, grounds of Hotel Del Coronado, mission bells, and other subjects.

PA 140 Duchy-Thieme Family Photograph Album, ca. 1890’s-1900s. This album includes images of the Duchy, Thieme, Frisbee and other families. Other images include expansive views of San Diego Bay and waterfront (1900), Oxford House, 5th Ave Hotel, churches, boarding houses, ‘Jim Hee Ladies Underwear Made to Order,’ San Diego Commercial College, Ocean Beach, Warner Hot Springs cabin interior and exterior, and other subjects.

PA 141 Duchy-Thieme Family Photograph Album, 1900. This album consists of images of the Duchy, Thieme, Mays, Smith and other families. Other images (many cyanotypes) include the San Diego Courthouse, San Diego Depot, Los Banos Bath House, mission bells, Hotel Del Coronado, Old Town, Ladies of the Macabees club, indoor pool, Ocean Beach, Coronado bandstand, apartment interiors, and other images.

PA 142 Duchy-Thieme Family Photograph Album, 1860s-1960s. This album contains images of members of the Duchy, Thieme, Mays, Smith, Frisbee and other families some of whom were pioneers to California. Includes tintypes, carte de visites and other photos and news clippings.

PA 143 Consulate’s Passport Photograph Album, 1917-1918. This album consists of passport photographs used apparently by a U.S. consulate’s office in San Diego. Some notations about where people are travelling. Reasons for travel include business, horse racing. One Japanese person was denied entry. Includes over 100 photographs of various San Diegans including Asians and African-Americans.

PA 144 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1899. This album contains images of interiors and exteriors of a National City brick row house, La Jolla caves, Alligator Head ‘108 year old’ Indian woman, the palms, Mission San Diego, Old Town, Los Banos Bath House, Sweetwater Dam when empty, Indian girls at a Mission school, gardens and houses in National City and other subjects.

PA 145 San Diego Views Photograph Album, 1903-1904. This album includes a child with a wagon, a swinging chair, Old Town, Lincoln Park, Webster residence, Point Loma Lighthouse, entrance to Point Loma Homestead, Coronado (Hotel Del Coronado, Tent City, Japanese Tea Garden), La Jolla, Horton Plaza, San Luis Rey Mission, Chula Vista Road, and other images. Identifies many trees and plants.

PA 146 Harry Vaughn Architecture Photograph Album, ca. 1920s. This album consists of images and news clippings or renderings of houses, schools and public buildings. This album was Harry Vaughn’s but many of the houses were designed or renderings drawn by W. S. Hebbard. Many styles of houses are represented including bungalows. Most owners of houses are identified. The photocopy of this album is in the Reference Book Collection.

PA 147 San Diego Views Photograph Album, ca. 1903. This album consists of many San Diego buildings and sites. Included are rowing near wharf, soldiers in line, Navy ships, salt works, trolley, mining area, Sweetwater with little water and other images.

PA 149 San Diego Views/Family Photograph Album, Ca. 1900s. This album contains images relating to the ferry ‘Ramona,’ oldest house in California, Cathedral Rock, Memorial Day Parade 1904, churches, Theosophical Society, people playing cards and checkers, Ballast Point, Golden Hill from docks, view of residential area with Bay and Point Loma, picnic, the State Normal School, cable incline Mt. Lowe, San Gabriel Mission, Mission Valley, and other images.

PA 149-1 Isabelle Churchman Art Photograph Album, 1960s-1970s. Images of Isabelle Churchman and her art work including sculpture and paintings. Included is a relief of George Washington Carver. Photographs in color.

PA 150 Ernestine Schumann-Heink/Edward Fletcher Photograph Album, Ca. 1910. This album consists of photographs of Mme. Schumann-Heink’s life and home in Grossmont and Edward Fletcher’s trip to the backcountry in his Franklin automobile. Autographed photograph of Schumann-Heink.

PA 151 San Quintin, Lower California (Mexico) Photograph Album, ca. 1900. This album consists of images showing San Quintin, San Quintin Harbor under construction, nearby ranches and canyons, railroads, hotel, salt marshes, missions, reservoir and other subjects.

PA 152, 153, 154, 155 J. R. Evans Photograph Albums, ca. 1915-1935. These albums contain the photographs of J.R. Evans. PA 152 &155 contain many desert sites including Shaver’s Well, the Salton Sea, Santa Rosas, Cottonwood, 29 Palms, and humorous photo of Ma and Pa in the desert. PA 154 extensively documents a mining operation in the desert with hand drawn maps. PA 153 includes the Agua Caliente Hotel, flamenco dancing at the Caliente Casino, Caliente Racetrack, Old Town buildings, desert mining scenes, Frigate USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) on visit to San Diego (1934), Balboa Park Exposition (1935), harbor views, the hot dog man at his Ocean Beach grill, hobo artist at Mission Beach, and other subjects.

PA 156-157 Tom Miller El Capitan Dam Construction Photograph Album, 1932-1933. These images document the construction of the El Capitan Dam.

