The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1972, Volume 18, Number 1
James E Moss, Editor

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opening ceremonies of the Historical Archives

Page 11. At opening ceremonies of the Historical Archives on May 9, 1969, Lic. Hugo Cervantes del Río, (center) then Governor of the Territory of Baja California Sur, and Miss Guadalupe Pérez San Vicente (left), researcher in the Instituto de Investigaciones Historicas at the National University of Mexico, inspect documents.

Governor Cervantes, Miss Perez and Miss Beatriz Arteaga

Page 11. With Governor Cervantes and Miss Pérez is Miss Beatriz Arteaga (right foreground), from the Instituto de Investigaciones. Miss Arteaga and Miss Pérez worked on the preliminary organization of the archives.

Baja California map

Page 13. Baja California (c. 1868)

Document transcript in English

Page 16. [English transcription of document]

Document transcript in Spanish

Page 17. [Spanish translation of document] With the transcription of this significant text and the reprinting of the Act in the original Spanish [at left], I conclude these notes on the background and recent creation of the historical Archives in La Paz.