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The Journal of San Diego History
Summer 1988, Volume 34, Number 3
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

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This home at 3969 Third Ave. in San Diego was the home of Harrie Wimmer from 1919 to 1927. It is presently slated to be demolished.
Page 225.

1936 Junior League planning meeting  
A 1936 Junior League planning meeting included Harriet Wimmer (far right). Others are: left to right, Mrs. Sydney Doods (Harriet’s sister), Mrs. Gilbert Jones, Mrs. Thomas Hamilton, Mrs. Alan Klauber and an unidentified woman. Seated on the floor is Mrs. C. Wesley Hall.
Page 226.

Harriet Wimmer and Joe Yamada  
Harriet Wimmer and Joe Yamada who became business partners in 1960.
Page 228.

Harriet Wimmer receiving an award  
In the 1960s Harriet Wimmer received an award from fellow design professionals, including Michael Theilacker (second from left), Jim Hubbell (next to right) and Homer Delawie (right).
Page 229.

Everett Gee Jackson's portrait of Mrs. John (Harriett) Wimmer.  
Everett Gee Jackson’s portrait of Mrs. John (Harriett) Wimmer.
Page 230.


THE PHOTOGRAPH on page 223 is by Corey Braun; on page 224 by the San Diego Junior League; those on pages 226 and 227 are courtesy of Wimmer and Yamada. The painting on page 230 was reproduced through the assistance of Eileen Jackson.