The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1984, Volume 30, Number 2
Thomas L. Scharf, Managing Editor

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The chapel at The Bishop's School

Cover photo: The chapel at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla. The school was founded in 1909 by Joseph Horsfall Johnson, the first bishop of the Los Angeles Diocese of the Episcopal Church. It opened its La Jolla campus with boarding facilities in 1910. Ellen and Virginia Scripps were benefactors of the school which now has some 500 boys and girls in grades seven through twelve.

Bishop Joseph Horsfall Johnson with Reverend Bedford Jones

Page 106.

The Bishop’s School, was founded in 1909 by Bishop Joseph Horsfall Johnson (right), seen here with the Reverend Bedford Jones.

The beautiful campus of The Bishop's School

Page 108-109.

The beautiful campus of The Bishop’s School was designed by noted architect Irving Gill. The stark simplicity of Gill’s work was in sharp contrast to the Victorian “gingerbread” style still in vogue at the time.

Students and faculty at the original Bishop's School

Page 110.

Students and faculty at the original Bishop’s School (near First and Redwood in San Diego) gathered for a group portrait c. 1915.

Second campus opened in La Jolla in 1910

Page 111.

The second campus with boarding facilities opened in La Jolla in 1910.

Irving Gill-designed tower

Page 112.

The Irving Gill-designed tower at the La Jolla campus no longer exists due to remodeling work completed in the 1930s.

Victory Garden

Page 113.

Students planted and maintained a Victory Garden as part of an effort for World War I.

Students circa 1920-21

Page 116.

Students c. 1920-21. The Bishop’s School fostered an atmosphere of simplicity for its pupils. In most rooms furniture was plain, walls were unadorned, floors often without rugs, and light bulbs left bare.

Faculty c. 1920-21

Page 117.

Faculty c. 1920-21.

Caroline Seely Cummins

Page 118.

Miss Caroline Seely Cummins, headmistress of The Bishop’s School for over thirty years (1921-1953).

Bishop's School

Page 120.

The plain architecture of Irving Gill, set a tranquil tone for The Bishop’s School campus.

Photographs from this article are from The Bishop’s School archives.