PA 158 Francis Parker School & Coronado Homes Photograph Album, ca. 1920s. This album consists of images of the students and classrooms at the Francis Parker school and several Coronado residences.

PA 159 William Templeton Johnson, Architectural Work Photograph Album, Ca. 1930s. Buildings in this album include the U.S. Consular building in Seville, Spain; Bridges Auditorium in Claremont Ca., Junipero Serra Museum, San Diego Trust & Savings Building, Fine Arts Gallery interior, La Jolla Public Library, and others.

PA 160, 161,162 California Electric Works Photograph Album, 1929-1933, 1940s-1950s & 1955. These three photograph albums document activity of California Electric Works between the 1920s and 1950s. Images include old motors, old trucks, machinery, street lamps, shop employees, and many other subjects.

PA 163 San Diego Transit Bus Drivers Photograph Album, 1970-1971. This album consists of pictures of bus drivers at the wheel in 1970-1971. Notes seniority of each driver. Also includes other transit system workers. Several hundred images. See also 94:19181.

PA 164 NESTOR ‘OUR VILLAGE’ PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, ca. 1890s. This album consists of images of the village of Nestor. Included are Main Street, Callie Reynolds’ house, McGeorge residence, border monument, Sam Woo Laundry and other Chinese-Americans, church, entrance to farm, wagon packed with supplies for Imperial, ocean scenes including one rock formation on Mexican side of the border, and many other subjects.

PA 165 California Highway Commission/San Diego’s 200th Anniversary Photograph Album, 1969. This album contains black and white and color photographs, letters, programs, and other items. Photographs include images of the Coronado Bridge under construction, Ronald Reagan, highways, politicians sitting at a table, and San Diego in color at night.

PA 166 San Diego Views Photograph Album, ca. 1900. This album contains many standard images that were placed in photograph albums about 1900. Of special interest is the portrait of a knife sharpener at work at his mule cart, the Hotel Florence, and Native Americans. Standard images include ships, piers, Hotel Del Coronado, Tent City, coastal rock formations, Point Loma Lighthouse, Sweetwater Dam, trains, border monument, mission bells, Los Banos bath house, double deck trolley, views of downtown, the courthouse, San Diego Mission and other subjects.

PA 167 U.S. Navy Concrete Ship Construction and Launching Photograph Album, ca. 1941. This album documents the construction and launching of a Navy concrete oil barge. Includes description of activity.

PA 168 U.S. Navy Electronics Lab/Point Loma Military Reservation Photograph Album, 1966. This printed album consists of some historical images from the SDHS Collection and other images of sites and activities at the Navy Electronics Lab and the Point Loma Military Reservation.

PA 169 Florence Chambers Newkirk Photograph Album, 1880s-1890s. These images consist of cabinet cards from Boston, New York, Montreal, Ohio and some from San Diego. Names include Holman, Nichols, Kent, Stroud, Walter, Whitehill, Also includes soldiers’one by Parker of San Diego. Some tintypes and carte-de-visites.

PA 170 Dorothy Chase Ross Portrait Album, ca. 1870s-1880s. These images consist mostly of carte-de-visite portraits with some tintypes and cabinet cards. Included are members of the Herbert A. Chase, Hamilton, Gunn, Juffa, and Hill family. Photographers include J.A. Sherriff, and Parker-Photographers from San Diego and others from elsewhere in California.

PA 171 Carte-de-visite Portrait Photograph Album, ca. 1860s-1870s. This album consists of carte-de-viste and tintype portraits some of Civil War soldiers from Iowa. Photographers from Iowa, California, and elsewhere. Names include Ewing and Atkinson.

PA 172 Thompson Family Portrait Photograph Album, 1870s-1940s. Consists mostly of tintype portraits, but also carte-de-visites and two 1940s portraits. Family names include Thompson, Denton, Carter, Jones, Baker, Hanks, Waldin, and other family names. One tintype of an African-American child.

PA 173 Family Portrait Album, ca. 1870s-1890s. This album consists of carte-de-vistes, cabinet cards, tintypes and other portraits mostly by photographers from Iowa, Nebraska, and elsewhere. Names include: Taylor, Robinson, Berry, and Hanson. Several family group photographs.

PA 174 & 175 Richard Levi Ancestors Portrait Album, ca. 1880s-1910s. This album contains cabinet cards, carte-de-visites, tintypes and other portraits. Photographers from Missouri, Seattle, San Francisco, Germany and San Diego. San Diego photographers include Klindt & Walters, Lenz’s and Elite Studios. Members of the Levi and other families.

PA 176 Portrait Album, 1880s. This album contains two portraits of young men from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

PA 177 Albertype Co. San Diego Lithograph Album, ca. 1900. This album, produced by the Albertype Company, consists of images of San Diego. Images include the San Diego Mission, downtown, U.S. Grant Hotel, Point Loma, Ramona Ferry, Hotel Del Coronado, college, library, Tent City, La Jolla caves, Los Banos bath house, Theosophical Society, pier, Horton Plaza, Mission Cliff Pavilion, Sweetwater Dam and other images.

