The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1987, Volume 33, Number 1
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

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1890Powerhouse for Cable Car Companygone
1890Madison Lovett Residence, 4th near Upasgone
1890Fred T. Hill Cottage, University Heights?
1890George Montieth Cottage, Upper Third?
1890Walter G. Smith, Coronado Beach?
1890W.L. Frevert residence, 2nd Streetgone
1890Cable Hotel, 4th & Redwoodgone
1890Cable Car Pavilion, Mission Cliff parkgone
1890Clarence L. Barber Residence, 5th & Robinsongone
1890Mrs. Milton Santee Residence, 11th & Bgone
1890John T. Hill Residence, University Heightsgone
1890David D. Dare Residence, upper 5th Streetgone
1890Extensive alterations to store, 5th & D, Doud, hatter
1890Improvements to Recreation Park, consisting of grandstand & clubhouse for Marco Hellman, Southern California Baseball & Athletic Assoc.
1891School to be built by Cable Car Co.gone
1891J.E. Fishburne Residence, 2nd & Junipergone
1891J.W. Sefton Ranch House, Spring Valley?
1891Extensive alterations to Florence Hotelgone
1891S.S. Havermale Ranch House, Viejas Valley?
1891Stable for S.S. Havermale?
1891William G. Burch Residence, 8th & Ashgone
1892L.S. McLure Residence, 3204 H, addition of 2nd story, interior changesgone
1892Hebbard, residence, 1827 Thirdgone
1892Marston’s Store, alterations, addition of storeroom in rear, plate glass window in front
1893Ramona Town Hallrestored
1893J.W. Jackson Residence, 8th & Ashgone
1893Capt. Pringle Residence, Upas & Park?
1893J.H. Marshall Mausoleum, Mt. Hopeintact
1893W.P. Uhlinger Residence, 6th & Thorngone
1893George L. Fischer Cottage, 1545 4thgone
1893H.E. Doolittle Residence, 1741 Front Streetgone
1893English Lutheran Church, 2nd, bet A & Ashgone
1894Capt. J.D. Dexter Residence, 28th & Julian/Kearney Ave.?
1894Clemons Warehouse, 5th Avenueremodeled
1894Frame Cottage, Nutts Addition, 5th Street?
1894F.F. Wright Bldg., 5th Avenuegone
1894Mrs. E.A. Smith Residence & Stable, 2355 5thgone
1894Hyatt Residence, Park Villa Tract?
1894Havermale Cottage, 2nd & Beech?
1894Dr. W.A. Edwards Residence, 5th & Laurelgone
1894Jesse R. Grant Residence, Quince St. & Parkremodeled
1894Christ Episcopal Church, Coronadointact
1894W.D. Tripp Residence, 5th & Quince
1894D.C. Collier, Jr. Cottage, 6th
1895Capt. C.T. Hinde Residence, Coronadointact
1895Armand Jessop Residence, now 3001st Ave., Coro.restored
1896Unitarian Church, 6th between B and Cgone
1897McKenzie, Flint & Wins by Co., 275 5thremodeled
1897Scripps Cottage, Prospect St., La Jollagone
1897John Osborn Residence, 2073 Logan Ave.intact
1897Los Banos, 735 W. Broadwaygone
1897Ralph Granger Residence, 8th & National, N.C.gone
1897San Diego Land & Town Bldg., National Citygone
1897Mary Cossitt #1, Adella & Maria, Coronado
1898Mrs. H.L. Shepard?
1898Residence, 4th near Dategone
1898M.V. Carroll Residence, 3770 5th?
1898George McKenzie Residence, Front & Kalmiagone
1898John H. Kleine Residence, Lakeside?
1898Mendell C. Churchill Residence, 4th & Orange, Cor.remodeled
1898Mary Pratt/Lorini House, 1517 Ynez, Coronadorestored
1898Mary Cossitt #3, 1127 Flora Ave., Coronadoremodeled
1898Bailhache House, 1022 Adella, Coronadoremodeled
1898Frank von Tesmar (Cossitt #2), 1037 Star Park, Coronadoremodeled
1898Ernest & Ileen White Residence, 136 Redwoodremodeled
1898Stephens-Terry Residence, 711 A, Coronadoremodeled
1898Stephens-Terry Carriage House, 723 A, Coronadoremodeled
1898Granger Music Hall Additionrestored
1898State Normal School, Normal & Park Blvd.gone
1899Cottage, 5th between Robinson & Thorntongone
1899George Kroenert Residence, 1471 8thintact
1899Mrs. P.O. Josse Bldg., 515 Broadwaygone
1899Hebbard Residence, 3816 5thgone
1900Hebbard: restoration of Mission San Diego de Alcalarestored
1900S.W. Investment Co. Bldg.?
