The Journal of San Diego History
Winter 1987, Volume 33, Number 1
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

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William Sterling Hebbard
William Sterling Hebbard

Pavilion at Mission Cliff Gardens
One of Hebbard’s early designs — the Pavilion at Mission Cliff Gardens, 1890.

D.D. Dare residence
D.D. Dare residence, built in 1890 for the president of San Diego’s Cable Railway Company. Located at Fifth and Juniper, it was the only house of its kind, up to that time, to be constructed of Sespe brownstone.

Ramona Town Hall
The Ramona Town Hall (1893) incorporated the use of two different building materials in its exterior, brick and adobe.

San Diego State Normal School
San Diego’s State Normal School (1898) borrowed ideas from Burnham and Atwood’s Chicago World’s Fair Art Building. It was budgeted for a cost of $100,000 and promised to exceed any other state building in exterior and interior design.

Jesse Grant residence
The Jesse Grant residence (1894) on Sixth Avenue was a colonial design featuring siding and multi-paned windows. It was used as a summer home for the son of U.S. Grant, the late president.

Stephens-Terry home
From 1898 until the dissolution of the Hebbard and Gill partnership, residence designs tended to feature “the English cottage effect” such as the Stephens-Terry home (1898).

Harry Gregg residence
The Harry Gregg residence (1908) on Front and Thorn, was a two story house with single story wings on either side-one of which contained a roof garden. The interior included innovative items such as built-in buffet cupboards and a stove hood to carry off cooking fumes.

Hakes home in Coronado
The H.B. Hakes home in Coronado had clinker brick up to the level of the first floor window sills.

St. Paul's Rectory
St. Paul’s Rectory (1908)

William Hebbard's own home
William Hebbard’s own home, built in 1905 at Third and Olive, featured a stucco exterior with a heavy timber cornice and an open terrace supported by cement columns.

interior of the Hebbard home
The interior of the Hebbard home contained flush woodwork. An arched entry led into the living room seen below.

Christ Episcopal Church, Coronado, 1894
Christ Episcopal Church, Coronado, 1894

Union Title Insurance and Trust Company
Union Title Insurance and Trust Company, built in 1910.

List of Hebbard Designs

PHOTOGRAPHS are all courtesy the San Diego History Center’s Title Insurance and Trust Collection.