PA 178 Catherine Sloan Gaskill Family Photograph Album, Ca. 1895-1897. This album consists of cyanotype prints of the Lakeside area. Documents activities of the Gaskill and other back country families. This album is attributed to Catherine Sloan Gaskill although it maybe that of her daughter or another woman. The photographer is a woman. Includes images of Native Americans, mountains scenes, livestock, rowboat on and scenes of Lake Lindo, the Lakeside Hotel, a ‘Comanche’s’ home, pepper tree, horse and buggy, Mexican neighbors, a large family, orange tree, Cajon Peak, the Richmonds and Miss Horn ride mules, Ah See a Chinese vegetable merchant, Los Coches Dam, Indian School class portrait, gate of the flume, orchards, various identified houses, cows in alfalfa field, the Lakeside Church, Cape Horn, infants, a trip to Cuyamaca, Oak Grove Store, John Coombs Store, D.L. Hoover’s Santa Ysabel Store, F.A. De Luca’s General Merchandise Store in Julian, Ramona Hotel, grape pickers’ tents at Bostonia, Bostonia vineyard, and some images of Northern California.

PA 180 Baja California Panorama Photograph Album, Ca. 1910s. These images consist of panoramic images of Ensenada, Mexico, the Baja California coast, the mountains and back country of Mexico and other images. Includes some images of docks, the beaches, school children and businesses in town.

PA 181 ‘Winter of Content’ Photograph Album, 1899-1900. This album contains images of the San Diego Misson, Point Loma, the outlook at Green Dragon, family members, boat builders, Torrey Pines, ocean scenes, Old Town, San Juan Capistrano Mission, wildcat, hunting, Warner’s Hot Springs, San Francisco, and other subjects.

PA 182 Dorothy Chase Ross Family Portrait Album, 1880s-1910s. This album contains cabinet cards and other portraits of members of the Chase, Ross, Crawford, Rees, Hill, Preston, Newell, Pratt, Dunham, Cole, and other related families. Photographers from Illinois, California, and elsewhere. One image by J.A. Sherriff consists of Herbert A. Chase dressed in a long beard as Daniel in the Opera ‘Belshazzar.’

PA 183 Chase(?) Family Portrait Album, 1880s. This album consists of cabinet card portraits. Family names include: Hill, Preston, Chase, Penrayer(?), Beeks, Hedrick, Mulgrew, Ramsdell, Mefren, and others. Photographers from San Diego (Turner’s Elite Studios), Northern California and elsewhere.

PA 184 Dorothy Chase Ross Family Portrait Album, 1870s-1940s. This album consist of cabinet cards, carte-de-visite and other portraits and family group photographs. Family names include Chase, Hill, Preston, Pinkham, Allen, and other family members. San Diego photographers include Turner’s Elite Studios and Parker Landscape & Portrait.

PA 185 Family Portrait Album, 1880s. This album consists of unidentified cabinet card and carte-de-visite portraits. Photographers from Los Angeles and St. Louis.

PA 186 Dorothy Chase Ross Family Portrait Album, 1870s-1880s. This album consists of cabinet cards, carte-de-visites, tintypes and other portraits and family group photographs. Family names include Chase, Hill, Preston, and other families. Photographers include Turner’s Elite Studios and J.A. Sherriff.

PA 187 Family Travel Photograph Album, 1915-1921. This album consists of photographs of New Mexico, Arizona, San Diego Mission, San Juan Capistrano Mission, Lower Otay Reservoir, Butte Dam, paved road on strand north of La Jolla, Riverside, Pine Hills, San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear Lake, Carmel Mission, Northern California, Lake Tahoe, Columbia River, Mount Rainier, Victoria, B.C., Chicago, New York, Maine, and elsewhere.

PA 188 Mesa Grande Indian Death Dance Photograph Album, 1906. This album consists of images of the Mesa Grande Indian death dance, Native American families, Wash Tub falls, and other subjects. Photographs by C.J. Jessop. Includes news article.

PA 189 Mesa Grande Indian Photograph Album, ca. 1900. Album shows Native Americans at reservations in La Jolla and Pala.

PA 190 Grant Family (??) Miniature Portrait Photograph Album, 1880s. Miniature portraits (1 1/4 x 2) of possibly prominent people published in Trenton, NJ. One labeled Julia D. Grant.

PA 191 Anderson Borthwick Presentation Photograph Album, 1953. This album was presented to Anderson Borthwick, President of the San Diego Harbor Commission on the occasion of the visit to San Diego by the SS President Wilson on July 17, 1953. Images include the SS President Wilson cruising into San Diego, bayfront and industrial areas nearby, welcoming crowd, people dining, posing on board and one man lighting another man’s cigarette.

PA 192 Thing Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910. This album includes rural family scenes indoors and outdoors, beach scenes, an Army encampment at Tecate, interior of a country store in Tecate, a fire truck in a parade and many other photographs.

