Spring-Summer 1998, Volume 44, Numbers 2 & 3

The Journal of San Diego History
Spring-Summer 1998, Volume 44, Numbers 2 & 3
Richard W. Crawford, Editor

By Gregory L. Williams

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Cover Image: At 11:50 am on March 18,1915, a photographer from the San Diego Union snapped this picture of the old Santa Fe station as two railroad engines pulled the tower to earth. The new Santa Fe station appears in the background. UT8162.

Page iv. El Cajon Valley from Grossmont, 1909.

Page 71. Cliffs of La Jolla, ca. 1900s.

Page 72. Child beauty contest at Mission Beach, 1920s.

Page 74. Fan dancer Sally Rand at the 1935 California Pacific Exposition.

Page 75. Serra Museum dedication ceremonies, July 16, 1929.

Page 76. San Diego High School students wearing mandatory “flu masks,” December 1918.

Page 77. Villa Montezuma.

El Cajon Boulevard

Page 78. Demonstration by hot rod dragsters, El Cajon Boulevard, 1960.

Swimming lessons

Page 80. Swimming lessons for servicemen, Balboa Park, 1915-1916.

San Diego Zoo

Page 82. Dr. Thomas Faulconer examining ‘Mike’ at San Diego Zoo, 1924.

Kelp processing at American Agar Co

Page 83. Kelp processing at American Agar Co., 1930s.

Westgate Cannery

Page 84. Westgate Cannery, 1930s.

Page 85. Eddie’s Bar, 1941.

Page 87. “Human Fly” ascends U.S. Grant Hotel, 1920s.

Page 88. “Harlem After Dark,” the Creole Palace at the Douglas Hotel, 1930s.

Page 90. Sweetwater Trestle of San Diego Flume Co., 1887.

Page 91. Launching of the concrete ship Cuyamaca, June 12, 1920.

Page 92. Maria Louisa separating corn meal, 1903.

Page 94. Ocean-going log raft of the Benson Lumber Company, 1908.

Page 95. Matador, Bette Ford in Tijuana, 1955.

Page 96. Homestead and Aryan Temple of the Theosophical Society, ca. 1903.

Page 99. “Mayor of Chinatown” Ah Quin and family, 1900.

Page 100. Ladies wrapping lampshades, Mission Industries, National City, 1949.

Page 102. Golfcraft Manufacturing Co., Escondido, 1954.

Page 105. Bing Crosby with Dorothy Lamour at the opening of the Del Mar Racing season, 1938.

Page 107. Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park, 1915.

Page 109. Tent City and Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, 1904.

Page 110. Mission San Diego, ca. 1900s.

Page 111. G.A.R. Parade in front of Horton House, 1899.

Page 112. San Diego City Hall at 5th and G.

Page 114. San Diego skyline, ca. 1886.

Page 116. U.S. Airmail car and plane, 1930.

Page 119. “Ingenues” Saxaphone Band with Cowboy Strickland at the Fine Arts Gallery, 1935.

Page 120. El Paso Saloon on “K” Street, 1887.

Page 123. Herbert Hoover in rolling chair, Balboa Park, 1935.

Page 124. V-J Day, downtown San Diego, 1945.

Page 128. Balboa Park area, 1915.

Page 130. International border at San Ysidro, ca. 1925.

Page 131. Gaskill Brothers store in Campo, 1880s.

Page 134. Wind and Sea Surf Club members, 1963.

Page 135. Highway 101 to San Diego, 1961.

Page 138. Workers on the stack of the San Diego steamer Harvard.

Page 141. Waffle’s Cafe, East San Diego, 1927.

Page 143. Beatles press conference in San Diego, August 28, 1965.

Page 146. Lane Field and San Diego Bay, 1937.

Page 148. Pacific Steamship Wharf, ca. 1890.

Page 149. Moving a house to Coronado, ca. 1904-1908.

Page 150. Building Clairemont, 1950s.

Page 152. San Diego from the Bay, 1953.

Page 155. San Diego Free Public Library.

Page 156. Franklin D. Roosevelt (center, standing with cane) at the Panama-California Exposition, 1915.

Page 159. Construction of the Hotel Del Coronado, 1887.

Page 160. Exposition workers rushing for paychecks in front of Women’s Palace, December 18, 1934.

Page 163. Train at La Jolla, 1908.

Page 164. Old Town looking southwest, 1898.

Page 167. Broadway Pier, 1925.

Page 168. San Diego Electric Railway double-deck car #1, 1892.

Page 169. Fireman using the “water cure” on Wobblie demonstrators, 1912.

Page 171. Making tiles for Casa de Estudillo, Old Town, 1909.

Page 172. Fishing at Coronado, 1905.

Page 174. Pacific Beach, ca. 1904.

Page 177. The San Diego Police “dry squad” testing a still, 1930.

Page 178. Ted Williams, with Boston Red Sox scout Eddie Collins and Padres’ owner Bill Lane, June 26, 1936.

Page 180. Norman Baynard photograph of Carver National Life Insurance, 1950s.

Page 181. Charles Schneider photograph of diver for American Agar, 1965.

Page 189. The Isotope Lab at Scripps Institution, June 1959.

Page 190. Aftermath the “Hatfield Flood,” Sweetwater Dam, January 30, 1916.

Page 209. H. K. Morishita and K. Goto on January 2, 1942.