Finding Aids

NumberCollection Title
C007Eldon Anderson Collection.
C008Argall Family Collection.
C009Jose Aguirre Family Collection.
C011DeGraff Austin Collection.
C014Walter Beuthel Stereograph Collection.
C018Helen Tulloch Bowles (Jitney Jane) Collection.
C019Brewery Slide Collection.
C020Andreas Brown Postcard/Photograph Collection, 1880s-1970s.
C021Barbara Jean Burlesque Theater Collection.
C022California Pacific International Exposition of 1935-1936 Negative Collection.
C023California Pacific International Exposition of 1935-1936 Photograph Collection.
C024Calvary Cemetery Collection.
C025Camp Callan Collection.
C026Cartwright Aerial Survey of East San Diego County
C030Concrete Ships Collection.
C032Jack Crawford Photograph Album Collection.
C039James E. Dillon Theater Collection.
C040Hans Doe and Margaret Doe Collection.
C045Lieutenant Theodore G. Ellyson Photograph Album [Reproduction].
C047Bea Evenson Balboa Park Preservation Collection.
C049Film and Stage Performers/Motion Picture Stills Collection
C051Colonel Ed Fletcher Family Collection.
C054Fulkerson Family/Savoy Theatre Collection.
C057Griffith-Manatt Family Collection.
C058Joseph M. F. Haase Collection.
C061Heller’s Grocery Stores Collection.
C066Marian Plummer Lester Collection.
C071McLure Family Collection.
C075J. Marshall Miller Mission San Diego Restoration Collection.
C076Paul T. Mizony Fort Rosecrans Collection.
C077Robert Mosher Collection.
C079Muehleisen Collection.
C081Frank B. Norris San Diego Landmarks Slide Collection
C082Oceanside Blade-Tribune Newspaper Photograph Collection
C083Palomar Observatory Construction Collection.
C084Panama-California Exposition of 1915 Collection.
C086Parent Teacher Association of San Diego County (Ninth District) Collection.
C088Pastime Gun Club Collection.
C091San Diego Police Department Collection.
C094Postcard Collection.
C096Rest Haven Preventorium Collection.
C098Reproduction of Works Progress Administration Scrapbook
What They Do.
C099Lloyd Ruocco Collection.
C101San Diego Harbor Collection.
C103Sanford E. Sanford Collection.
C105Charles Schneider Collection.
C106Schneider-Kemmler Collection.
C108Schneider-Westhaver Family Collection.
C111J.A. Sherriff Collection.
C112J.E. Slocum San Diego Bay Front Collection.
C113Virginia McKenzie Smith Collection.
C114Del Mar Fair of 1948 Collection.
C115Southwest Onyx and Marble Company Collection.
C116W.W. Stewart Family Collection.
C117Ralph P. Stineman Collection.
C119Elaine Sweet Family Collection.
C122Verne Taylor Collection.
C123San Diego Transit System Collection
C124University Club Collection.
C125Waterman Family/Stonewall Mine Collection.
C126Walker Family Collection.
C127Congressman Bob Wilson Collection.
C128Whiting-Mead Company Collection.
C129Jackson and Ellamarie Woolley Slide Collection.
C130L.K. Dewein San Diego Electric Railway Company Collection.
C135Harvey George North Collection.
C137Elizabeth C. MacPhail Silent Screen Stars Collection.
1998/064Legler Benbough Family Collection.

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