PA 193 & 193A Robert V. Steele Photograph Album, 1918-1919. These albums document the life and work of San Diego newspaper ‘boy’ and double amputee, Robert V. Steele. Included in the 1918 album are images of his family, hanging out on a pier next to a woman talking to soldiers, at a swimming area in Tent City at Coronado, soldiers, sailors, friends, characters about town, Steele selling newspapers on street corner, Steele in flu mask, trip to New York, Liberty Loan exhibit, street scenes at street level, exterior of busy street by Rudders Grill, Balboa Park, and ships in bay. The 1919 album contains parade at street level, dogs, many glimpses of the Owl Drug Co., group of newsboys (newsies), snapshots of civilians and sailors, and other subjects.

PA 194 Family Portrait Album, ca. 1870s-1880s. This album contains cabinet cards, carte-de-visites, and tintypes. Includes image of brother and sister twins at age 16.

PA 195 Consolidated Aircraft Corporation ‘A Navy Problem & a Proposed Solution Photograph Album, ca. 1940. Documents proposal to solve sewage disposal problems by the Consolidated Aircraft Corp. Includes images of U.S. Naval Fuel Depot at North Island base, Point Loma, U.S. Naval Hospital, U.S. Naval Training Station, San Diego harbor and docks, U.S. Naval Supply Depot, U.S. Destroyer Base, U.S. Marine Corps Base, Municipal Airport, and the site of proposed sewage treatment plant. Many aerials.

PA 196 Klauber Camping Trip Photograph Album, 1911. This album documents the camping trip of a group of friends in 1911. Includes images of picnics, hunting, campfires, swimming, horseback riding, and other activities. Locations include Flynn Springs, Descanso, Cuyamaca Peak and elsewhere.

PA 197 Los Flores School Photograph Album, ca. 1900. This album contains images of the Los Flores School, a back country one-room school house, students, and domestic activities at home.

PA 198 Panama-California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915. Snapshots of the 1915 Balboa Park Exposition.

PA 199 Family Photograph Album, 1908-1911. This album includes family activities, camping and travel throughout the back country and abroad. Images of Cuyamaca Hotel, Stonewall Mines, the Tijuana Insurrection (1911) and other subjects.

PA 200 Resthaven Preventorium Photograph Album, ca. 1913-1920. These images include group photos of children at this medical care facility for children threatened with tuberculosis and other diseases. Located at Lemon Villa in East San Diego. Includes children and hospital ward. One image of the Madame Schumann-Heink ward. Photographs by Herbert Fitch. Also see Resthaven Preventorium Collection.

PA 201 California Pacific International Exposition Photograph Album, 1935. Images of the main buildings of the Balboa Park Exposition in 1935.

PA 202 Harry A. Erickson/Rrussell Parachute Company Photograph Album, ca. 1920s. Photographs of Harry A. Erickson documenting the manufacturing, modeling and testing of parachutes made by the Russell Parachute Company, Kettner Blvd., San Diego.

PA 203 Harry A. (Jimmy) Erickson/Lower California Photograph Album, Ca. 1931. Aerial photographs of Harry A. Erickson document the coastline and elsewhere in Baja California, Mexico. Many views along coast, but also San Quintin, Rosarito Beach, Descanso Point, and the Hotel La Playa in Ensenada where Jack Dempsey apparently lived.

PA 204 & 204a MacArthur Gorton Family Album Photograph Album, 1950s-1960s. Family photographs of the 1950s and 1960s. See PA 208.

PA 205 Cruise of the El Rio Photograph Album, 1906. This album consists of images and a narrative of three men spending the summer boating in Juan De Fuca Channel in Washington State on a boat called the ‘El Rio.’

PA 206 Oceanside & Carlsbad Photograph Album, 1918. This album documents agriculture in the Oceanside/Carlsbad area of San Diego County. Includes many panoramic views of farm fields, irrigation, farm houses (some hand colored), and Oceanside Union High School. Images annotated by S.D. Fraser and note where the farm areas are located.

PA 207 Nina Cottage and Other San Diego Scenes Photograph Album, ca.1910s. This album documents San Diego real estate and commercial landscape ca. 1910. This album has many images of the landscape, interior and exterior of Nina Cottage of Florida St. or Georgia St. Some interiors include Christmas tree scene with adults and children. Also includes other nice portraits of large homes, residence of John D. Spreckels, view of ships in harbor and Point Loma from neighborhood in City Park, Hotel Del Coronado, State Normal College?, Japanese Tea House, many wide view aerials of San Diego downtown and harbor, views of residential neighborhoods, La Jolla caves, beach at Cardiff, San Diego Mission, U.S. Grant Hotel and Horton Plaza, battleships in harbor, view of Mission Valley, Anschuetz’ Mission Inn, and many other images. Many of these images are by Herbert R. Fitch. Some images by Arcade View Co. See negatives in 83:14740.

PA 208 MacArthur Gorton Club Activity Photograph Album, 1940s-1950s. This album documents the activities of MacArthur Gorton relating to the Shriners Organization, and the San Diego Club Managers Association. Images include parades, dinners, and autographed photographs. Includes one with Chiang Kai-Shek and wife (but not autographed by him).

