The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1975, Volume 21, Number 3
James E. Moss, Editor

By Charles Hughes

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El Camino Real

Cover: El Camino Real, mural by Richard Gabriel Chase. Courtesy Southwest Bank and Don Driese, the Tolle Company.

Rancho de la Canada de los Coches

Rancho de la Cañada de los Coches, showing the house, out-buildings, and some of its 28.39 acres. (1886)

Santiago Arguello

Santiago Argüello

George F. Hooper

George F. Hooper
another New Town merchant.

Santiago Emigdio Arguello

Santiago Emigdio Argüello

Juan Maria Marron

Juan María Marron

Old Town residence of Juan María Marron, 1874

Old Town residence of Juan María Marron as it looked in 1874. Family members pose in front.

Jose de Guadalupe Concepción Estudillo

Jose de Guadalupe Concepción Estudillo,

Jose Antonio de Jesus Serrano

County resident, Jose Antonio de Jesus Serrano,
born at the San Diego Presidio, 1814

George Parrish Tebbets

George Parrish Tebbets
Early Anglo Merchant