The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1984, Volume 30, Number 1
Thomas L. Scharf, Managing Editor

Back to the article: Ensenada: Its Background, Founding and Early Development

Ensenada, about 1892

Page 15. Ensenada, about 1892. The oldest city in Baja California Norte, its bay was discovered on September 17, 1542 by Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo.

Sawday's Ensenada Motor Garage, about 1920

Page 18. Sawday’s Ensenada Motor Garage, about 1920. Photo courtesy of the author and Carlos Gallegas.

Billiard Room, Hotel Iturbide

Page 20-21. The Billiard Room, Hotel Iturbide about 1890. The hotel opened on October 13, 1887 in a three-story building perched on a hill with a stupendous view of the bay. At the time Ensenada had a population of 1450

Interior, Rosarita Beach Country Club

Page 24. Interior, c. 1932, Rosarita Beach Country Club. Establishments such as these proved popular with American as well as Mexican visitors and remain so even today

Page 26. The old Ensenada Customshouse about 1920. The railway extended all the way into the pier. Photo courtesy of the author and Carlos Gallegas.

All photographs, unless otherwise indicated, are from the San Diego Historical Society Photograph Collection.