1900Kneedler-Morton House, 1000 Adella, Coronadomoved/ remodeled
1900Elwyn B. Gould Residence, Albatross & Juniperremodeled
1900Residence, 1604 7thintact
1900Waterman Residence, 237 W. Hawthorneintact
1901Miss Way Residence, 419 Redwoodgone
1901Mary A. Sterrett Residence, 542 22nd Streetintact
1901San Diego Gas Works Additions?
1902Richards-Dupee Residence-1015 Ocean, Coronadoremodeled
1902Louis Fritz Residence, 1572 1st (1st & Cedar)gone
1902Johnson Puterbaugh Cottage, 2nd & Quinceintact
1902Masonic Temple, 5th & Cgone
1902Birckhead Residence, Portsmouth, R.I.?
1902Albert Olmstead Residence, Newport, R.I.?
1902John Olmstead Residence, Chepiwanoxet, R.I.?
1902La Jolla Tavern, south of Scripps Cottage?
19025th Ward Schoolgone
1902Presbyterian Church, El Cajongone
1902Cuyamaca Railroad Co., engine house, foot of  10th?
1903Ellen Mason Residence, Newport, R.I.intact
1903W.H. Porterfield Residence, Upas & 2ndremodeled
1903George Tanner Residence, 2419 Market Street?
1903Alterations to Capt. W. Smith Residence, (Timken) 2501 1strestored
1903Mrs. Ida D. Chappell Residence, 231 Ivy?
1903Bungalow, 3rd and Ivyintact
1903Hammond Flats, D between 9th & 10thgone
1904Pickwick Theatre, 4th between D & Cgone
1904Mr. Belcher Residence, Kalmia & Albatrossgone
1904Barker Residence, 108 W. Robinsonremodeled
1904Julius Wangenheim Residence, 148 W. Junipergone
1904W.B. Woodward Flats, 7th between Broadway & Cgone
1904William Steward Residence, 942 23rd Streetintact
1904George Marston Residence, 3525 7th Avenueintact
1904Warren M. Crouse Residence, 6th & Mapleintact
1904Judge Anderson Residence, Front near Juniper?
1905Mrs. Austin Mitchell Residence, 4th & Nutmegremodeled
1905Residence, Apponaug, R.I.?
1905McCagg Residence, Bar Harbor, Mainegone
1905Katherine Teats #1, 3560 7thintact
1905Alice Lee Residence #1, 3578 7thintact
1905Alice Lee Residence #2, 3353 Albatross
1905Charles Pl. Douglas Residence, 202 Nutmeggone
1905Hebbard Residence, 1032 8thgone
1905Grant Block, 4th Streetgone
1906Mary Cossitt Residence, 3526 7th, #4intact
1906Alice Lee #3, 3574 7thremodeled
1906Residence, 408 Nutmeggone
1906Frederick Burnham Residence, 3565 7thintact
1906Edmund Parmelee Residence, Ivy & Frontremodeled
1906Dr. Oatman Residence, 2nd between Kalmia & Laurelremodeled
1906Mrs. Ermina Carrington Residence, 3344 5thgone
1906Gust Brelin Residence, 2078 Universitygone
1906Frank W. Barnes Residence, 3405 4thgone
1906Church of Christ Scientist, 3rd & Ashremodeled
1906First Methodist Church, 9th & Cgone
1906W.S. Hebbard Residence, 3rd & Olivegone
1906I. I. Irwin Residence, 6th & Dategone
1906San Diego Club, 9th between D & Egone
1906Sam Ferry Smith Residence, 4th north of Ivy?
1906Gym for Y.M.C.A.gone
1906Mrs. J. Wade McDonald studio, 5th opp. Walnut?
1906Women’s Club?
1906George Craine Residence, Redwood & Parkgone
1906Louis J. Wilde Residence, 5th between Juniper & Kalmia?