PA 209 Chula Vista Family Photograph Album, 1890s. This album consists of many small photographs of buildings and activities in Chula Vista. Also includes Hotel Del Coronado (interiors), Coronado ocean scenes, U.S. Navy ships, drill of Marines (1897), Casa De Las Flores in Chula Vista, picnic at South San Diego beach, San Diego Mission, Hotel Florence, Diamond Carriages & Livery, several farm houses, La Jolla beach scenes, Tijuana, Pasadena, Oceanside (#200), women’s head sticking out of flower set, Chula Vista Post Office, and many other images. Over 200 images are numbered but have no index exists. Many images are captioned.

PA 210 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910s-1930s. Photographs of families, buildings and sites in the San Diego area, Colorado and elsewhere.

PA 211 Women in Hats Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900-1910. This album contains many San Diego area scenes. Images include San Diego residences, well dressed women in hats, La Jolla, Ralston Realty Co., La Jolla hot salt water baths, Coronado Ferry, Hotel Del Coronado, dog pulling wagon with boy, woman with dog, Cathedral Rock in La Jolla, Russ School (?), Estudillo house, San Diego Mission, USS Bennington after explosion, Japanese Tea Garden in Coronado, motorcycles and motorcycle race, Woods Electric Co., Federal Courthouse, San Diego Zoo, more women in hats, kelp cutter and other fishing industry subjects.

PA 212 Clarence James Morrison Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910-1920. This album contains groups of people camping, hunting, and frolicking at the beach including bathing beauties throughout California. Images include Yosemite, San Mateo, Lake Cuyamaca, back country, San Francisco earthquake damage, Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz, ‘bunch at San Diego (workers),’ Mexican border monument (man with two guns holding up happy tourists), Warner’s Hot Springs, Balboa Park, Mesa Grande, rebuilding antenna for San Diego radio station (1920), Laguna Mountain camping, Mission San Diego, Marine Base in San Diego, and other subjects.

PA 213 Southern California View Company’s ‘San Diego City and Expo. Views’ Photograph Album, 1915. Consists mostly of buildings and activities during the 1915 Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park.

PA 214 Panama-California Exposition Views Photograph Album, 1915. Consists of images of the 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park.

PA 215 Family Snapshots Photograph Album, ca. 1910-1920. Family photographs.

PA 216 Boldrick’s Fine Shoes Store Opening Photograph Album, 1958. This album includes photographs and news clippings showing the activities surrounding the opening of a new Boldrick’s Fine Shoe Store in October 1958.

PA 217 Ralph G. Stineman Balboa Park Construction Photograph Album, 1912-1915. Documents construction of Balboa Park for the Panama-California Exposition in 1915.

PA 219 ‘Through Balboa Park on the San Diego Electric Railway Co.’ Photograph Album, 1942. Photographs by Jack Whitmeyer of the trolley cars traveling through Balboa Park.

PA 220 First Fiesta Parade Photograph Album, 1957. Images of S.A. Marrs of a parade through Balboa Park in 1957. Floats and participants, include the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Cabrillo Civic Club, various historical reenactments, Channel Six camera men filming, and other subjects.

PA 221 California State Building Photograph Album, 1935. This album documents the work of artisans as they prepare to open the California State Building and its exhibits for the California-Pacific Exposition in 1935.

PA 223 Mission Cliff Gardens Photograph Album, n.d. This album consists of photographs and text relating to Mission Cliff Gardens and its possible development.

PA 224 Elizabeth Sprague Photograph Album, ca. 1906-1909. This album consists of images of Venice, California, Riverside, battleships in San Diego Harbor, views of San Diego and Point Loma, San Diego Courthouse, library, old train station, Sunset Cliffs, ladies on rocks in front of Hotel Del Coronado, picnics, Sweetwater Dam, border monument, dead whale at Ocean Beach, Coronado, La Jolla, Alaska trip, Catalina, Tent City, and other subjects.

PA 225 Camp Callan Construction Photograph Album, 1940-1941. This album consists of images relating to the construction, troops, and buildings of Camp Callan, a military base in Torrey Pines.

PA 226 A, B, C, & D Women’s Clubs Photograph Album, 1933-1935. These photograph albums were created by the Southern District Division of History and Landmarks of the California Federation of Women’s Club to document the history of Riverside County, San Diego County, Imperial County, San Bernardino County and Orange County. Consists of four albums. Included are photographs and captions. San Diego images include the harbor, Alpine Town Hall, La Jolla caves and cove, houses in Fallbrook, Live Oak Farm in Fallbrook, La Mesa, several adobes or ruins, ranches, Golden Lotus Temple in Encinitas, Pine Valley cabins, highway between Del Mar and Torrey Pines, ‘Indian Bath Tub,’ Borrego State Park waterfall, Old Town, Vallecito Stage Station, Battle of San Pasqual monument, Starvation Peak, Mission San Luis Rey, La Playa trail marker, San Diego Harbor, Federation of Women’s Club convention group shot, Old Mission Dam, Native American (photos by E.H. Davis), and other subjects. Imperial County album contains images of the desert, agriculture, and buildings. Orange County album contains images of San Juan Capistrano Mission.

