The Journal of San Diego History
Spring 1988, Volume 34, Number 2
Thomas L. Scharf, Editor

by James N. Price

Santa Fe Stations


History: Gingerbread adorns this lovely Victorian-style station, which was built in 1887. The building served passengers into the 1950s, and finally closed entirely in January 1969. Moving it to Del Mar Fairgrounds was proposed in 1971. Instead it was relocated to Leucadia by an entrepreneur in 1972, becoming “The Station,” a crafts/hobby center.

Present Use: The old Encinitas station today houses a busy restaurant and several specialty shops. It is privately owned, appears prosperous”, and has been gorgeously restored. The original “Encinitas” sign hangs inside.

Location: No longer trackside, this station is located on the west side of old Highway 101 in Leucadia between Leucadia and Encinitas Boulevards. The building glistens in red and white — you can’t miss it!

Encinitas station  
This 1910 view shows the Encinitas station doing business at trackside. (San Diego History Center – Ticor Collection)

Encinitas depot  
The Encinitas depot, now located in Leucadia, contains a restaurant and several specialty shops.