The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1979, Volume 25, Number 3
Thomas L. Scharf, Managing Editor

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Serra Museum

Page 221. [Serra Museum]

South Elevation

Page 222. South Elevation.

Page 223. George W. Marston, prominent San Diego businessman, wanted a fitting memorial to the first European settlers of California.

William Templeton Johnson

Page 224. The designer of Serra Museum, William Templeton Johnson, was a traditionalist who promoted Spanish Colonial and Mission architecture.

Templeton's plan

Page 224. Marston approved of [Templeton Johnson’s] plan which soon became the dominant feature of the proposed park.

Page 225. Previous to the construction of the Serra Museum, Presidio Hill had been marked with a cross, erected in 1913 by the Order of Panama, which still stands.

Page 226. The ruins of San Diego Presidio as they appeared at the time of Serra Museum’s construction.


Page 227. Construction of the museum building begins.


Page 227. The view was taken looking up from the bed of the San Diego River.


Page 228-229. Work on the museum appears to be nearly completed, although construction debris is still much in evidence. Note the bareness of the park which would later blossom with lush foliage.

Serra Museum   Serra Museum

Serra Museum

Pages 230-231.
[Serra Museum]

Serra Museum Library

Page 232. Serra Museum Library

Serra Museum interior   Serra Museum interior

Page 233, 234-235.
Serra Museum interior as George W. Marston originally conceived it.

official program

Page 236. The official program for the dedication of Presidio Hill Park and Serra Museum.

Page 236. Two participants of a pageant which was held to recreate the first contact between white men and the Cosoy Indians

Dedication activities

Page 236-237. [Dedication activities]

San Diego Magazine

Page 238. San Diego Magazine devoted its July 1929 issue to the new Serra Museum and Presidio Park.

George W. Marston

Page 239. George W. Marston making his Serra Museum dedication address.

aerial shot of the museum and park

Page 240-241. Overleaf is an aerial shot of the museum and park, July 16, 1929.