PA 227 San Diego Views ‘Photones’ Photograph Album, ca. 1900s. Includes house interiors, mission, monkeys, docks, trolley amongst the cows, a downtown circus parade, Tijuana saloon, and pets.

PA 228 Jabez Danford Photograph Album, ca. 1910-1929. This album contains images of Native Americans in the Southwest including ceremonies. Also included are images of a Mexican insurrection including firing squad activity.

PA 229 Panama California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915. Snapshots of several buildings in Balboa Park during the 1915 Exposition.

PA 230 Bowers Family Portrait Album, ca. 1880s. This album of cabinet cards includes portraits of W.W. Bowers, W.W. Stewart, Bowers Churchill Roberts, Nellie Roberts Brst, Lucy Horton Bowers, Vyne Bowers Hill, Grace Bowers, and other unidentified people.

PA 231 Family Portrait Album, 1880s. Includes cabinet cards and one tintype. Portraits taken mostly by St. Louis Mo. photographers. Family names include Riggstein, Harney, Feigel, Ortland, Guido, Gotschalls, Fryman, Mulenbach, Herman, Robyn, Arkularius, Stork, Fuchs, and others.

PA 232 Family Portrait Album, 1880s. Includes cabinets card portrait taken by San Diego, San Francisco and Iowa photographers. San Diego photographers include Lenz’s, Parker, Charles Klindt’s Chicago Art Gallery, and Turner’s Elite Studio. Also a photograph of A. Sensenbrenner & Co. Cigar Factory (4th St. San Diego) with employees in front of store. Album apparently of an Iowa family that immigrated to San Diego.

PA 233 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1890s. Images of family activities and beach activities.

PA 235 Fred E. Green/san Diego Water Shed Photograph Album, 1926-1932. This album documents water issues in San Diego County. Includes images of the back country watershed; the construction of dams, canals, and wells; the 1921 flood; Lake Hodges Dam and related projects.

PA 236 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1915. The images in this album include picnics, pets, recreational boating, back country camping, seals, motion picture filming, and family activities.

PA 237 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1950s. These images document some activities of a 1950s(?) family apparently in suburban San Diego. Activities include getting ice cream from the ice cream man, birthday parties, dinners, cocktail hour, and scenes of housing in the area.

PA 238 Robert J. Barkley Photograph Album, 1880s-1940s. This collection consists of a photograph album and loose photographs of the Barkley family with images of various activities in the San Diego area. Photograph album consists of clippings, programs, and images of San Diego High School theater activities and the Hod Club.

PA 239 Panama California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915. Hand colored postcards of the 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park.

PA 240 U.S. Naval Training Station Photograph Album, ca. 1915?. This album of lithographs done by the Albertype Co. consists of images of buildings in Balboa Park when it was used as the U.S. Naval Training Station. Essentially this album consists of the buildings built for the 1915 Panama California Exhibition.

PA 241 Family Portrait Album, 1860s-1870s. This album consists of carte-de-viste and tintype portraits. Photographers from Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

PA 243 Chase/Preston/Wilson Family Portrait Album, 1860s-1880s. This album consists of identified members of the Preston, Wilson, Hill, Johnson, and related families. This album has an index. Consists of carte-de-visites, tintypes and one 8×10 family portrait. Also see PA 170, 182, 183, 184, 186.

PA 244 Orcutt Family Portrait Album, 1870s-1890s. This album consists of cabinet cards, carte-de-visites, and tintype portraits of members of the Orcutt, Berry, Smith, Marsh, Anthony, Raymond, Eigenmann, Gray, Townsend, Tracey, and other families. Includes some carte-de-visites of religious scenes. Some San Diego photographers.

PA 245 Parlor Photograph Album, ca. 1900. Consists of five sections. Subjects include Coronado, ferries, library, Hotel Del Coronado, Philmoars rowing team, Tent City, La Jolla, Palomar, a mountain school house, Rainbow Falls, a log house in Palomar, Pacific Beach, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Scripps and Emma Scripps in buggies, New England, Canada, and elsewhere.

PA 246 Family Portrait Album, 1870s-1880s. This album of portraits consists of cabinet cards, carte-de-visites, and tintypes. Photographers from Denver, Colorado or Ontario, Canada.

PA 247 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900. This album includes images relating to livestock, the Tijuana Saloon, large groups posing in front of water or on trees, Hotel Del Coronado, various ruins, Old Town, farm family portraits, beach scenes, Sweetwater Dam, double deck trolley, views of residential San Diego, child with wagon and toys, and the border monument.

PA 248 Family Photograph Album, Ca. 1910s. This album contains images relating to the San Diego Mission, back county, the New Ramona Hotel, mountains, farm land, panoramic views, the desert, picnics, old cars, and other subjects.

PA 249 Panama-California Exposition Photomechanical Album, 1915. This album consists of colorized and miniature postcard type images of the buildings and gardens at the 1915 Exposition in Balboa Park.