1906Mrs. S. Foreman Residence, Coronadogone
1907Hawley Residence, 4744 Panoramaintact
1907Crane Brothers Hotel, 5th between B & Cgone
1907Peckham Apt. Bldg., 4023 Goldfinchremodeled
1907E.A. Wells Apt. House, 2006 G?
1907D.F. Goff Residence, 3580 5thgone
1907Germania Hall, 9th & Ggone
1907Lanier Hotel, 3rd & Ashgone
1907Marston Store, 5th & Cgone
1908St. Paul’s Rectory, 4th & Nutmegremodeled
1908Charles Fox Residence, 3100 Brant Streetremodeled
1908Brooklyn Heights Schoolgone
1908Dr. Perry Lewis Apt. House, 7th between A & Ash?
1908Rudolph Hotel, 20th & Igone
1908W.F. Riley Residence, H between 2nd & 3rd, Coronado?
1908Open Court Bungalow, 1038 5th, Chula Vistagone
1908Park-Grable Investment Co., La Mesagone
1908Harry Gregg Residence, Front & Thornintact
1908H.B. Hakes Residence, 611 A, Coronadoremodeled
1908H.B. Blankenburg Residence, 8th nr. Pennsylvaniaintact
1909John B. Starkey, 5th near Agone
1909M. Hall Cottage, 4852 W. Pt. Loma Blvd.remodeled
1909C.W. Fox Cottage, Ocean Beach?
1909George Birney Cottage, Ocean Beach Park?
1909J.H. McKie Cottage, Ocean Beach Park?
1909Marine National Bank, 947 5thgone
1909F.W. Vogt Residence, 1st and Pennsylvaniaremodeled
1909Carl Ferris Residence, 3rd & Quincegone
1910Normal Training School Buildingintact
1910Escondido Grammar School, Dakota Street?
1910Union Title & Trust, 2nd between D & Cgone
1910Carnegie Library, National Citygone
1910National City Municipal Bldg., National Avenuegone
1910Unitarian Church, 6th & Beechgone
1910Logan Heights Congregational Church, Sampson & Kearneygone
1911E.J. Swayne Residence, 2nd & Nutmegintact
1911R.F. Paine Residence, Pt. Loma?
1911Alda Ferris Residence, 1st & Thornintact
1911E.L. Hardy Residence, 1st between Walnut & Brooksintact
1911Dr. Alexander Varner Residence, 2231 Albatrossintact
1911Cuyamaca State Bank, El Cajongone
1911A.T. Crane Flat Bldg., 5th near Upasgone
1912Sebree House, 535 Ocean Blvd., Coronadointact
1912Vanderbilt Apts., 10th & A, Coronadointact
1912Bob Monroe Residence, Marine View?
1912Dixieland Hotel, Dixieland?
1912Edward Alling Residence, 3226 Curlewintact
1912Dr. Hallenbeck Residence, Curlew Streetintact
1912All Saints Episcopal Church (with Carleton Winslow Sr.), 6th & Pennsylvaniaintact
1913Butler Apts., 4th between A & Ashgone
1913Southern Title Guaranty Co., 3rd next to Union Bldg.gone
1913Mrs. H.L. Sefton Residence, Pt. Lomaintact
1913J.W. Sefton Residence, Pt. Lomaintact
1913Sefton Hotel (Maryland Hotel) 630 F Streetintact
1913G.W. Kettenberg Residence, La Playa?
1913Hale Residence, St. James Street, Mission Hillsintact
1913Clara Crowell Store, 3rd & Spruceremodeled
1914Hebbard Residence Apts., 2220 Albatrossintact
1914Hotel Botsford, 6th between B & Cgone
1915Baker Residence, 519 Ocean, Coronadointact
19153 Apartment houses, 2nd & Orange, Coronadointact
1916Hebbard Residence, Apartments, 2425 5thintact
1916University Club, 7th between Ash & Agone
1917Earl C. Anthony Auto Agency, 2nd & Cgone
1923Professional Bldg., 6th & St. Paul, Los Angelesgone
1924Leland Avenue School, Los Angeles?
1925Figueroa Theatre, Los Angelesgone
1925Hebbard Residence, 2112 Hightower Dr., Hollywoodintact
1925H.A. Miller Bldg., 2639 W. 16th St., Los Angeles?
1925Park View Bldg., Los Angeles?