The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1986, Volume 32, Number 2
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

George W. Marston  
George W. Marston as seen in a portrait c. 1927. Besides his mercantile business, Presidio Park was Marston’s greatest undertaking.

Presidio Hill  
A barren Presidio Hill c. 1913 gives little evidence of the lush park it was to become.

John Nolen  
John Nolen, landscape architect, wanted Marston to expand his ideas for Presidio Park.

Serra Museum  
Marston referred to the Junípero Serra Museum as “the commanding landmark of Presidio Hill.”

Removal of a large city water reservoir in the upper portion of Presidio Park took place in 1928. Photographs, like the one reproduced here (among those Marston presented with his statement) show the huge effort involved. Note the horse-drawn equipment.

Presidio Park, June 1931. Left to right: George Marston, H.N. Farago, unidentified woman, Leroy Wright and John Davidson.

Presidio Park  
Presidio Park, 1928. The view is looking northwest from what is now the area between Cosoy Way and Presidio Drive.

Junipero Serra Museum  
Junípero Serra Museum and new plantings in 1929.