PA 250 Albertype Co. ‘San Diego Cal.’ Lithograph Album, 1901. This album contains images of Coronado, San Diego, Old Town, a sheep farm, and several other subjects.

PA 251 Western Views by A. M. Reed(?) Photograph Album, 1908, 1924. This album includes La Jolla views of an old station, the Scripps residence, and the Protestant Episcopal Church. Other images include Chinatown in Los Angeles and San Francisco, various missions, various other California scenes, Washington, D.C., and Texas. One page of views of Davies Box Lunch restaurant in Oceanside (1924).

PA 252 H. E. Coffer Photograph Album, 1980. This album contains color photographs of flooding in Mission Valley (1980), various accidents or other events on freeways, and automobile racing.

PA 253 Standard Iron Works/Fish Filling Machine Photograph Album, 1940s. This album consists of various machinery relating to the processing of fish for companies such as fish canneries, and Van De Camp Seafood Co.

PA 254 Levi Edis Photograph Album, 1891-1901. This album contains images of cornerstone ceremony for San Diego Public Library (1901), Sweetwater Dam, downtown, water flume, view across Pine Valley, flow of water at Pine Valley (1891), dam and reservoir sites at Pine Valley, panoramic view of downtown, construction of Pine Valley dam, cattle, work camp with tents, and other subjects.

PA 255 Clay Pell Photograph Album, ca. 1918. This album was possibly Clay Pell’s, a soldier at Fort Rosecrans during World War I. Includes images of Fort Rosecrans, Santa Fe Depot, people wearing flu masks, various San Diego scenes, ‘sea nymphs’ beach scenes, car stuck in snow, children on teeter totters at Normal Training School, children theatrical production, Coronado and other subjects.

PA 257 Lee Passmore Photograph Album, 1910s. This album contains several Passmore photographs relating to rowing, Torrey Pines, Julian, Cabrillo Bridge, Sweetwater Dam break (1916), ships, trains, cars, new radio towers, flood, back country views, Spreckel’s Theater Hippodrome, Organ Pavilion, parade of wagons in front of post office, Panama-California Exposition, concrete bridge in Old Town before and after flood, interior of U.S. Grant Hotel, and Point Loma. See Passmore Collection and PA 95, 101, 102, 103, and 106.

PA 258 & PA 259 Walter Ipsen/Calfornia-Pacific Exposition Photograph Albums, 1935- 1936. These two albums contain the photographs of Walter Ipsen, a member of the bugle corps (?) of Company G, the 30th Infantry in the U.S. Army during the 1935-1936 Exposition in Balboa Park. Images include Exposition sites, activities and people. Subjects include San Diego Zoo, Native Americans in Ken Maynard’s Wild West Show, ‘girl chorus” and other groups at the Organ Pavilion, Tin Pan Alley on the Midway, Army soldiers, troops doing drills, Army Camp Derby, the Lakeside Rodeo, artillery guns at Camp Don (1936), Falstaff Tavern, Old Globe Theater, midway shows including ‘A Real Two-Headed Baby,’ Johnnie McDill ‘the Mae West of Midgets,’ Zoro Gardens Nudist Colony performances, (Queen Tanya with other nudists who are identified by first name), 11th Cavalry drill, beer garden, Midget Circus entrance, Palace of Education, Spanish Village, Enchanted Land, lily pond, Press Building, semi nude chorus girls with guns and bugles, Peter the Hermit, Indian Village, Caf‚ of the World, Palisades Caf‚, model town, Avenida del Palacios, California State Building, Exposition bus, Victor McLaglen’s motorcycle group & parade, high wire act, Army band and bugle corps, soldiers playing volleyball, Beech-nut girl, cactus gardens, some buildings at night, ‘bail out tower’ ride, Hollywood Hall of Fame, Streets of Paris, Gold Gulch, and many other attractions. Also one image of the entrance to Zoro Gardens. Other area sites also photographed.

PA 260 Irene Gardner Mills Photograph Album, 1911-1920 This album contains images of Mission Cliff Gardens, Golden Hill neighborhood, Ostrich Farm, Bennington Monument, Old Town, Hotel Del Corondo, Coronado, La Jolla, California, Michigan, West Baden, and elsewhere.

PA 261 Geraldine Wooden Photograph Album, ca. 1930s. This album documents African-American life in San Diego during the 1930s. The images consist of the Wooden family and friends throughout the San Diego area, the interior of evangelical tent services, groups, relatives and other people.

PA 262 Catherine Santer Ross Photograph Album, 1925-1950 This album contains images (mostly 1920s) of the Santer family, an Armistice Day Parade (1925-1926), La Jolla Caves, Sunset Cliffs, school groups, Balboa Park, Organ Pavilion, San Diego Zoo, moving a house, Mission Beach, Coronado flood 1936, Bunnell Photo, Brooklyn School production, and other subjects.

PA 263 Betty K. Roberts/California Pacific International Exposition Photograph Album, 1935. Includes images of Exposition buildings, sample houses, with some annotation.

