The Union Tribune features our exhibit ‘Art & Theosophy at Lomaland’

October 17, 2019

Art reviewer Martina Schimitschekwriter featured our new exhibition ‘Art & Theosophy at Lomaland’ in the San Diego Union Tribune, shares that the exhibit captures the complex, esoteric culture of Lomaland. Lomland is the nickname for the idealistic community that Katherine Tingley established. The all white settlement was home to many artists and produced crafts, furniture, decorations along with fine art.

The Union Tribune interview the curator of the exhibit, Kaytie Johnson, who shared that she got her inspiration for the exhibition from the large collection of Lomaland items at the San Diego History Center. In the article, she describes the earliest Lomaland works on display, the important role that women played in the community, and some of the influences that made Lomaland and its art so interesting.

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