PA 264 Panama California Exposition Photograph Album, 1915 This album consists of ribbons, news clippings, brochures and photographs relating to the Exposition in Balboa Park 1915. Includes activities, concerts, and drills.

PA 265 Family Photograph Album, ca. 1900. Family album contains images related to Alpine, La Jolla, Coronado, Mission Bay Bird Refuge sign, Dinky Train in La Jolla, a pier probably in Del Mar with enclosed ocean swimming area and other images.

PA 266 Selected Views of San Diego Lithograph Album, 1914. This album published by the Albertype Co. consists of lithographic images of San Diego. Includes Fifth St., D. Street, Grant Hotel, San Diego from the park, Mission Cliffs Garden, Hotel Del Coronado, Tent City, Old Town, the Scripps Home at La Jolla, La Jolla scenes, Theosophical Society, and other images.

PA 267 Rawson Family Photograph Album, ca.1900-1925. This album contains images relating to La Jolla, San Diego, Wisconsin, and a hospital and other activities in Venezuela.

PA 268 Scott Family Photograph Album, ca. 1910s. This album contains family scenes, beach scenes, 1916 flood scenes, Oceanside (1919), roadside sign for Lakeside and La Jolla, and other images.

PA 269 Scott Family Photograph Album, 1917-1919. This album contains images of U.S. Navy sailor, George Scott and his activities on board ships during World War I.

PA 270 Mary Dent Photograph Album, ca. 1910s. Images of children and adults.

PA 271 Western Trip Photograph Album, 1915. This album consists of photographs of a trip across the West. Includes the Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park (including some aerials), a bullfight in Tijuana, loose images of Camp Marston in Julian, the Grand Canyon, the San Francisco Exposition and the Pacific Northwest.

PA 272 Naval Air Station Pilot Photograph Album, ca. 1910s. This album was created by a pilot stationed at the Naval Air Station on North Island. The images include waterplanes, airplanes, aerials of San Diego area, sailors in Balboa Park, F-5-l plane, officers homes on North Island, dirigible hangar on North Island, other hangars.

PA 273 Launching Ferry Steamer ‘Coronado’ Photograph Album, 1929. This album consists of ceremonies relating to the launching of the ferry steamer ‘Coronado’ in 1929. Images of sponsor Miss Helen Mercier, others related to the Moore Dry Dock Company in Oakland, and launching the ferry.

PA 274 First National Bank Building Construction Photograph Album, 1964-1966. This album documents the construction of the First National Bank building high rise at 5th and B in downtown San Diego. Includes demolition of the previous building at the site which had been the Pantages and later Orpheum Theater and even later the Brass Rail bar. Images include construction, ceremonies, the interior and other subjects.

PA 275 Bennington Disaster Photograph Album, 1905. This album documents some activities surrounding the explosion of the USS Bennington in 1905.

PA 276 Tijuana View Photograph Album, 1920s. This album consists of views of Tijuana, Mexico.

PA 277 Mesa Grande & La Jolla Native American Photograph Album, 1900-1910. This album consists of images of San Diego County Indians and some missionary work or classes.

PA 278 Jesse W. Thomas Photograph Album, 1915-1920s. This album documents the family and work of a Pacific Telephone lineman who traveled around on a motorcycle. Images include motorcycles, flood (1916), Old Town, Balboa Park, Hotel Del Coronado, Mission Valley, Mission Cliff Gardens, Garfield School, Jacumba Hot Springs, Sunset Cliffs, beach scenes, Christmas scenes, Shenandaoh airship (blimp), and other images.

PA 279 Frances C. Henking Scrapbook, ca. 1900s. This scrapbook contains images from publications that show many sites around San Diego.

PA 280 L. S. Dewein/Spreckels Wharf Photograph Album, 1923-1925. This album documents work and construction at Spreckels Brothers wharf and some work at Spreckels Lumber Company. Includes ships, train tracks, wharf construction, underwater diver intending to inspect wharf pilings, crane accident, unloading of goods and other images.

PA 281 San Diego Historic Plaques and Sites Photograph Album, 1925-1950. Contains images of San Diego historic plaques, markers, and sites. Some images of Old Town and other historic structures.

PA 282 Camp Tapawingo Girl Scout Camp Photograph Album, ca. 1936. This album contains images of girl scouts and their counselors camping at Camp Tapawingo, Lake Cuyamuca. Also includes images of campsites, groups of girl scouts, hikes, and many snakes.

PA 283 Barrett Dam Engineer’s Report/Photograph Album, 1922. This report documents work on the Barrett Dam.

PA 284 Palmer Family Scrapbook/Photograph Album, 1920s-1940s. This album contains photographs and ephemeral relating to the Palmer Family, family reunions, moving houses from one lot to another, commercial airflights (1940s).

PA 285-286 Holman Family Photograph Albums, 1938-1950. 2 albums, some loose photographs. 1996/001. Images include family scenes, children, a wedding, the zoo, ships in the bay, El Pation Beauty Studio (La Mesa) and other scenes.

PA 287 Mary Howe McLeod/California Pacific International Exposition, 1935-1936.